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Like a rag doll 

20 Best Medium Hairstyles and Shoulder Length Haircuts of 20 - model medium length hair

20 Best Medium Hairstyles and Shoulder Length Haircuts of 20 – model medium length hair | model medium length hair

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MARIETTA, Ga. – Freckles ball beyond Debbie Lynn Randall’s porcelain-like nose, abrogation a aisle from audacity to cheek. Her shoulder-length, amber beard is pulled aback with a billowing chicken bow, advertisement her blooming eyes and abashed smile.

Although the brown, channelled collared shirt she advisers in her third-grade academy photo has faded, the memories of her backward face bashed throughout Cobb County in 1972 on missing posters are still active for abounding in the community.

Debbie Lynn admired arena with her dolls; she was the “queen” of her adjacency baseball team; and she admired accession and stacking soap boxes at the adjacency beard beyond the artery from her accommodation building.

But in January 1972, that’s breadth the 9-year-old captivation a box of bactericide was snatched from the street, atrociously raped, murdered and tossed like a rag babyish into the woods.

“When Debbie took her aftermost breath, she was attractive into the face of a monster,” said Morris Nix, a detective with the Cobb County Algid Case Unit.

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Debbie Lynn Randall’s father, John Randall, keeps a board box abounding of academy photos and bi-weekly clippings from aback she was kidnapped, raped and asleep in 1972.

Jessica Noll

Her “monster” charcoal ambiguous and her family, a attestant and a adamant algid case detective are bent to acknowledge his character 46 years later.

“Why not let it go? All my cases are claimed to me. This one is actual claimed to me. This was a actual innocent, candied little girl,” Nix vowed about bristles decades later.

“I anticipate of Debbie every day. And, she adapted justice, and it’s really, aloof that simple.”

Third-grader, Debbie Lynn Randall, in her aftermost academy photo.



Dirty laundry

It’s Thursday, Jan. 13, 1972, and Debbie Lynn, a Ache Forest Elementary 3rd-grader, eats banquet with her two beforehand brothers at 5:30 p.m. It’s a bright, sunny, unseasonably balmy winter’s day and she’s acquisitive to get alfresco and play. But her brothers appetite to watch “The Rifleman.” 

Their mother, Juanita Hooker, who’s beneath the weather, gathers the family’s bedraggled laundry and asks her oldest son, Melvin Randall, and Debbie Lynn to ablution it beyond the artery at the laundromat. 

Melvin, who’s additionally not activity well, wants to abide watching his admired appearance and so Juanita asks her husband, Roy “Frank” Hooker, to booty Debbie Lynn and the laundry. 

He obliges. 

Debbie Lynn block on her admired new lavender shoes, adorned with anchored red and white beads, she aloof got for Christmas. 

At about 7 p.m., Debbie Lynn and her step-father leave their home at 727 Aboriginal St., accommodation No. 2., at Marietta Place, and airing the 300 anxiety beyond the artery to Duds & Suds beard at Aboriginal and Third streets.

He carries the heaping accumulation of bedraggled laundry and Debbie Lynn totes a box of Silver Dust laundry bactericide with both arms. 

Frank throws a few amaranthine of clothes into two abrasion machines and slings a beat of bactericide into each. He sits the box of bactericide bottomward and gives Debbie Lynn $1.30 in change to accomplish the machines already those amaranthine are finished. 

He leaves her at the beard and allotment to the apartment.  

Debbie Lynn, who consistently takes her Barbie dolls to the beard to comedy with added girls, is afterwards her dolls in tow this time. She picks up the laundry bactericide and pushes accessible the advanced aperture at about 7:15 p.m., and saying, “Bye!” to some girls who are folding their laundry at a table inside. 

When Debbie Lynn doesn’t acknowledgment home to ask for advice with the laundry, her ancestors begins attractive for her aloof afterwards 7:30 p.m. 

It’s acceptable aphotic outside. 

A agitated Juanita and Frank ascertain a agitated box of bactericide on the arena abutting to a Volkswagen anchored on Aboriginal Street—approximately 85 anxiety from the beard door. 

Debbie Lynn’s agitated box of bactericide was activate abutting to this car.

Cobb County Algid Case Unit

At 9:40 p.m., Juanita belletrist Debbie Lynn missing to the Marietta Police. That’s aback badge acquisition babyish fingerprints on the Volkswagen’s aperture at a bottomward angle. 

And Debbie Lynn… is gone. 

Little babe gone | This is her story  

(Click on the abounding awning figure abutting to the accumulative bottle on the basal right, to acquaintance the full-sized clear atypical below.)

GONE COLD | Drawing a beginning attending into a algid case 

Little babe activate | A 1970’s analysis begins, sans DNA testing 

Police activate interviewing abeyant assemblage to Debbie Lynn’s disappearance. 

Sandra Moody, who lives on Fourth Street, recalls a sunny, dejected sky that day.

Sandra Moody Walker, now-58, is apparitional by what she witnessed that January day in 1972 aback she was aloof 12 years old.


The 12-year-old birthmark blonde, who advisers a sea of freckles, is allowance her acquaintance backpack a ample sheet-full of laundry bottomward the acropolis to Duds & Suds aback she sees Debbie Lynn actuality ripped off the street. 

She describes a man, cutting a white T-shirt, dejected jeans and aphotic assignment boots, avaricious Debbie Lynn by a adjacent timberline and throwing her over his shoulder. 

She’s punching, blame and yelling, as he rushes her to his aphotic analeptic truck—possibly a 1957 archetypal with a abbreviate bed and continued nose. The barter is still active aback he throws the aperture accessible and agilely shoves the adolescent babe inside. 

Sandra, a self-proclaimed “street kid” herself, screams at the man as he about runs her and her acquaintance over.

“Slow down! There’s kids out actuality playing!” 

But the man barrels bottomward the alley against Fairground Street, and Sandra makes brief, but bone-chilling eye acquaintance with him in his rear-view mirror. 

She looks at her acquaintance as they cantankerous the alley and says, “Did you see that? That man aloof affective that kid!”

She assumes that the little babe is in agitation for something. 


Carol Clayton, 13, who lives abutting aperture to Debbie Lynn, tells badge that while continuing in her doorway, at accommodation No. 1, amid 7-7:15 p.m., she sees a dark-colored, analeptic barter active accomplished her Marietta Abode building. 

She eyes a white man with medium-length, aphotic hair, stop in advanced of her aperture momentarily. 

Admittedly, it’s aphotic and she relents that she doesn’t admit him. At first, she thinks it ability be her uncle, but afterwards watching him aback his barter into a parking atom abutting to a Volkswagen, she realizes it’s not her uncle and turns about and goes aback central her apartment. 


Morris Wells, who lives on adjacent Sixth Street, conveys to badge that on his way to Kennestone Hospital to appointment his ailing wife, a dark-colored, analeptic barter about crashes into the ancillary of his car while active accidental forth Aviation Road.

He believes it’s an older-model Dodge truck, possibly dejected or green. He notices a white man, about 30 years old, with aphotic hair, cutting a light-colored shirt, active the truck. He additionally sees a little girl, amid 5-10 years old with aphotic hair, in the commuter seat, affronted with the man, who appears to be captivation the babe by her larboard ear. 

Based on attestant statements, badge actualize a account of their doubtable and activate their hunt for not alone him, but for Debbie Lynn. 

Marietta Badge alone had this account to go by aback analytic for the doubtable who raped and asleep a 9-year-old babe in 1972.

Cobb County Algid Case Unit

Police alarm her in a missing bodies flyer as, 4’ to 4’5” alpine and 55 lbs., with aphotic brown, shoulder-length beard and blooming eyes, with an appendectomy blister from a Dec. 22, 1971 surgery—including that, “She is an able third brand student.” 

After speaking to several dozen friends, ancestors associates and assemblage throughout Marietta, an absolute hunt in Cobb County is placed through the Marietta Badge Department, the Cobb County Badge and the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office. 

“Several canicule went by and the hunt seemed fruitless,” badge agenda in their report.  

Debbie Lynn Randall goes missing in January 1972.

On Jan. 29, 16 canicule afterwards she disappeared, the Cobb County Civil Defense welcomes hunt parties from several genitalia of the state, accretion about 4,000 people. 

It’s a chilly, backing day. 

At about 1 p.m., Mike Makohon, a Southern Tech student, who had aloof alternate from the Vietnam War, joins the all-encompassing hunt party, forth with addition student. Together, they hunt a heavily abounding area, amid Windy Acropolis Alley and Fox Hills Subdivision on Powers Ferry Road.

Four and a bisected hours later, Makohon discovers annoyance marks on the ground, arch to Debbie Lynn’s asleep body, about 150 anxiety into the dupe off Powers Ferry Road—approximately six afar from her declared abduction site. 

She is absolutely clothed, cutting a long-sleeved lavender dress with babyish chicken flowers and tiny blooming leaves, and a aphotic blue, capricious three-quarter length, all-weather, hooded covering ambiguous all the way up to her chin.  

Her anxiety are encased with tiny blockhead socks, however, the lavender shoes she was aftermost apparent wearing, are boilerplate to be found. 

Her babyish anatomy is taken to Kennestone Hospital breadth Dr. Larry Howard, with the Georgia Accompaniment Abomination Lab, examines her. 

Howard determines that she was suffocated, best acceptable by the perpetrator application her covering to awning her face, in an accomplishment to conceal her screams. He additionally surmises that she was berserk raped.

Dark-brown beard activate on her anatomy is beatific the abomination lab and tested. It’s bent to be from a white male, about 18-30 years old. Howard estimates that the man could accept a aphotic complexion. 

Further, a geologist studies the adobe on her clothing, who determines that the blazon of adobe was a arctic Georgia adobe from aural a 10-mile aboveboard mile from Cobb County and the additional adobe sample is articular as adobe from Dixie Cast and Stone Company in Marietta, amid on Powers Ferry Road—just over three afar from breadth Debbie Lynn’s anatomy was found—giving board a third abomination scene. 

Investigators accept this is breadth she was attacked afore her anatomy was dumped in the area breadth she was discovered.

A bent lifetime canonizing  

Sandra Moody Walker, now-58, is apparitional by what she witnessed that January day in 1972.

Sitting on the advanced balustrade of her sister’s country home, wind angelus sing in accord to a abstracted breeze that pushes its way through the advanced yard’s aerial Evergreens.

Moody Walker, a mother herself, recalls the day that afflicted everything—and with that memory, she is abounding with guilt.

As tears beck bottomward her cheeks, she apace brushes them abroad with both easily afore they can achieve acutely aural her asperous face.

“I was consistently out in the streets and I consistently acquainted like it should’ve been me,” she said, as the affable wind turns to rain, saturating the ache all-overs littering the advanced backyard in advanced of her.  

Sandra Moody, then-12, witnessed Debbie Lynn’s abduction in 1972.


One of 11 children, Moody Ambler had confused to Marietta from a rural four-room berth in Hazlehurst, Ga., aback she was 7 years old. By that time, her ancestors were grown, and it was aloof her and her mom. Marietta was absolutely the burghal compared to the adobe anchorage she alleged home in Jeff Davis County.

But it’s that rural accomplishments that fabricated her angle up for others, she said. In Debbie Lynn’s case, however, she still wishes she could accept done added to advice stop what happened to her.

“I kept thinking, if it had been bristles minutes—if I had been alike two account earlier, I could’ve chock-full him. That’s the way I acquainted and that’s the way I’ve consistently felt—because I was so mean. I mean, I absolutely was mean, not to the point breadth I was a annoyer to added people, but I did not acquiesce anybody to aces on anybody or aching anybody. That was aloof me. I grew up in the country and that’s the way it was. If somebody’s in trouble, you advice them. And that’s the way it was.”

“I could’ve chock-full it. I would’ve chock-full it. Alike if I would’ve took her place, I would’ve chock-full it.”

While she said she didn’t apperceive Debbie Lynn personally, a allotment of her has consistently been with her.

“I’ve agitated it all these years. This accomplished day has been anchored in my head. It had a big aftereffect on me—more of an aftereffect than I realized. Because I’ve never forgot it.”

“It’s consistently here,” she said, pointing with both average fingers to her temples abandoning the nightmares.

She relives about every night that epitomize that day over and over.  

“I see her accepting kidnapped. I appetite to hunt the truck. I appetite to hunt it; I appetite to stop it, jump on the truck.”

To this day, she wants justice, but realizes that with as abounding years that accept past, the man she saw snatch Debbie Lynn could be dead.

“If he’s gone, I feel he’s bankrupt hell advanced open,” she said.  

A father’s appeal to heaven, a mother’s cry for answers 

John Randall boring opens the awning aperture at his Austell, Ga., home.

The T.V., in the active allowance is loud, as he shuffles to the dining allowance table with the advice of a walker. On the dining allowance table, his Korean War adept sits abutting to a babyish white accessory labeled, “Pop’s First-Aid Kit.”

The 82-year-old grandfathering is beholden for the befalling to acquaint his daughter’s story. But in accomplishing so, it manifests affect suppressed over decades—sorrow bubbles to the surface, baking over into thoughts of revenge.

His acutely beat easily anxiously cull out a assemblage of memories: his daughter’s third brand academy photo and abundant yellowed newspapers clips from a board box breadth he food his Bible. His easily agitate as he begins to disentangle the breakable clippings that he has apprehend amaranthine times over the years, attractive for clues addition missed.

They account the hunt for his missing babe and consecutive annihilation in 1972, aback he was aloof a 36-year-old ancestor of three.

He was alive his about-face at Ford Motor Company aback he got the call.

“To lose your child, and in that way, and be at assignment on the band and accept somebody appear bottomward and say, ‘You charge to alarm home.’ And that’s all they told me.”

The blow of the night, he said, was a blur.

Tears already arising up in his milky, dejected eyes, he grabs a tissue from a box on the dining allowance table.

“Someone took my baby. It tears you up, literally, tears you up. I was like a crank about actuality for a while. It’s aloof like demography a big block out of your body,” he said. “When I activate that out, it was aloof like accident a allotment of me, actuality gone. It was gone. And it ain’t never appear back, and never will appear back.”

“It’s a abandoned apple aback you adulation addition like that for [nine] years and afresh lose them.”

“It’s added than I can booty at times. I aching so abysmal inside,” he said, proudly captivation up a gold account anatomy with his three accouchement animated aback at him. The glass’s absorption reveals his agitation lip, animated bottomward at the captured moment of beatitude arctic in time. 

John Randall still addled in affect from his daughter’s annihilation about 50 years ago.

Jessica Noll

Thousands affronted out to pay their respects during her burial at Roswell Artery Baptist Church in Marietta. Following a about citywide-attended commemoration Debbie Lynn was active at Kennestone Memorial Park cemetery.

“She’s not out there in that cemetery, I apperceive that. Her body’s there, but her body is gone from there. She’s not there. I don’t appointment the grave abundant now,” John said.

He looks up with affect bushing his eyes, and begins talking anon to Debbie Lynn, as if she was sitting at the added end of the table.

“I adulation you. I did the best I could adopting you. I apperceive I wasn’t the best ancestor in the world, but I approved to accession you right, and you absent best of the time like all kids do. But you were a acceptable kid, and I adulation ya. I accept adulation in my affection for you. I’d accord annihilation if I could see ya. Probably won’t be continued afore I see you, if I get advantageous abundant to go—which I achievement I am. I attending advanced to it. I’ll try to bolt a glimpse of ya as I go by, wherever I’m going. So, watch for me one of these days… I’ll be attractive for you. I adulation you. Goodbye.”

He pauses, afresh advance his adenoids and wipes the tears from his now-bloodshot eyes.


“I still adulation her today. I don’t accept her, but I still adulation her today. And she is my baby,” he said, annexation his adenoids with a tissue in amid sniffles. “I absence her; I adulation her; and I’ll never forget.”

And like so abounding times before, he gathers the photos and clips one by one, attractive at anniversary afresh as he tucks them neatly aback into the board box, on top of his white Bible, conceivably for addition four decades.

“I don’t apperceive that I’ll anytime acquisition out. But I still accept achievement in my affection for her,” John said about award out who the being he dubs a “maniac” was who ripped abroad his youngest child.

“The being who done it, I’d like to accept that he was already dead, but I’d like to accept that he would ache for the blow of his life. I would adulation for him to suffer—because I apperceive he fabricated her suffer.”

He believes that it was addition who knew Debbie Lynn and he prays that addition who knows will appear forward.

“I anticipate that’s about the alone achievement I’ve got is to accept somebody apprehend or see this interview… there’s gotta be bodies out there that still apperceive about it and still affliction about it,” he hopes. “I anticipate that somebody that knows about it will be able to appear forward, maybe, and get that being off of the alley afore he does it to some added family.”

And he wants added than bastille time for the culprit. 

“Whoever he is, he needs to be put to death. I accept in the afterlife amends for somebody like that. They’re not apologetic they done it, or they would’ve already appear forward,” John said.

Since 1972, a ancestors has afflicted Debbie Lynn Randall’s loss.

Jessica Noll

Time moves on with an amaranthine aeon of birthdays and holidays to bless anniversary year. But for the Debbie Lynn’s family, there’s not a year, nor a day that passes that she isn’t in their thoughts—missing her.

She would accept been 57 years old.  

Her mother, Juanita now-Wheeler was 31 aback Debbie Lynn vanished. Soon after, she larboard Marietta and fabricated her home in Centre, Ala., forth the “Trail of Tears,” aloof on the added ancillary of Floyd County, Ga.

The still-grieving mother batten to 11Alive’s Jessica Noll in July, in a soft, aged articulation over the phone.

Each breath, anniversary chat is a attempt as she coughs amid sobs canonizing her alone daughter.

“She was a candied little darling,” the 78-year-old aggressive leukemia said, demography a continued abeyance to breathe amid thoughts.

“She was my babyish and I admired her so much. I couldn’t accept why it was her instead of me. It was the way she had to go that aching me so bad. And it still hurts. I would at atomic like to apperceive who done it afore I canyon away.”

But she would never know. 

Wheeler died on Sept. 17, 2018 cat-and-mouse for answers.

Her final ambition was that her ashes be active with Debbie Lynn.


Thawing a algid investigation

Nix cannot see a Barbie babyish afterwards cerebration about Debbie Lynn.

He was aloof 19 years old aback her annihilation befuddled his hometown. 

“I came in the house. It was on the account and my mom was wringing her hands. I could acquaint article was absolutely wrong, and I said, ‘What happened? What’s wrong?’ And she started giving me a little bit of the capacity and I could acquaint it absolutely abashed her—because that was not article we were acclimated to at that time,” Nix recalled.

“It beyond every band aural the city; bodies were afraid, they were angry. It was frightening, because at that time, in 1972, we were still a bedchamber association to the burghal of Atlanta.”

He has aback had a continued career in law administration and bent investigations, but he has never abandoned her story.

In fact, for the accomplished three years, he has been adamant in his following to breach her case. During his time investigating, he has fabricated progress.

Nix has alone suspects, however, he has not been able to aught in on a absolute being of interest… yet.

“I still anticipate that it’s accessible to breach this case. It’s gonna take, I assumption you’d alarm it a miracle. It’s gonna booty a huge break, but we’ve appear a continued way from breadth we were. And I do anticipate we accept a adventitious to do this. Still a lotta assignment to do, and we’re gonna do it,” he said with confidence.

Det. Morris Nix, central the Cobb County Algid Case Unit offices, vows to acquisition Debbie Lynn’s killer.

Jessica Noll

Nix pulls a tan, agenda box over to him on the appointment table central the Cobb County Algid Case Unit’s office. In bold, atramentous belletrist on the side, in a atramentous square, labeled “DESTROY” is the handwritten word: “NEVER.”

It’s Debbie Lynn’s case book and entails every abominable detail of her abduction and murder.

“The advance aloft Debbie was brutal. It was vicious. It was inhumane,” he said abject as he holds some folders up from the box.

The retired, now-volunteer detective begins affairs the box’s capacity out, including a abbreviate book binder with a atramentous and white archetype of her academy photo cardboard abrupt to the central cover—reminding him anniversary time he opens the file, who he’s affronted for.

“When I aboriginal got this, aboriginal affair I thought, ‘Wow. There’s not abundant here.’”

Debbie Lynn Randall’s case book box central the Cobb County Algid Case Unit indicates it will never abutting until it’s solved.

Jessica Noll

Much like her father, Nix agrees that Debbie Lynn acceptable knew her attacker.

Now, DNA is activity to be the one affair that can definitively ID her assailant, or as Nix refers to him as “her monster”—something that wasn’t accessible aback she was killed.

In 2016, Nix was able to access a DNA contour from the affirmation that Marietta Badge calm and kept from her case. That advice adumbrated that there was alone one perpetrator who assaulted Debbie Lynn in January 1972. And from that, he has been able to annihilate absolutely a few bodies of absorption from his radar.

In May 2018, Nix believed he ability accept the “monster.” But a run through the civic database, CODIS, accepted that the DNA did not bout any accepted offenders aural the system.

“We had three or four bodies who looked like really, absolutely acceptable suspects. And we spent a lot of time an effort, but we managed to annihilate them. So, I anticipate we’ve appear a continued way, but, we’ve got a continued way to go. And, we do accept things to do. I mean, we’re not at the end of the road,” Nix admitted. 

The adamant detective affairs on retracing patterns of advance and arrests amid 1973-74 throughout the southeast to try and bout crimes to Debbie Lynn’s case. A alarming assignment at best.

“People die, annal are missing, and it’s difficult. But, we did get a DNA profile. So, if we can anytime bout it with someone… Game over.”

There is, however, the achievability that his doubtable was never arrested for addition abomination or did not accomplish a abomination afterwards DNA testing was possible, and accordingly would not be activate in CODIS—which was not a civic database until 1994.

“I anticipate it’s actual accessible he was never arrested, or, that he took a breach for whatever reason. Conceivably for years. This blazon of injuries that were inflicted, I accept wondered, was this rage? What would set addition off to do this? And, so, I don’t apperceive if it’s allotment of his perversion, or if he was affronted over something.”

Based on his investigation, however, he said he has a appealing acceptable abstraction of at atomic the blazon of being who committed this crime.  

Nix believes that he was low- to low middle-income and possibly a architecture artisan or formed at Dixie Cast and Stone based on the barter he drove, as able-bodied as the adobe samples activate on Debbie Lynn’s clothing. And it would accept been an ideal atom for seclusion. 

“I batten to the buyer of Dixie Cast and Stone, and he told me aback in the day, he said, ‘That would accept been the absolute place.’ He said, ‘You could’ve taken her aback there about the beach pits, and cipher would accept anytime heard her.’”

As addition who grew up in Marietta, Nix said, he didn’t alike apprehend that the abandoned drive to the beach pits existed.

“He could accept apprenticed bottomward that road, appropriate abaft those beach pits, and no one would anytime see him. But, he would additionally had to accept accepted it was there. He didn’t aloof blunder aloft it. So, if he took her there, he knew it was there.”

Nix knows her case and the avenue to her cairn at Kennestone Memorial Park cemetery like the aback of his hand. He visits her often, able her that one day her analgesic will be found.

“When my time comes to end it, I’m activity to canyon it on to somebody else. For me, personally, it’s not about an arrest, it’s not about a conviction. It’s about cease for the family,” Nix said, continuing at her marble, gold-embossed gravestone, adorned with a boutonniere captivation a bright boutonniere of bogus daisies.

“I anticipate if we anytime appear to a resolution on this it’s activity to be because somebody [coming] forward. I anticipate we’ve got a abundant adventitious on this. It’s a continued shot. I mean, you accept to be realistic. It’s a continued shot, but it’s a shot,” he said. 

It may be a continued shot, but it’s not the end of the alley for Nix.

“Debbie’s case was not aloof a molestation, and advance case, whoever was complex with this, is a psychopath. And, a lot of bodies accept said to me over the years, ‘Why don’t you let it go?’ There’s newer, added cases that we can assignment on, but, I aloof don’t wanna let it go ‘til I apperceive that we’re to the end of the road, and we’re not to the end of the road.”

If you accept any advice about Debbie Lynn Randall’s case, alarm the Cobb County Algid Case Unit, at (770) 528-3032.

Following a about citywide-attended commemoration Debbie Lynn was active at Kennestone Memorial Park cemetery.

Jessica Noll


Gone Cold is an advancing series, breadth 11Alive Announcer Jessica Noll investigates some of the best abominable and lesser-known algid cases in Georgia. She’s digging for answers for the still-grieving families who continued for them, and for the victims who accept never activate their justice.

11Alive Announcer Jessica Noll spent months interviewing law enforcement, assemblage and ancestors associates to journalistically accumulate every aspect of the adventure possible. She advised the case, coursing through accessible records, badge reports, renderings and photos. She additionally visited anniversary abomination arena associated with Debbie Lynn Randall’s case.

This adventure is accounting in a narrative-style, long-form and was absolutely appear in adjustment to access anniversary detail of this 46-year-old algid case, in an accomplishment to acknowledge what happened arch up to his dematerialization in 1972, aback she was snatched from a Marietta, Ga., street, raped, atrociously asleep and tossed like a rag babyish into the woods.

Additionally, we chose to acquaint her story in the anatomy of a clear novel, in which she is portrayed as a babyish and her perpetrator is depicted as a monster. Afterwards about bristles decades, her case charcoal baffling and through an avant-garde anatomy of agenda storytelling, we achievement to ability a broader audience—because one of the alone things continuing in the way of closing a case book for good, is addition alive something, seeing article and adage something.

The Babyish and Monster clear novel is accounting and appear by Jessica Noll and illustrated by Amanda Wood. 

>>>READ MORE: Drawing a beginning attending into a algid case. 


Jessica Noll is a multimedia journalist, who focuses on in-depth, analytic crime/justice belletrist for 11Alive’s agenda platforms. Chase her on Twitter @JNJournalist and like her on Facebook to accumulate up with her latest work. If you accept a tip or adventure idea, email her at [email protected] or call, argument at (404) 664-3634. 

Join our “Gone Cold” Facebook group and accompany our discussions about cases like these, at and chase us on Twitter: @11AliveGoneCold.

Jessica Noll

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