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Love it or abhorrence it, the “Smallville” TV actualization has been one of the best accepted accumulation media adaptations of a comic, extensive millions of admirers anniversary anniversary with belief of what Clark Kent’s activity was like afore he became Superman. Now, we’re actualization its accidental by accepting ComicsAlliance’s Chris Sims and David Uzumeri, two guys who accept never absolutely watched the show, watch and analysis every distinct adventure of the tenth and final season.

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Chris: For the aftermost chapter of our admirable bout of Smallville’s Greatest Hits afore the final division comes back, we asked our readers to acclaim the absolute best adventure of the show. A lot of you told us to watch “Justice,” which actualization the Smallville adaptation of the Justice League, and aback that one was on our annual anyway, we went for it. And now, I accept to ask: You guys do apperceive what “best” means, right?

David: To be fair, this actualization had at atomic two amazing money lines, at atomic one of which I can anon anamnesis aback I watched it two canicule ago.

Chris: If by “money lines,” you beggarly “complete and absolute groaners,” I accede with you. This affair was a mess.

David: If you didn’t cackle at “This accord is all interruptus and not abundant coitus!”, abhorrent as it was, I don’t apperceive what’s amiss with you. But yes, I absolutely agree, this was absolutely not what I’d anytime authorize as accidentally considerately “good.”

David: Anybody in the comments who voted for “Justice,” I appetite your absolute and Amazon annual names so I apperceive to clarify out any of your opinions anytime again. You bootless us, ComicsAlliance Army. You bootless us so hard.

David: Not alone that, but this adventure additionally was the aftermost attach in the casket for me apropos Clark and Lex. In the Smallville universe, Clark absolutely created the monster that is Lex Luthor from his own pride and atrocious admiration to be like anybody else. Clark didn’t accumulate his actualization from Lex to assure him, he did it so he could abide to feel normal. Which is callous, cruel, a dick move, and arrogance absolutely aces of derision. There is no acceptable acumen whatsoever for Clark to be absolutely affable with Lionel, of all people, about his powers, yet abide to amusement Lex like a child.

Chris: Able-bodied to be fair, Lex DID try to accord him a car once. And that’s beeline up evil.

Chris: Uzi, I’m starting to get the activity that you admired this adventure alike beneath than I did.

David: That’s the agreeable thing: I’m appealing abiding I admired the adventure more. It aloof larboard me with a white-hot, barmy abhorrence for the actualization of Clark Kent.

Chris: Not absolutely annihilation new there. Let’s see if we can amount out area it all went wrong.

David: Back two Kryptonians adulation anniversary added absolute much… They mix their abiogenetic absolute in the bearing casting to architect a cloned offspring!

Chris: That’s a little too far back. Our adventure opens with Chloe badgering some guy from Belle Reve Prison — which banana book readers adeptness admit as the ambience of Suicide Squad — about article alleged “33.1,” which they didn’t explain and I don’t affliction abundant to go attending up. He flips out and pulls a gun, and she’s rescued — IN A FLASH!

Chris: Amazingly, that pun was never fabricated in the absolute show.

David: Well, that’d crave absolutely calling Bart Allen the Flash.

Chris: It turns out that Chloe’s abstruse rescuer is one Bart Allen, alias Impulse, which… I aloof don’t apperceive anymore. Obviously they capital to use the Flash, but they capital him to be a jailbait so that he could adhere out with Clark, so they fabricated him Impulse, who was the Flash’s sidekick, but it’s not like they went for Aqualad or Speedy or anything.

David: To be fair! Allow me to put on my SMALLVILLE LOGIC HAT: Within ten years, Bart has angry to a law-abiding activity as a CSI scientist, and has started activity by Barry. In any case, I bethink I characterized Smallville Bart as a stoner in an beforehand chat about a afterwards adventure (we’re travelling through time, people!), and this absolutely backs it up, including his constant, neverending suggestions that he and Clark go eat a agglomeration of Mexican food.

Chris: Also, it’s account acquainted that afterwards anytime seeing Bart/Impulse’s antecedent appearance, the bulletin I got from this was that he and Clark are absolutely ex-boyfriends. I mean, seriously, dude has added allure with Tom Welling than Erica Durance and Kristen Kreuk combined. It’s appealing abundant like this for all the super-heroes, though. They shoot for “chummy cameraderie” and somehow acreage in “slash fiction, alpha your engines.”

David: “I’ll go… south of the border… with you ANY time, Clark.”

Chris: There’s a allotment area Bart starts hitting on Chloe and Clark aloof starts acting SUPER-jealous. All “SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND, AMIGO.”

David: I got the activity 33.1 was Lex Luthor’s metahuman abstracts accumulation or whatever Dr. Mengele applesauce he was accomplishing on the side. Seriously, how’d it get to the point area Lionel is all “hey, man, uh, active up, achievement this works out for you Clark” and Lex is aloof acid up bodies off the street?

Chris: Yes, although instead of calling them “metahumans” or alike “powers,” they accredit to the abstracts as actuality on “people with abilities.” Which makes it complete like they’re activity after, you know, EVERYBODY. “That dude is alarming at piano! Dissect him immediately.”

David: Maybe Lex Luthor should be activity afterwards Clark afterwards alike alive he’s the Blur, aback he has the abnormal adeptness to be a absolute bellicose dick.

Chris: It turns out Bart’s in boondocks alive with Green Arrow in adjustment to accompany bottomward Lex Luthor, which raises so abounding credibility about aloof absolutely how amiss this actualization gets Superman. It’s somehow admirable in its purity.

David: Well, Ollie and Bart wouldn’t alike accept to booty bottomward Lex Luthor if Luthor weren’t assuming abstracts on metahumans allegedly because he distrusted their actuality due to the actuality that the metahuman in his own hometown is accompany with everybody but him because he’s a egocentric prick.

Chris: Seriously. Not to get advanced of myself here, but this is a actualization ABOUT SUPERMAN area Green Arrow puts calm the Justice League to booty bottomward Lex Luthor and doesn’t alike bother to acquaint Clark Kent because he knows he’s too bootless to advice them achieve anything. It’s like they did a actualization about Robin Hood, but Little John was the one who was absolutely acceptable at archery and took bottomward the Sheriff of Nottingham, and additionally he acclimated to blast Maid Marian.

David: Which brings us to Ollie and Lois, of course. LOLlie.

Chris: Yeah, and again: Ollie’s focused on angry abomination and bringing bottomward Lex, so his accord with Lois ends in this adventure because she can’t accord with him befitting secrets from her and dedicating himself so abundant to article abroad at the amount of their relationship. AND THEN SHE DECIDES TO DATE CLARK.

David: To be fair, there weren’t any secrets back they absolutely started dating.

Chris: We accept candidly done our best to be fair to this show, and it’s ablaze that what they’re activity for is that Ollie never absolutely opens up to Lois, but seriously? Neither does Clark, until able-bodied afterwards she knows. So really, the alone above aberration is that Clark is abundant of a ache that she can aloof beforehand him around.

David: Yeah, aloof about, and Clark can’t booty her to clandestine islands, aloof the Arctic.

Chris: The accord map on this actualization is all over the place.

David: You’re cogent me, man.

Chris: Anyway, Bart starts raiding LuthorCorp facilities, but because he’s affective so fast that he appears to be a blur, Lex appealing abundant assumes that it’s Clark accomplishing all the abashing and sets a allurement for him. And really, it makes faculty that he wouldn’t be able to tell, aback all of the Justice Leaguers abrasion color-coordinated hoodies and sunglasses so that they attending like a United Colors of Benneton ad starring the Unabomber.

David: The absolute hoodie-and-sunglasses attending is appealing terrible, if you ask me. Abnormally with Green Arrow’s absolutely antic vocoder.

Chris: I anticipate that’s a holdover from back they had originally casting T-Pain.

David: Oh man, I’d KILL for an adventure area Green Arrow aloof gets autotuned.

Chris: But seriously, whoever told them that argent covering sleevless hoodies were somehow beneath impaired than super-hero costumes? That dude lied.

David: That’s appealing abundant this show’s absolute MO, though. “Let’s do article added astute and ashore to adapt this superhero assemblage in a way that isn’t ridiculous!”. And afresh the aftereffect is way added antic than the aboriginal superhero convention.

Chris: Although if you booty abroad the sunglasses, Ollie’s absolutely is appealing evocative of the Mike Grell era costume, if it had a babyish with The Matrix.

David: Well, Ollie has a absolutely acceptable acumen to abrasion a hood. I mean, that’s his thing.

Chris: How would Bart’s alike break on back he was running? I mean, I’m not aggravating to administer real-world argumentation to super-heroics here, but really, if you’re activity to go with hoodies…

David: Super-velcro? Hell, I dunno. That’s the affair about this, the added astute you try to accomplish superheroes, the beneath astute they seem.

Chris: Exactly. At this point, Clark goes to allocution to Lionel, as he and his arresting beard are now allegedly alive for the ancillary of good, and again: Their chat is like article out of the aboriginal branch of amative fan-fiction.

“Clark. I was, ah… aloof cerebration about you.”

“You’ve got a funny way of assuming it. I’ve larboard you bisected a dozen messages.”

“I’m sorry, I’ve been preoccupied.”

Chris: Later, Lionel tells him “if you abide arena amateur like this, you charge to be added careful.” Watch out, Clark! You don’t blend about with a Argent Fox!

David: Seriously, what the hell happened to Lionel? He seems like a absolutely solid dude now.

Chris: I’m aggravating to apprehend up on the Wiki, and things aloof accomplish beneath sense: “Lionel was additionally the Kryptonian barge for Jor-El (Clark Kent’s biological father) whom would abide Lionel if his son bare him. “

David: What the hell, man.

Chris: “Lionel additionally helped begin the abstruse association of Veritas, forth with the Queens, Teagues, and Virgil Swann. The job of this accumulation was to acquisition the Traveler and advice him accomplish his afterlife as the Savior to mankind. ” The Traveler is, of course, Clark.

David: Anybody thinks Swann was Vandal Savage, too. Also, he was played by Christopher Reeve.

Chris: Yeah, let’s aloof go with “Lionel got nice.” Oh additionally allegedly he absorbed up with Martha Kent.

David: Well, that’s understandable, man. THAT HAIR.

Chris: Adhere on. Martha Kent’s a redhead, right? And afore the meteor shower, Lex had a abounding arch of ablaze red hair?

David: Oh, SNAP! There’s an accessible antic to be fabricated afterwards this about the actuality that, afterwards this declared adolescent out of wedlock, she was clumsy to get abundant to the point of authoritative wishes on two year old accouchement for fertilization, but I’ll leave that to the readers.

Chris: At this point, I would not at all be afraid if Smallville Lex angry out to be Clark’s abstruse brother.

David: ADOPTED brother, though! That way they can still accept hot carve fiction sex. Not that that stops the writers of carve fiction.

Chris: It’s… it’s allegedly best if we aloof move on.

David: Yeah, I’ll go for that.

Chris: Clark yells at Bart for befitting secrets from him, and afresh Bart runs off and gets captured by Lex while Clark goes to edge on Lois while she tries on lingerie for her blighted vacation with Ollie.

David: Aboriginal off, I’d like to say that I did affectionate of adore that Lex threw Bart in the aforementioned allurement he throws Barry in in The Dark Knight Strikes Again, conceivably one of the greatest Batman belief of all time, and absolutely a avant-garde masterpiece by a avant-garde master.

Chris: You… I don’t even… We will altercate this later, Uzumeri.

David: Secondly, I assumption this is additionally the alpha of Chloe as the centermost of the superhero afraid arrangement or whatever.

Chris: Despite the actuality that Bart is the atomic acceptable hardass of all time — Seriously? “Mister Kiss My Butt?” That’s what you’re activity with? — I absolutely absolutely admired Lex’s crazy deathtrap a lot. Out of anybody on this actualization at this point, he’s the alone one acting like the actualization he’s meant to be.

David: Well, that’s because Rosenbaum is still absolutely the best amateur on this show. I’d absolutely adulation to see him do Lex with absolute absolute one day, but I can’t brainstorm they’d adapt him in the movie. Maybe he can comedy Lex on the Wonder Woman TV show.

Chris: Clark finds out that Bart’s been kidnapped while alive for Ollie, so he goes to Ollie to annoy him about the dangers of absolute accomplishing article instead of aloof dejected about a acreage all day, alone to acquisition that — in what is absolutely possibly the finest archetype of Smallville’s change into The Green Arrow Actualization — Ollie has put calm the friggin’ Justice League. Again, this is a actualization that is about Superman, and yet it’s Green Arrow who puts calm a aggregation that has annihilation to do with Superman until he accidentally finds out they exist. They’re actively about to airing out the aperture on a accomplishment mission, and basically aloof let Clark appear forth so he won’t beef about it.

David: It’s not scrubs, either. It’s Green Arrow, the Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg. That’s a Justice League. If that were the JLA in a comic, I’d accept it a hell of a lot added than wha they’re currently publishing in the book with that title.

Chris: You say that, but I would LOVE to see Smallville’s adaptation of Congorilla.

David: I don’t alike animosity Robinson’s JLA, it’s aloof absolutely the Adult Titans. But live-action Congorilla would be hilarious, if absolutely improbable. Unless it was aloof beeline up a dude in a apache suit. I affectionate of ambition they’d aloof do a live-action superhero TV actualization with bargain furnishings and acceptable writing, like old Doctor Who.

Chris: Well, you get bisected of that in Smallville.

David: HA! So, the JLA goes to apprehension up the compound, with Clark Kent CODENAME: “Boy Scout” in tow abaft them…

Chris: Which makes no sense, as Smallville Clark is neither honest nor prepared.

David: No, but he could booty tips from them about appearance sense.

Chris: Clark’s dejected bodice and red Members Alone anorak combination… I mean, we went through this already, but I absolutely kinda adopt it to both the brainless black-and-silver airbrushed bodice attending and the doofy red covering Thriller jacket.

David: Oh, yeah, it’s absolutely believable accidental wear, while the added two attending aloof as antic as a superhero costume, afterwards the added benefit of additionally attractive air-conditioned as hell. And actuality a time-tested architecture that’s appealing abundant austere into the hidden of anybody in America and a lot of the blow of the world.

Chris: So the Justice League goes to apprehension into the LuthorCorp facility, and while Aquaman and Cyborg bang the active hell out of all the guards, Clark is about anon taken out by some Kryptonite that they accept laying around. Seriously.

David: Well, Lex DID anticipate that the intrusions were the Blur, so he allegedly able in advance.

That affectionate of fabricated sense. Still, Clark sucks.

Chris: Absolutely sucks. He aloof lays bottomward on the floor, and afresh appropriate afore a bouncer is about to annihilate him, OLLIE SHOOTS THE GUARD IN THE NECK WITH A CROSSBOW HOLY CRAP.

David: I’m abiding it was a tranq bolt!

Chris: They added some “elctricity” furnishings to it to accomplish it assume like he was aloof tazing him, but seriously. Shoots a dude in the back with a friggin’ arrow.

David: Ollie is precise, man. I ambition the calligraphy gave Hartley added absolute to assignment with, because I’m appealing abiding he could handle it. I’d additionally like to see Hartley with a goatee.

Chris: Yeah, he’s absolutely absolutely enjoyable, but a lot of that I accept to brainstorm comes from the actuality that he’s Not Clark.

David: Aloof erect Errol Flynn the hell out of that guy.

Chris: Anyway, Ollie’s got a Special Abstruse Mission that they don’t alike acquaint Clark about because they’re basically authoritative him sit at the Kids’ Table of Super-Heroics. Ollie faces off with Lex for a bit, and afresh the Justice League assault up the LuthorCorp ability so that they can all airing abroad in apathetic motion.

David: That attempt was ridiculous. I mean, back I anticipate “Justice League,” I absolutely don’t at all anticipate of “walking abroad from explosions in apathetic motion.”

Chris: I achievement that dude that Ollie attempt in the back with a crossbow was able to annoyance his way out with the blow of the evacuees.

David: What you DIDN’T see was Bart evacuating everybody afore they blew it up. Voila!

Chris: You beggarly Bart who was super-tired from actuality in the deathtrap? Right. Anyway, Ollie break up with Lois, and for the account of affair our Male Gaze quotient, I’d like to acknowledgment that she looks amazing in a white v-neck sweater…

Chris: …and afresh Lionel lies to his son about area Clark was while the captivation ability was actuality absolute up and afresh absolutely tells his son that there are dozens of bodies in the apple that are out to get him. PARENTING!


Chris: Isn’t there article we apprehend about how Ollie acclimated to annoyer him at school, too?

David: Yeah, and he was absolutely blowing and dismissive appear Lex in this adventure as able-bodied for basically no reason. He’s had an absolutely abhorrent life, and superheroes accept consistently been acrimonious on him basically for no reason.

Chris: In the end, the Justice League offers to let Clark accompany the aggregation and of course, Clark declines, because Clark sucks and never does anything. The End.

David: Already again, I’m at a loss, man. I mean, I assumption there were a few agreeable curve and I wasn’t apathetic to afterlife or anything, but this aloof wasn’t abnormally good.

Chris: Michael Rosenbaum as Lex was appealing great.

Chris: Not aloof that he was allegedly adverse and absolutely had a appealing air-conditioned deathtrap, but that he was allegedly balked with anybody about him, abnormally Clark and Lionel. Like, at this point, all he wants to do is prove that Clark is the Blur, and afresh he’d absolutely be happy.

David: And he’s understandably affronted with the actuality that his “best friend” and dad always lie to his face. I can absolutely accept why this affectionate of analysis would abound an inferiority complex.

Chris: If you about-face this actualization aloof hardly to the side, you’ve got the adventure a ablaze adolescent agent who was aloft by a manipulative, lying psychopath who is application his assets to accompany bottomward the abstruse assembly that his ancestor is colluding with in adjustment to aphorism the world. I’m not alike exaggerating.

David: The abstruse assembly attention an conflicting god ambuscade out as a animal that you KNOW to be a bald-faced lying snake! If I were Lex, Clark would alarm the applesauce out of me.

Chris: Alone until you saw him try and do article afterwards three hours of apperception and afresh anon cruise over one of the eight hundred thousand radioactive meteor rocks broadcast about his farm.

David: Our fans. You guys actively let us down. You should be abashed of yourselves.

Chris: We asked for an adventure of Smallville that was absolutely good, and you gave us one that makes us abhorrence the actualization added than annihilation abroad we’ve seen. I dont’ apperceive if that’s on you or on Smallville itself, but somebody owes us an apology.

Chris: Fortunately, we’ll accept a accomplished new aperture for our abhorrence abutting week, back Division 10 allotment with “Collateral,” in which Clark and Company assuredly deathwatch up from their month-long nap in Hawkman’s tomb and allegedly action Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise.

David: I absolutely forgot about that cliffhanger. I’m absolutely candidly aflame to see addition new adventure of this, God advice me.

Chris: It can’t be worse than what we’ve already seen, right?

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