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[Warning: this adventure contains spoilers from Thursday’s adventure of The 100, “Stealing Fire.” Proceed at your own accident … ]

The 20 20x20 Octavia kills three grounders (Ice Nation) - YouTube - octavia the 100 grounder

The 20 20×20 Octavia kills three grounders (Ice Nation) – YouTube – octavia the 100 grounder | octavia the 100 grounder

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Just aback I thought The 100 couldn’t breach my affection any added that it already had, “Stealing Fire” happened. Addition episode, addition abominable ending, and addition fan-favorite appearance dead in algid blood. Aboriginal I had to say goodbye to Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey), and now I accept to say goodbye to Lincoln (Ricky Whittle)?! Is there no amends in this world?

The 100 accepted that there isn’t. At the end of aftermost night’s episode, Lincoln sacrificed himself to save the lives of all the added Grounders currently bound up central Arkadia’s bastille corpuscle by Chancellor Pike (Michael Beach). Afterwards about auspiciously artifice Arkadia with Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) and Sinclair (Alessandro Juliani) afore their executions, all the added Grounder prisoners were threatened with afterlife by Pike if they didn’t about-face themselves in. Lincoln knew he couldn’t let the others die in his place, so he absitively to about-face himself aback in. Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) offered to go with him, but he couldn’t let her die too, so he fabricated the ultimate sacrifice. He benumbed Octavia and fabricated Kane booty her out to assurance with the blow of the fugitives, and handed himself aback over to Pike.

Octavia came to appropriate alfresco the gates of Arkadia, aloof in time to attestant Pike assassinate Lincoln by cutting him point bare in the head. It was brutal, it was gruesome, and it was absolute heartbreaking. While Lincoln went out advantageously (because of his choice, not because of Pike’s choice), it was abundant too anon to say goodbye to one of the show’s best characters, who has been a allotment of the alternation appealing abundant aback day one. Lincoln was the actual aboriginal Grounder we anytime met up abutting and personal, and was our addition into this apple that has existed on Earth anytime aback bodies larboard the arena in the Ark following the apocalypse.

To account Lincoln (and to say goodbye to Whittle as he begins assembly on his abutting project, Starz’s American Gods), let’s annular up all of his best moments on the series. Not to cry about accident him, but to bless all his badass and blue-blooded choices over the accomplished two and a bisected seasons.

Think back, continued ago, to division one, adventure five: “Twilight’s Aftermost Gleaming.” That’s the aboriginal time we anytime saw a Grounder up close, aback Octavia hit her arch on a bedrock and woke up to acquisition Lincoln (although she didn’t apperceive his name yet) staring at her:

And let’s not balloon the aboriginal time we got to see Lincoln in all his glory, arch and aback tattoos included, aback Bellamy (Bob Morley) captured him and kept him earnest in the bead address aloof two episodes later:

His anatomy was like a accomplished allotment of art. Aloof acknowledge it for a moment:

While Bellamy went bottomward a aphotic aisle aback it came to disturbing his prisoner, Lincoln’s time actuality angry up central the bead address accustomed him to band with his approaching adulation Octavia, and appear that not alone was he aloof a accustomed human, but he additionally batten English aback he thanked her and said this:

When anybody in affected accidentally ate consciousness-expanding berries, Octavia bedeviled the befalling to set Lincoln free. His acknowledge you was acutely hasty … and absolutely welcome:

Now that he was chargeless to acknowledgment to his people, Lincoln approved to agent a accord accord amid the bead address kids and his association leader, Anya (Dichen Lachman), but Jasper (Devon Bostick) screws it up by battlefront his gun at Grounders hidden in the trees. At atomic Lincoln was able to get this hug in afore the activity started:

And appealing abundant any moment Lincoln and Octavia aggregate in his cavern was H-O-T:

Or how about aback Lincoln fabricated his best and absitively to ancillary with the bead address kids, and Octavia, over his own people? He told Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Finn (Thomas McDonnell) that it wasn’t aloof because of his animosity for Octavia. He believed what his bodies were accomplishing to them was wrong. He alike best up his bow and arrow to action the added Grounders advancing the 100. Without him, added of the kids would accept died in the division one afterpiece battle:

And the way Lincoln gave up his absolute activity to run abroad with Octavia (even admitting they’re break was apoplectic by added Grounders) was acutely blue-blooded and selfless. He risked his own activity to save chastening from the adulteration boring killing her:

But aloof as it seemed like they were assuredly activity to get abroad from all the ball of the Grounders and the 100, Lincoln was attacked and taken by Reapers to Mount Weather, area the angry Cage Wallace (Johnny Whitworth) angry him into a Reaper. These were aphotic days, indeed. Truly the actuality of nightmares:

But Clarke, Octavia and Bellamy assignment calm with Clarke’s mother Abby (Paige Turco) to amount out a way to cure a Reaper and restore them aback to their aboriginal accompaniment (basically allowance them through an acute biologic abandonment and befitting their affection beating). While it looked like Lincoln would not survive the process, Octavia got his affection assault again. It wasn’t his time to go (yet):

Lincoln’s adaptation of the Reaper action was a above axis point for the Arkers in their war with the Grounders. By assuming how they can accompany bodies aback from actuality Reapers, the Arkers were able to bang a accord with the Grounders and accomplish accord (although not for long). But Lincoln still had to accord with his addiction to the Reaper biologic that Mount Weather had gotten him absorbed on:

While aggressive his own demons, Lincoln finally accepted himself to Indra (Adina Porter) by extenuative her activity afterwards TonDC was austere by Mount Weather:

And afterwards aggregate Cage put him through in Mount Weather, Lincoln was able to get his animus on the angry alarmist as he was aggravating bastard abroad in the woods. Lincoln came out of the fog, in abounding on warrior mode, and aback Cage approved to inject him with added of the Reaper drug, Lincoln slices off his hand, injects Cage with the biologic and watches him die:

Hell, it was so badass, let’s aloof watch the absolute scene:

It seemed like Lincoln and Octavia would assuredly get their appropriately anytime afterwards aback they alternate to Affected Jaha (which would anon be renamed as Arkadia) to alive together, but their beatitude was short-lived:

Octavia acquainted like they both didn’t fit in with the blow of the Arkers and capital to leave Arkadia anon for the Grounder association by the sea that Lincoln ahead told her about, the abode they approved to escape to aback at the alpha of division two. But they didn’t get out in time. Afterwards adverse so abundant acute ageism from the bodies of Arkadia, his final words were the Skaikru goodbye … in Trigedasleng, the Grounder language:

That’s the absolute way to sum up his character: a man bent amid two worlds, extenuative those who bare to be adored and sacrificing his activity for the woman he loves. And if Octavia isn’t the one to booty bottomward Pike,, I advance as tribute, because man, that guy has got. To. Go. But the attending on Octavia’s face as she watched Pike assassinate Lincoln abiding seems to advance she’s about to get her revenge, doesn’t it?

What is your admired Lincoln moment from The 100? Tweet me your admired videos and GIFs at @SydneyBucksbaum!

Images: The CW

The 100 affectedness Thursdays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

The Ultimate Revelation Of Octavia The 100 Grounder | octavia the 100 grounder – octavia the 100 grounder
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