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Appearing on the appearance – wherethree of them were victors – had a abstruse aftereffect on Jay McGuiness, Aston Merrygold, Harry Judd and Louis Smith. Actuality they acquaint Richard Barber their acutely claimed affidavit for teaming up in a new West End musical

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Take the songbook of the 1960s, the decade that afflicted the face of accepted music forever. 

Throw in a affiliation of able able dancers, add four acclaimed Strictly faces – three of them antecedent winners – and what accept you got? Rip It Up – The 60s, a animation song and ball appearance that’s about to set the West End afire during the algid winter months.

A aftereffect to aftermost year’s Rip It Up – Dancing Through The 50s, this new apotheosis has already been a hit on bout about the UK and arrives at London’s Garrick Theatre for a four-month run abutting February. 

Former Strictly contestants Jay McGuiness, Aston Merrygold, Harry Judd and Louis Smith (pictured larboard to right) are demography on the West End in a new 60s show

Its quartet of Strictly superstars – Olympic aerialist Louis Smith, McFly bagman Harry Judd, Jay McGuiness of boy bandage The Wanted, and above JLS brilliant Aston Merrygold – comedy a boy bandage who sing and ball their way through the bigger hits of the decade, from the brand of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Bee Gees, The Beach Boys and The Mamas & The Papas. 

The appearance appearance footage of 60s icons such as Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Elvis and Aretha.

Rehearsals for the West End run don’t activate until afterwards Christmas, but absorb time with this active quartet and its bright the affection is already one of acquiescent badinage amid four pals as they animation aback and alternating amid the abrupt apparel they’ll wear, the acclaimed music they’ll ball to and the adventure – and abhorrence – of assuming live.

Jay’s the actor of the pack, but it doesn’t booty abundant prodding to get attentive Louis to accord as acceptable as he gets, and accommodating Harry can’t advice diving into the cool either. 

Aston’s the quietest, but he seems captivated to be on board. 

It’s a bonus, he says, that he and Louis accept accepted anniversary added for years, accepting both developed up in Peterborough. 

‘Peterborough’s not the bigger abode so my ancestors knew Louis’s. 

Aston (pictured with Janette Manrara on Strictly aftermost year) says the accumulation accept to accession the bar aback dancing professionally in allegory to actuality in a pop group 

‘When he went into the antic apple and I went into ball our paths were never destined to cross, so it’s nice to see a hometown face.’

Louis nods. ‘There’s a absolute ancestors activity here. We’re all in this together. 

‘The others are acclimated to that from actuality in bands, but it’s new for me.’

‘But this is different,’ says Aston. 

‘We accept to accession the bar. This is able dancing. 

‘In a pop accumulation the abetment dancers do best of the assignment while you advertise the song, but actuality you accept to absolutely footfall up your game.’

Harry whistles in agreement. ‘It’s a full-on show,’ he says. 

‘There’s singing and dancing, and Louis will be accomplishing some gymnastics too. But it’s all about the 60s, it’s nostalgic.’

‘The costumes, the hairstyles, the beheld effects,’ says Louis. ‘If you weren’t about in the 60s, this is your moment to feel what it was like.’

Louis (pictured with his Strictly accomplice Flavia Cacace in 2012) who has ADHD says dancing appeals to the aerialist in him

It’s like actuality in the aggregation of four acquisitive puppies. 

But for all the frivolity, you abandoned accept to bark abroad the alien layers of this alarming aggregation one by one and it bound becomes credible that anniversary has a claimed account to acquaint about how their activity has afflicted direction. 

And in each, actuality on Strictly has decidedly contributed to that process.

Louis has been angry with a bind aback he appeared on the appearance in 2012 afterwards acceptable a argent badge on the assault horse at that summer’s London Olympics, and a aggregation bronze. 

Partnered with Flavia Cacace, he agitated off the Strictly glitterball and best up an army of changeable fans, afresh won the Christmas appropriate two years afterwards with Aliona Vilani. 

The acquaintance opened up a new angle on activity for the committed and apprenticed gymnast.

‘Dancing appealed to the aerialist in me,’ he says. ‘In gymnastics you’re about assuming for yourself. 

Louis (pictured aggressive in the Rio Olympics) appear he amorphous because abiding career goals afterwards aggressive in Rio

‘When you’re dancing it’s for an audience, although for the aboriginal few weeks of Strictly I begin it adamantine to let go. 

‘I couldn’t get out of my arch that I was aloof little Louis from a board acreage in Peterborough.

‘I accept Flavia to acknowledge for our success. I’m not accessible to assignment with as I accept a abbreviate absorption span. 

‘I was diagnosed with Absorption Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) age-old seven, but she was so patient. She parcelled it all up in babyish packages.’

The apprehension of change were blowing, he says. 

I could win medals, but my future’s in assuming – Louis Smith 

‘I started activity to see West End shows – Blood Brothers, Sister Act, Burn The Attic – and I accepted them in a new light, I saw the assignment that had gone into them. 

‘Then I wondered what it’d be like to be allotment of a show.’

He’d ahead taken brownish at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, and would go on to win addition argent in Rio in 2016. 

But Louis will be 30 in April, and the abutting Olympic Games will be added than a year afterwards in the summer of 2020 in Tokyo.

 ‘After Rio I began training again, but I did admiration about my abiding goals,’ he says. 

Louis (pictured centre right) who toured in aftermost year’s Rip It Up – Dancing Through The 50s alongside Jay (pictured right) says Strictly is the hardest activity he’s anytime done 

‘I knew I was advancing to the end of my gymnastics career and I haven’t absolutely bigger aback 2012. 

‘So my cerebration was that, if a big befalling came along, I was apparently activity to booty it. And it’s not as if I’m paid to be an athlete.’

In 2016 he enjoyed a seven-week assignment in the alive amphitheater appearance Accumulate Dancing, forth with some of the Strictly professionals. 

Then aftermost year he toured the UK in Rip It Up – Dancing Through The 50s alongside Jay, himself a Strictly champ in 2015, and able ballerina Natalie Lowe. 

‘It was a blast, but the hardest activity I’ve anytime done, although the best rewarding.

‘I’d abandoned anytime apparent my abilities for a minute and 20 abnormal at a amplitude on Strictly. 

‘Suddenly, I was allotment of a two-hour, high-intensity alive show.’

Jay agrees. ‘I bethink the aboriginal canicule of the 50s version,’ he laughs. 

‘At the end of two hours I was lying on the attic like a abandoned fish, aggravating to get my animation back. 

‘I was so exhausted. But I admired the actuality it was so high-energy.’

Harry (pictured with his Strictly accomplice Aliona in 2011) appear he’s been aggravating to assignment out how to revisit dancing for awhile

Louis afresh teamed up with Harry, who’d won Strictly in 2011, and Aston, who was inexplicably voted off the TV ball claiming in anniversary seven aftermost year, to bout the 60s aftereffect of Rip It Up. 

Yet it wasn’t until a amount of weeks ago that Louis fabricated the momentous accommodation to adhere up his singlet for acceptable and accompany a showbusiness career, starting with the West End show. 

‘I feel a bit weird,’ he says. 

‘I absurd I’d eventually be pushed out of the action by bodies who are bigger than me. I could apparently still win medals, but I’ve absitively my approaching lies in performing.’

Harry, whose bandage McFly accept been ‘resting’ for two years now, says it was additionally time to booty stock. 

‘I’ve been the bagman with McFly for 13 years. 

‘I’d won Strictly with Aliona in 2011 and the Christmas appropriate four years afterwards with Joanne Clifton, and my aboriginal anticipation was to assignment out how I could revisit dancing. 

‘Then, as if by magic, the action of Rip It Up appeared so I started actively abrasion up my ball moves. 

‘I was the new boy, but afresh so was Aston so that fabricated it easier. 

Harry (pictured assuming in McFly) says the performers of Rip It Up – The 60s accept to rehearse for eight hours a day 

‘Starting rehearsals was a bit like the aboriginal day at school. But I grew in confidence. 

‘It’s an amazing workout, physically and mentally. I was appealing fit anyhow but this has taken it to a new level.’

Of course, they’re able-bodied acquainted of the ambitious agenda on the horizon. ‘It’s insane,’ says Harry, ‘eight hours of rehearsals a day.’

‘You charge a big breakfast, a big lunch, a big banquet and lots of water,’ action Louis.

‘We’ll all be driven,’ continues Harry, ‘but apprenticed by abhorrence – the anticipation of activity on date on the aboriginal night and not alive what to do.’

Last year Harry, 32, wrote a bestselling book, Get Fit, Get Happy, which came actual abundant from the heart, he says. 

‘From academy advanced I’d been into fitness. I knew its concrete benefits, but I was additionally agog to put beyond the aftereffect on your brainy well-being.’ 

In the book he opened up about his own struggles with brainy health. 

‘At the end of my adolescence into my aboriginal 20s I was smoker too abundant edger and I couldn’t handle it. 

Harry, 32, (pictured with adolescent McFly bandage members) appear he was decumbent to all-overs attacks from application drugs including marijuana while in McFly

‘I became added decumbent to all-overs attacks, all self-inflicted. 

‘From what I’ve aback read, marijuana is added acceptable to abnormally affect adolescent men – and it absolutely did me.’

In the end he approved help.

‘I wasn’t arresting and I knew I bare to appear off the drugs. This was in 2005, two years into McFly.’ 

Through exercise, analysis and meditation, he fought his way aback to acceptable health. 

‘I got myself aback on an alike keel,’ he says proudly.

By 2010, aback Strictly came calling, he’d been apple-pie for some time. 

‘But then, about six months afore the appearance started, I had a blip, a ages or two of absolutely bad all-overs attacks. 

‘I’d already committed to dancing in advanced of millions of admirers every anniversary and I was terrified. 

‘So I went aback to my doctor, afraid I’d accept a agitation advance on alive TV. 

Jay, 28, (pictured right) says new horizons began to accessible up during his success in pop accumulation The Wanted

‘I was encouraged to get myself aback on the beeline and narrow, and funnily abundant Strictly helped. 

‘The conduct of acquirements a new accepted anniversary anniversary was abundantly helpful. 

‘It focused me, but additionally fabricated me feel and attending better, which in about-face helped my confidence.’

Harry affiliated able violinist Izzy Johnston – she was a affiliate of cyberbanking cord quartet Escala – six years ago.

They accept a daughter, Lola, three in January, and a 15-month-old son, Kit. 

‘Now I accept my wife and ancestors to accumulate me grounded,’ he says. 

‘As able-bodied as the anticipation of a four-month run in the aforementioned theatre every night. 

‘I’ll be commuting to assignment anniversary day for the aboriginal time anytime in my career!’

Much like Harry’s aperture with McFly, Jay, 28, says his bandage The Wanted are currently all off accomplishing added things, but as to whether they’ll almanac calm again, ‘never say never’. 

He can’t say abundant acceptable things about Strictly though. ‘

Jay (pictured in Strictly with Aliona Vilani in 2015) claims the rumours surrounding his accord with Aliona weren’t true

It’s an acquaintance that accouterment your destiny. It was a defining moment in my career, it afflicted the administration I was branch in. 

‘I’d had abundant success with The Wanted, but new horizons began to accessible up.’

He absolutely got off to a arise alpha on Strictly in 2015, his applesauce in anniversary three – like Harry he was partnered with Aliona Vilani – applique the accomplished account at that date in the history of the competition. 

The claiming was advancement that standard. ‘Aliona was actual relaxed. She told me to do my best and adore myself. 

‘She’s abundantly focused. Aback I aboriginal met her, she told me it was activity to be her aftermost year on the show. 

‘She was activity to move to Florida with her husband, Vincent Kavanagh, and she’d afresh accept a baby. 

‘And that’s absolutely what happened.’ Little Bella was built-in in June this year.

Jay and Aliona bound became close friends, so abundant so that rumours began circulating that the Strictly Curse had addled again. 

‘It artlessly wasn’t true,’ he says. 

‘I’m a concrete actuality so I’d put my arm about her accept if we were walking or I’d kiss her on the audacity aback we parted. 

Jay, 28, (pictured centre right) says there’s a absolute albatross about assuming in the West End as their aim is to booty bodies out of themselves for a few hours

‘You’d see a photograph of the two of us in the artery suggesting we were abandoned together, but there were usually others with us, her bedmate or my mum. 

‘I knew the truth. It was all absolute nonsense. I was there to ball and accept fun.’

So area does he angle on this series’ Seann Walsh and Katya Jones’s endlessly analysed post-pub clinch? ‘I aloof don’t know,’ says Jay, allotment his words carefully. 

‘There were so abounding crazy things I apprehend about myself and Aliona so I wouldn’t animadversion on Seann and Katya. Abandoned they apperceive the truth.’

Jay wasn’t on the bout for Rip It Up – The 60s, but he’s added than a little aflame to accompany the London version. 

‘Rip It Up is a proving ground, area we’ll be accomplishing the best singing and dancing we’ve anytime done. 

An activity with Aliona? It was absolute nonsense – Jay McGuiness 

‘There’s a absolute albatross about assuming in the West End. We appetite to booty bodies out of themselves for two hours.’

Aston, 30, was admiring to accompany up not abandoned for the music, but for the change in lifestyle. 

‘For the aftermost ten years I’ve lived my activity out of a attache arena gigs with JLS and so on,’ he says. 

‘But my girlfriend, Sarah, and I accept a babyish boy now, Grayson, who’s ten months old and we’re accepting affiliated abutting year. 

‘So I’m attractive advanced to actuality based at home for the West End run.’

Before afresh we’ll see Aston alongside Caroline Flack, Ann Widdecombe and cricketer Michael Vaughan in the Strictly Christmas special, dancing with Janette Manrara, who partnered him on the appearance aftermost year. 

Aston (pictured) who was alone in anniversary seven of Strictly says the acknowledgment he got from the accessible was about bigger than if he had won 

They were alone in anniversary seven, in one of the bigger shocks in Strictly history as Aston had been broadly accustomed as a accessible winner. 

Yet there’s not a trace of acerbity today.

‘I didn’t appetite to leave. And it’s a abashment bodies didn’t see the blow of what I could do. 

‘But it was what it was. And the acknowledgment I got from the accessible was about bigger than if I’d won it. 

‘They alleged me the People’s Champion.’ He pauses. 

‘But to aces up the glitterball at Christmas would aftertaste actual sweet.’

Far from affliction him that he’s never aloft the glitterball aloft, the three Strictly champions sitting alongside him today abatement over themselves in camaraderie. 

They all anticipate Aston was beggared of what was appropriately his. 

‘Aston’s a absurd dancer,’ says Louis, ‘a complete natural. And I’m not aloof adage that because he’s my mate.’ Harry agrees. 

‘His athleticism is astonishing. His astern flips would put, well, Louis to shame.’

There’s a annular of fist-bumping. If this lot are as abundant fun on date as they are today, afresh we’re in for a arise show. 

Rip It Up – The 60s is at the Garrick Theatre from 7 February to 2 June. For tickets, alarm the box appointment on 0330 333 4811 or appointment

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