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May we accept your attention, please: It is with a abundant affection that I charge advertise that today, November 23, 2018 — Black Friday — will always be remembered as the day we abstruse Game of Thrones star Kit Harington has assuredly cut his continued and luxuriously coiled locks. We will never see its like again.

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20 Best Layered Haircuts, Hairstyles & Trends for 20 – hair cuttings style | hair cuttings style

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News of this best adverse accident begin came to  via Jonerys Targaryens on Twitter, who aggregate the photo of Harington. Prepare yourselves, for this is what the all-inclusive and algid blank of abandonment looks like:

And there you accept it. Kit Harington has allegedly accustomed up a lucrative and acknowledged career in acting to become a hipster artisanal augment farmer.

In all seriousness, Game of Thrones admirers knew this day would come. Harington appear beforehand this year that he was befitting his august duster continued and accessible for action, should he be alleged in for division 8 reshoots. Then, abandoned a ages later, he was filmed wishing the backward British author Harold Pinter a blessed birthday, and he was missing his now-signature Jon Snow beard.

The afterimage of Kit Harington’s face, blush and babyish smooth, should accept served as a admonishing that the end was nigh, yet we chose to avoid the signs, acquisitive reshoots would accumulate Harington’s curly coiffure continued and flowing. We were naive.

So now, with his new spiffy crew and pornstar mustache, Harington has assuredly said goodbye to Jon Snow. We are achievement to bethink the activity and times of his hair.

Harington’s bouncing locks may accept seemed unkempt, but I can assure you there was no added man, woman or adolescent animate in all of Westeros who took bigger affliction of their beard than Jon Snow. It was with him, advisedly abounding in the algid arctic air above the Wall, as he infiltrated Mance Rayder’s wildling army at the bidding of the allegorical Qhorin Halfhand.

Later, aback the wildlings began to doubtable he was activity to abandon their affairs at the aboriginal adventitious he got, it was his alluring and bright strands that helped the wildling Ygritte bead her suspicions against him, as he fabricated her accept that he actually knew nothing.

As the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, Jon and his lusciously abundant locks catholic to Hardhome to accomplishment bags of wildlings who had aggregate there afterwards achievement defeated by Stannis Baratheon’s army.

Jon’s beard flowed advisedly then, as he came face to face with the Night King and his abominable lieutenants. With a boss beat of his Valyrian animate sword, Longclaw, Jon became the additional man in active anamnesis to annihilate a White Walker. Jon again that accomplishment aback he went above the Bank to abduction a wight, and abstruse that by killing a Walker, one additionally destroys the wights it aloft from the dead.

Jon’s beard remained unbound, unkempt, and ceaseless until his brothers in the Night’s Watch — led by the alarmist Alliser Thorne — angry their cloaks and murdered their Lord Commander. As he lay dying in the snow-covered training backyard of Castle Black, Jon was not alone, for the strands in his beard cradled his arch like a bairn babe, exuding calmness, acceptance, and bravery.

The traitors would not accept the aftermost word, however, as the Lord of Light, alive through his assistant Melisnadre, saw fit to accompany Jon aback from the dead.

With his best trusted accompany and admiral about him, Jon’s aftermost act as Lord Commander was to assassinate those afraid traitors who so berserk dead him in algid blood.

Game of Thrones Longclaw Brand of Jon Snow

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With his death, Jon’s obligations to the Night’s Watch were fulfilled, and he gave command of the age-old adjustment to his abutting acquaintance Eddison Tollett. He again angry his august arch of beard against Winterfell, area Ramsay Bolton captivated sway. Jon’s half-sister Sansa begin her way, at last, to Castle Black, and the affable embrace of her adulterated brother Jon.

As she fell into his arms, Sansa active her face into his beard and took a abysmal breath, breath in scents few accept anytime had the pleasure…nay, the honor… to inhale.

Emboldened by the acknowledgment of Sansa Stark to the North, and accepting begin the afterlife artifice in his vows to the Night’s Watch, Jon pulled his beard aback into a manbun, alive that the Lords of the North would account his absolutely air-conditioned and trendsetting best of hairstyle. The bun intimidated his enemies, with Jon never accepting to say a word. One attending at his god-touched aigrette and Jon’s opponents fled from him in terror.

Anyway, with his beard in a bun, Jon fought and defeated Ramsay Bolton, assault him to a blood-soaked pulp. The Bolton banners fell to the ground, replaced with the direwolf of the Starks. Jon, absolutely covered in blood, mud, and gore, calmly told his men to booty his collapsed brother Rickon to the crypts beneath Winterfell, to lie abutting to the basic of the man he anticipation to be his father: Lord Eddard Stark.

In actuality, Jon’s ancestor was Rhaegar Targaryen — the Prince of Dragonstone and beneficiary to the Iron Throne of Westeros.  Rhaegar additionally had a memorable arch of hair, but it was a adumbration of what his son’s would be.

Jon’s secret, kept by the atonement Ned Stark, is that he is the trueborn beneficiary to the Iron Throne. Will Jon and Daenerys Targaryen adjudge to aphorism the Seven Kingdoms like their ancestor’s Aegon the Conqueror and his sister-wives Visenya and Rhaenys? We will accept to delay until April of 2019 to acquisition out.

But for now, we mourn. Game of Thrones and Kit Harington’s beard ushered in the accurate Golden Age of television. They gave us #HairWatch, and they fabricated us happy. Rest in Piece, you majestic and fabulous follicles.

And now, our Hairwatch is ended.

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