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Yes, it’s that time of the year afresh to allotment what we anticipate are the Best Beard Salons of 2017 for haircuts, colours, perms and so on!

20 Bob Hairstyles For 20 - Bob Haircuts to Copy This Year - short haircuts-bobs

20 Bob Hairstyles For 20 – Bob Haircuts to Copy This Year – short haircuts-bobs | short haircuts-bobs

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Reviews may be the best cold way of evaluating a salon, but it is not consistently the fairest way as the cardinal of absolute reviews additionally depends on the cardinal of stylists and prices in the salon. A salon with one stylist, for example, is absurd to be featured as compared to a salon with 10 stylists, alike if she is actual skilful. Hence, this year, we will be amid our awards into two:

1. Best Beard Salons according to Reviews

2. Best Beard Salons according to Editor’s Choice

With a whopping 114 reviews from January to September 2017 alone, Chez Vous Beard Salon is acutely the top best for haircuts for Beauty Undercover readers. Accustomed their acclaimed stylists, abounding of whom are amid the best in the industry, and aberrant chump service, we’re not surprised!

We apprehend that the stylists actuality go through actual accurate training and are abandoned accustomed to cut customers’ beard afterwards lots of tests. That’s why they are able to cut all sorts of hairstyles well, be it pixie haircuts, bobs or alike the added fashion-forward ones like absurd cuts!

Even if you get a bad crew elsewhere, Chez Vous is possibly the best abode to go to deliver your beard as the Directors actuality are able to accomplish use of their armory of beard techniques to save your hair. If you are not in a hurry, you can alike administer for their Expertligent Fix You affairs breadth they ability fix your damaged beard for FREE (not accurate during aiguille periods e.g. December to February).

Service at Chez Vous is additionally amid the best we’ve experienced, with a receptionist accessory to you the moment you enter. The agents actuality are additionally actual alert to your needs and accomplish abiding that you are adequate at all times. This akin of accomplishment and account offered at a amount of beneath $100 for haircuts is possibly why Chez Vous charcoal the adopted beard salon for haircuts by Beauty Undercover agents!

2. LeeKaJa Korean Beard & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Price: From $60

In aloof one year, LeeKaJa has already catapulted itself into the position of Beauty Undercover Agents’ favourite Korean Salon. If you’ve been there, you’ll accept why. The salon leaves an acclaimed aboriginal consequence with balmy lights, best chairs and a cooler bar that will accomplish you feel like you’re in a café. Within abnormal of your arrival, addition will arise to you, alms you wine, smoothies or coffee while the salon administrator comes over for a quick consultation. The salon administrator is chatty in English so you will not accept to anguish about advice problems.

Some of the hairstylists actuality (Ted and Preston!) are so good-looking, you may alike aberration them Koreanrean celebrities! But looks aside, the aggregation seems to get abandoned stronger and stronger with anniversary new stylist that joins the team. This includes Caely and Jerry, bounded hairstylists who acclimated to ballast a top Japanese salon aperture in Singapore as able-bodied as Gunhee, all-embracing hairstylist who ahead formed with Guy Tang on beard colours as able-bodied as Beck, who ahead cut and coloured beard for top Korean celebrities including Jay Park, Loco and added Korean artists.


Beck acid Cha Cha Malone’s hair!

Layered Cut by Hyun Jin

Starting at $60, prices are additionally reasonable for the affection of haircuts and account accustomed here. Add the aboriginal timer Beauty Undercover absolute promotion and you’ve got an alluring Korean beard salon you charge try!


3. Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

Price: From $16

Color Bar by Full House Salon may be best accepted for their admirable and abiding beard colours, but audience to Full House Salon will apperceive that this is additionally a abundant abode to arise for acceptable and affordable haircuts.

With prices alignment from $16-$25 for haircuts afterwards a wash, this is possibly one of the cheapest ante you can get for haircuts by stylists who accept abounding training at Vidal Sassoon London.

Service and ambient may not be the best but you can be abiding that the affection of haircuts actuality are able-bodied account the value. They do a abundant job with macho haircuts, too!

4. HARTS Salon @ Bugis Tan Quee Lan Suites

Price: From $35

Another new salon apparent by Beauty Undercover, HARTS is THE abode to go for alarming beard colours. Architect Noel is a actual accomplished Singaporean hairstylist who has won assorted awards as a hairdresser, including 1st runner-up for the contempo L’Oreal Colour Trophy.

You’ll accept why we are so in adulation already you booty a attending at their beard works. Abreast from colours though, their haircuts are a favourite amid our agents as they are beautiful and accessible to maintain.

You’ll additionally adore their all-embracing arrangement breadth they will acquisition out added about what you appetite instead of arty their preferences on your hairstyle. Prices are actual reasonable at $35, $40 and $45 for short, average and continued hair, respectively!

5. Pro Trim Korean Salon @ Jurong East JEM

Price: From $43

One of JEM’s best accepted beard salons, Pro Trim Korean Salon has a able aggregation of Korean and bounded hairstylists. Here, you can acquisition hairstylists who accept founded their own salons afore and alike coloured the beard of Hillary Clinton!

While the Korean hairstylists actuality are actual popular, the bounded hairstylists are not backward behind. Bounded stylists such as Elva, Lisa and Karen are actual accepted for their cuts and perms.

Prices are additionally not actual aerial at $43 for a wash, cut and blow.

6. Art Noise Japanese Beard Salon @ Holland Village

Price: $80

One of the best accepted beard salons in Holland Village, Art Noise Japanese Beard Salon is accepted for their accomplished hairstylists and abundant Japanese service. Here, you are accustomed actual acquiescently the moment you enter. There is additionally a bounded translator who consistently helps with consultation. The abode is consistently kept spick and span. They additionally use tissue cardboard to absorber your face during a wash, accord adequate attic massages, use carbonated baptize for beard abrasion and are acutely patient during beard consultations.

Art-Noise is additionally amid the top Japanese beard salons who angle out for their service. They accomplish abiding they align the accessories so that anniversary chump has acceptable 1-to-1 time, authoritative the account actuality feel acutely personalised.

Still, we’re actuality for their cuts and not aloof their service. We accept heard abounding absolute reviews about how they can accord the much-needed aggregate to bending beard with aloof a haircut.

We’re abnormally in adulation with their bobs, which gives the softer, accustomed feel, and their continued layered cuts attending aloof as good!

Prices actuality are a little college than accepted at $80 for ablution cut blow. However, their added casework e.g. attic spa at $50 are abnormally affordable and an capital add-on to their signature cut!


7. No. 8 Beard Studio @ Chinese Garden Jurong East Ave 1

Price: $48

No. 8 Beard Studio may be a bounded beard salon but its ambient and account akin carefully resembles that of a Japanese salon. Although it is a little adamantine to find, the breadth offers ultimate privacy. It is staffed by two accomplished bounded stylists Jimmy and Kent, both of whom are popular hairstylists in Jurong. With the cosy chairs, a array of teas, and the latest equipment, the salon is advised by both Jimmy and Kent to attending added like a café than a salon.

While they are actually accepted for beard colours, abounding barter arise to them for a face-framing crew that promises to accomplish them attending slimmer and bring out the best of their features!

As you can see, they are not aloof accepted amid students, agents and alive professionals, you additionally accept men and alike accouchement advancing to them for adventuresome cuts. With this akin of account and skill, we acquisition Jimmy and Kent a abduct with haircuts ablution draft at $48!

8. AVENTA Beard Salon @ City Hall Stamford Court

Price: $65

Next on our best well-reviewed beard salons for haircuts is AVENTA. Located abutting to City Hall MRT Station, AVENTA is one of Beauty Undercover’s most-loved Japanese beard salons. Prices actuality are reasonable (at $65 afore any discounts) and the stylists are actually good!

Just booty a attending at these photos to apperceive what we mean!

Whether you appetite romantic, able or edgy, the stylists are able to accord haircuts that are on point.

Best of all, the price sets you aback by abandoned $65. They are, however, actual accepted so there are times you may accept to delay alike if you’ve fabricated an appointment, so do accumulate that in mind.


9. Flamingo Beard Studio @ Tanjong Pagar Neil Rd

Price: From $90

Located at Tanjong Pagar, this salon is a calm cover from the alive CBD crowd. Feel yourself relax as you airing in because it looks and feels aloof like a resort in the affection of town.

While they are actual accepted for their rebonding and keratin treatments, Flamingo is best accepted for the signature cuts by the awful competent Japanese aggregation consisting of Ryu, Ayumi, Booty and Ryo. Here, they focus on giving barter a cut that best fits their face appearance and their lifestyle. As the Japanese stylists Ryu, Ayumi and Ryo are chatty in English, they are additionally accomplished at answer why a specific hairstyle best apparel you, article we appreciate.

This may additionally be why abounding barter put their acceptance in the stylists to transform their beard from continued to short. Prices actuality are a little college but their account akin is additionally added personalised. Hence, we’re not afraid to acquisition it a hit amid alive professionals in the CBD area.


10. Follicle Salon @ Ngee Ann City Takashimaya

Price: From $88

Follicle Salon may be best accepted for their attic treatments but the accomplished aggregation of stylists actuality beggarly that their haircuts are additionally awful approved after. Winson, Edward and Amelia accept a huge afterward of barter which accommodate Marketing Directors (Agent AC is one of them), actresses and tai–tais who aloof can’t acquisition the aforementioned akin of skill, application and account elsewhere.

Customers who face abrasion beard will adulation advancing actuality as the stylists are able to actualize hairstyles that accomplish the abrasion beard beneath obvious. The breadth is additionally actual alert (since it is amid on Akin 8 of Ngee Ann City) and is absolute for that cool able attic analysis we adulation to babble about.

Prices aren’t bargain actuality but it’s actually account it, as its approved barter would attest!

Top 10 Beard Salons Based on Editor’s Choice

Now that you’ve apprehend about the top 10 beard salons based on reviews, actuality are the top 10 beard salons that our Chief Editor Agent G abandoned recommends. Barter to these salons don’t address as abounding reviews but these are the salons that leave a able consequence on Agent G due to the stylists’ accomplished accomplishment and service.

Read on if you assurance in Agent G’s adroit able judgment!

1. Izumi Salon 

Price: $120

Izumi Salon is not amid in any arcade capital but in the SOHO breadth of The Central. While the alfresco looks like any appointment space, the aperture opens to an amazing appearance of the CBD area.

The appearance is akin by an appropriately alarming hairstylist, Izumi. Added than her hairdressing acquaintance in both Japan and the US, she best up haircutting techniques from all-embracing beard maestros that acquiesce her to accord with barter of all beard textures with ease. Her armory of hairdressing abilities which includes a altered aggregate of wet cuts (from Vidal Sassoon and Toni & Guy), dry cuts (John Sahag) and the Japanese R cut, calm with her professionalism and conscientiousness makes her one of the best we’ve apparent in the industry.

If you are addition who appreciates a aerial akin of accomplishment and ability in hairdressing, we would awful acclaim you to try Izumi, who is acceptable to booty your hairdressing acquaintance to the abutting level. Definitely one of the best crew specialists we’ve apparent in Singapore!

2. Evolve Salon

Price: From $60


Have you anytime apparent Ken from 女人我最大? Well, he’s the architect of Evolve Salon and additionally the FIRST hairstylist from Singapore to be the All-embracing Beard Ambassador for a above haircare brand, Goldwell!

In aloof a few snips, he can transform someone’s looks from addled to refreshed! Yes, Ken is aloof so, so accomplished we can’t stop agitated about him. Despite his cachet as a top hairstylist, we adulation how he charcoal bottomward to apple and humble, authoritative him one of our FAVOURITE hairstylists of all time.

His active schedule, however, agency that he is not consistently accessible for a haircut. Fortunately, Ken has congenital a able aggregation of hairstylists who assume to be afterward in his footsteps to greatness. Director Dylan Tung, for example, afresh won the Goldwell Colour Zoom in Singapore and flew to Barcelona to represent Singapore in the Global Colour Zoom competition. Up and advancing beard colour genius, Yuujin has additionally won a few awards of his own at the National Colour Zoom competition.

Although colours arise to be their able suit, we adulation their stylistic accelerating bobs and brownie hairstyles that accomplish an consequence with their apple-pie and absolute haircuts.

3. Kenaris Salon 

Price: From $129

Kenaris may be amid the priciest beard salons in Orchard but its approved barter will acquaint you that their cuts are actually account it.

If you’re acquisitive to go short, both Ken and Aris are absolute for the job as they can customise the hairstyle to your adapted breadth and facial structure.

We beatific Agent WT bottomward for a cut afterwards her wedding. Check out how abundant fresher and chichi she looked afterwards the cut!

While they are acceptable with colours and perms as well, we anticipate that the haircuts at Kenaris are its signature account as the stylists actuality are all actual awful accomplished in cuts. Overall, one of our recommended top salons for haircuts!

4. Gene by Ginrich

Price: From $68

There are a cardinal of salons in Orchard but Gene by Ginrich abide one of our favourites.

It’s not aloof the chichi architecture that got us hooked. The brilliant stylists here, which accommodate Derek, Dawn, Jamie and Catherine are accepted to be actual able in haircuts. Derek abnormally enjoys a actual able afterward amid air stewardesses and alive professionals who LOVE his bob haircuts.

For us though, the allure lies above the haircuts and into the account we accept at Gene. It is bright that the agents actuality amusement anniversary added and barter like family. Hence, we feel able-bodied taken affliction of from the moment we access till we leave. We abnormally adulation abacus on the AVEDA attic analysis back we arise actuality for a cut because of the absurd beating accustomed by their junior stylists.

5. The Bund @ Ang Mo Kio

Price: From $60

There’s lots of things we like about The Bund, including its serene ambient and accessible concept.

However the better allure lies in its stylists, Ricky and Annie.

When talking about bob haircuts, there are few hairstylists as acceptable as Ricky.

Just booty a attending at his haircuts to apperceive what we mean.

Whether bendable bob or absolute bob cuts, Ricky’s haircuts angle out for its altered personality and accessible maintenance.

We apprehend that his cuts are additionally actual acceptable and can break in appearance for a continued time, a above acumen why barter accumulate advancing back!

6. Hairpage Underground

Price: From $85

If a crew to you is a appearance account that should be beat your way, don’t absence a crew by Eric. While he is altogether able of bob haircuts …

We anticipate that he is best at customised haircuts like these:

We adulation how Eric is able to actualize haircuts you can’t get abroad because of his altered training with top crew specialists in Croatia, Vidal Sassoon as able-bodied as Toni &Guy. Service actuality is additionally amazing as the tightly-knit aggregation makes every accomplishment to accomplish your acquaintance at Hairpage Underground a abundant one!

7. Rubik Japanese Beard Salon

Price: From $80

You won’t see Rubik amid top beard salons based on reviews because there are aloof two stylists here. However, barter who’ve approved Teru affirm by his hairdressing accomplishment because he’s aloof so acceptable at giving haircuts that are accessible to manage.

Teru may be a little quiet but his backbone and absurd accomplishment accept becoming him array of barter who adulation how his crew stays in appearance for a continued continued time.

Definitely one of our top choices for haircuts in Singapore!

8. RuleR Japanese Beard Salon

Price: From $100

The salon at Circular Rd may be a little baby but boasts a aggregation of accomplished Japanese stylists accepted for their able cuts. The aggregation of 6 stylists actuality are mostly communicative in English and accept had all-embracing acquaintance alive in Japan, US, and alike Spain for a aeon of time. This makes them accustomed with abounding altered beard types.

Whether you’re cerebration about bob haircuts or beneath brownie cuts, there will be a stylist actuality who is acceptable at that.

We would acclaim you to try Yoshi and Rie who are best accepted for their cuts!

9. S.A.D’s Beard Architecture @ River Valley

Price: From $100

The salon exoteric and alike its architect Aki may attending arbitrary but we’ve heard abandoned acceptable things from barter who’ve approved Aki for themselves.

His haircuts don’t aloof break in abode actually well, it looks so good, it artlessly flows! Unlike archetypal Japanese stylists, he is able to accumulate your beard voluminous, which is why your beard feels actually acceptable back you run your beard through it. If you don’t apperception his aesthetic temperament, we are assured that a crew by Aki will absolutely abruptness you to no end.

10. COVO Japanese Beard Salon

Price: From $100

One of the aboriginal few Japanese beard salons in Singapore, COVO has congenital a able aggregation of Japanese hairstylists who are abnormally able in haircuts. Whether you’re cerebration about accept breadth cuts or continued layered cuts, the stylists can transform your beard decidedly with a cut alone.

Don’t balloon their signature analysis though. The COVO analysis requires aloof an add-on of $50 and your beard will be a lot added acquiescent in the weeks after.

Have you approved any of these salons?

Share your acquaintance on BU.sg to be allotment of the accommodation authoritative action for such articles!

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