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The 100 division 6 is presenting Eliza Taylor with one of her bigger acting challenges to date. What does that beggarly for Clarke Griffin?

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At NYCC 2018 beforehand this year, Eliza Taylor arise that she’s adverse one of her bigger challenges yet as an extra in The 100 division 6.

Taylor thinks admirers will be “shocked” by the administration of Clarke’s journey, cogent reporters that, “Clarke absolutely changes a lot, so I’m affectionate of freaking out. But it’s gonna be absolutely air-conditioned for bodies to watch.”

This is an abundantly vague, but nonetheless arresting teaser, aback there isn’t abundant Clarke Griffin hasn’t already been fabricated to abide on The 100.

After actuality advance into administration in division 1, acceptable the Commander of Death in division 2, committing genocide and ostracizing herself, alone to see aggregate she loves arise crumbling bottomward and access a basic absoluteness in division 3; adverse an assured apocalypse in division 4 and acceptable a mother in division 5, how can division 6 possibly action up an alike bigger claiming for Eliza Taylor’s Clarke than what we’ve already seen?!

What could division 6 possibly accept in abundance for this tortured, burdened, afflicted survivor who’s been through hell and aback and skinned the devil himself to abrasion as a hat? What anatomy does she accept larboard to change into?

Ahh, I’m animated I asked myself that question, because I of advance accept abounding theories, one added alien than the next.

As alert The 100 admirers will accept noticed, actual little advice about division 6 has absolutely been revealed.

We apperceive they go to a new planet, we apperceive there is some anatomy of peaceful acculturation there, and we apperceive our heroes are at atomic activity to try actuality the acceptable guys.

But as to what and who they appointment in the new world, we absolutely accept no idea. Thus, we accept no way of alive how Clarke will be afflicted by the planet and its people; what choices she’ll accept to make; what she’ll lose and what she’ll accretion in the process.

Still, hilariously, best admirers assume affiliated in their acceptance that Taylor’s new claiming will absorb Clarke actuality blessed in one way or addition since, really, that’s the alone spectrum of affect Taylor hasn’t yet had a adventitious to explore.

We’ve apparent her do devastated, fierce, determined, angry, scared, self-sacrificial, ruthless, hopeless, and all combinations of the above. Of advance she could consistently booty it further, and we apperceive Taylor would be able of wringing alike added confusion out of Clarke than what we’ve already seen. But would that absolutely change her?

Wouldn’t it instead be absolutely absorbing and altered to see her be care-free for once? Or hopeful? Or… maybe alike laugh?

So acquiesce me to adduce a few altered scenarios in which we ability see Clarke change into a happier adaptation of herself in division 6. (And a few in which she doesn’t, because… well, you know.)

I acquisition it amusing that my aboriginal aptitude aback apperception Clarke blessed is that some anatomy of fake-out charge be involved, but I mean, let’s be real. It’s Clarke Griffin we’re talking about.

Based on the ambiguous hints and teases about the new planet we’ve gotten, we can affectionate of accumulate that article consciousness-expanding will be activity on bottomward there as our heroes set out exploring.

It sounds like the planet ability be affecting them in some way, Annihilation style, which agency we ability see the antecedent landing band (Clarke, Bellamy, Murphy, Emori, Echo, Jackson, Miller and Shaw) ambidextrous with hallucinations and reality-warps of some anatomy of another.

And, honestly, I absolutely achievement that happens. We’ve been behind addition jobi nut adventure for a continued time. (I’m still acrid about the ‘end of the apple party’ in The 100 division 4. These kids accept no abstraction of what it agency to accept fun.)

I about don’t cartel to brainstorm how august it would be to see these eight characters affected to let apart with anniversary added and allocution candidly about things they haven’t contrarily been able to, and do such aberrant things as smile and beam with anniversary other.

And as far as this presenting an acting challenge, they do say that ball can be added difficult to comedy than tragedy, abnormally aback you’re arena a appearance who has been very, very, actual austere for the accomplished bristles years.

What would it be like for Taylor to accept to dig into a Clarke afterwards the weight of the apple on her shoulders? What would a cheerful, funny, asinine adaptation of Clarke Griffin alike attending like? And how would a few care-free, honest, blessed moments spent with her conflicting accompany change her activity forward? I can’t alike imagine. It would, certainly, be altered than annihilation we’d apparent before.

Again, hilariously, ‘happy Clarke’ = ‘this cannot possibly be real’ in my head. (Super accessible to be accurate amiss though.) And yes, this is affectionate of the aforementioned approach as the above, but abundant added unlikely, as The 100 isn’t absolutely the blazon of appearance that could realistically cull off an alternating absoluteness adventure — to my abiding dismay.

AU episodes are my complete admired affair in the apple (way bigger than agreeable episodes, shhh don’t acquaint the internet), because it’s the best way to get to apperceive your characters: by seeing them through the lens of aggregate they could accept been.

And who knows? Maybe it could be a allotment of the planet’s ‘magic’: Clarke hallucinates an alternating adaptation of herself, active the activity she ability secretly accept admired she’d had, causing her to reflect on her own activity and her own self.

This would be a adaptation of Clarke who smiled and laughed and didn’t consistently anguish about extenuative the world, her friends, and her family. She ability alike accept a active animation adventurous absorption in this reality. That would be a acceptable change.

(AND HEY, if they anytime capital to accompany Wells back, this’d be the way to do it! Free idea! You’re welcome!)

A aberration of the alternating absoluteness Clarke theory, and conceivably alike beneath feasible, if alone because the Flame doesn’t arise to absolutely accommodate concrete manifestations of accomplished Commanders (I anticipate we were meant to accept Lexa and Clarke in the City of Ablaze as an exception?).

But afresh again, there’s a lot we don’t yet apperceive about the Flame, right? And we do apperceive Clarke had it in her arch once, which agency she ability able-bodied be one of the imprints agriculture Madi memories. There’s alike a adumbration to this in division 5, aback Madi quotes Clarke’s “I buck it so they don’t accept to” aback to her (as Lexa never heard her say this).

Since we’ll be acquirements added about the Flame in The 100 division 6, it is absolutely accessible that we’ll see some anatomy of Clarke in there, communicating with Madi — a Madi who Flame!Clarke wouldn’t necessarily feel alone affiliated to, aback Madi wasn’t in her activity aback her alertness was downloaded.

Logistically, it makes a lot of faculty for it to be Clarke’s banner that ‘guides’ Madi in her adventure to accept the Flame, not alone because she’s the one Madi knows and trusts, but because the alone (known) alternatives are played by actresses not necessarily accessible to accomplish bedfellow appearances in division 6.

Flame!Clarke seems to me the best accessible way of giving the Flame a ‘voice’ of its own, and it would serve the bifold purpose of giving Madi new acumen into pre-Praimfaya Clarke, which could in about-face afford some new ablaze on who Clarke has become against who she acclimated to be and/or wishes she was.

Whoa, whoa, SLOW DOWN, right? Let’s not get too crazy!

But hey, absurd as it is, there is a complete adventitious that Clarke ability absolutely ability a axis point in division 6 and strive for some affectionate of 18-carat claimed accomplishment either in or alfresco of her administration role.

She’ll be bonding with ‘peaceful leader’ Russell (J.R. Bourne) afterwards all, right? While I still don’t anticipate there’s affair in the cards there, it’s actual accessible that Russell could accept an active role in allowance Clarke alleviate some of her many, abounding war wounds.

If Clarke spends some time in his peaceful society, it ability activate to argue her that there is a abeyant another to the animal adversity she’s encountered at every about-face aback landing on the ground.

Perhaps if she sees abeyant for Madi to be safe and accept a complete approaching there (whether or not Madi herself has any affection to abatement in line), it’ll acquiesce Clarke to alleviate up and alpha to accede what she herself ability appetite and strive for in a apple that isn’t consistently at war.

(Of advance if this were to happen, her abatement charge be acting — such is the aphorism of The 100 — but it would nonetheless be a animation of beginning air to see Clarke trusting, accessible to assimilating herself into a new association and advancing activities aloof because she wants to.)

It’s all fun and amateur apperception a blessed Clarke Griffin, but this is still The 100, and I am annihilation if not a realist.

There is no abstinent that Marie Avgeropoulos was far and abroad the standout aerialist of The 100 division 5, absolutely because she got to accord into Blodreina with abandoned abandon.

Octavia had been aphotic before, but Blodreina was article abroad entirely, and it was glorious. So who’s to say Clarke couldn’t go on a agnate adventure in division 6, affording Taylor the aforementioned opportunities as a performer?

We’ve apparent Clarke be adamant and cold, and absolutely accomplish to her astronomic beary ‘there are no acceptable guys’ mentality — to the admeasurement that she larboard Bellamy to die at Octavia’s hand, which acquainted like the everyman point of her arc. We’re all hoping/expecting her to acceleration from those ashes, but afresh again, that was the achievement for Octavia post-Conclave, too.

It would absolutely be added in band with The 100’s accepted book to accept Clarke go alike lower afterwards division 5, and accept her become a 18-carat blackmail to the allegedly peaceful association they encounter.

Especially aback we apperceive she starts out absolutely absent to ‘do better’ and alive up to Monty’s legacy; how adverse it would be for Clarke to acquisition out that accord is not in her DNA — that she ability be a big allotment of the botheration on the new planet, aloof like Octavia became a big allotment of the botheration she’d initially set out to break in the bunker.

It could happen. It actual able-bodied might. But, for all that we’ve heard about The 100 division 6 actuality altered from ‘book 1’, I anticipate I’m gonna accept to authority assimilate my happier Clarke theories for the time being.

Whatever happens, I’m aflame to see what’s abutting for one of my best admired TV characters.

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