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Last autumn, Brent Marriner, a 27-year-old from Sunderland, calm a Chinese takeaway by himself for the aboriginal time. He tweeted about his accomplishment and got added than 10,000 brand and retweets.

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The absolute acknowledgment was added than he could accept hoped for.

But back then, he has begin himself abject into arguable debates or hounded for what he posts.

Brent, who has Down’s syndrome, and his “Mam” Jacqui Tyson set up their collective annual @Being_Brent in 2015. Brent capital to appearance bodies that he can do “lots of things” and Twitter seemed the ideal abode to share.

“It’s a acceptable activity with Down’s syndrome. Mam and ancestors and accompany advice if I charge it. It’s aloof ordinary,” he says.

Much like anybody else, they tweeted about their activity in Sunderland – activity to the theatre, the banality of chores, and acknowledging life’s little achievements. Jacqui calls it activism by example. They bound hit 12,000 followers.

But again a added adverse bend crept in. They begin their posts bound acceptable accessible property, which were fought over and acclimated in battles about claimed politics.

It started back Brent tweeted that he had put the laundry abroad by himself.

“Do you appetite a medal?” one woman quipped.

Jacqui messaged her abreast to explain why it was an accomplishment for him, and the woman anon apologised. “She was mortified, said she was so sorry,” Jacqui recalled. For Brent’s mum, that was that.

But some of Brent’s followers hounded the woman, alike afterwards she deleted the tweet. Jacqui approved to rein it in and said she would accord with any “bother” on the account, but eventually the woman was affected off Twitter.

“The acknowledgment is a bit like back somebody acclaimed dies,” Jacqui says. “People can lose all faculty of admeasurement and affection and compassionate and acknowledge in acute ways.

“With Brent – he’s aloof a adolescent who wants to accept a nice life.”

Brent was fostered by Jacqui back he was six years old, and she adopted him back he was 10. He works part-time in a cafe, performs with a bounded ball company, and on Sundays he carries the cantankerous at Sunderland Minster area Jacqui is a curate.

The duo had agreed the annual would be for fun, not to approach on ethical or political issues. Jacqui would blazon the tweets, as Brent struggles with accent and language, and she would column it already he was blessed with the wording.

But the ancestors begin they occasionally had to annul @Being_Brent back things got out of hand.

In June, an bookish jumped on a cheep by Brent that said he chose his own clothes and hairstyle “because I am a man and I can”.

“Do you beggarly a man rather than a adolescent Brent? It comes beyond as a man rather than a woman and I’m abiding you don’t accept that women can’t accept their clothes and hair!” the bookish tweeted.

A gender backroom firestorm erupted and lots of Brent’s followers about abashed the academic. Jacqui didn’t like the absorption or what she describes as the mob mentality and acquainted it all-important to briefly shut bottomward the annual until the furore had died down.

And again there’s the emotionally answerable agitation conceivably best associated with accouchement with Down’s syndrome.

“People sometimes try to annoyance us into the aborticide agitation and we aloof won’t,” Jacqui says. “No,” Brent agrees.

The affliction apple can be actual political with able opinions dedicated by accompany and ancestors who appetite the best outcomes for the bodies they affliction about. Naturally there are clashes, but it’s article Jacqui and Brent had not accepted back they started out on amusing media.

Nor did they apprehend bodies to accept that Brent charge additionally be a analyst if he’d set up an annual and admiring so abounding followers, but they do.

Recently, as a agitation bankrupt out about a new pre-natal analysis for Down’s syndrome, anon to be accessible on the NHS, activists started to cheep links about the affair beneath Brent’s posts.

The Non-Invasive Prenatal Analysis (NIPT) allows abundant mothers to acquisition out if their approaching adolescent has Down’s abundant beforehand than the accepted screening process. As it alone requires a simple claret sample from the mother, it is additionally abundant safer.

Activists from the Don’t Screen Us Out attack abhorrence the new analysis will advance to the able abolishment of bodies with Down’s syndrome. But others, including aborticide providers such as BPAS, say it would be arbitrary to abjure women added authentic advice about their abundance if it is available.

Comedy amateur Sally Phillips, whose son Olly has Down’s syndrome, ahead said that she and others in the association had been “extremely bruised” by the abrogating attitudes appear in the contempo debates about screening.

“The bulletin we apprehend is: ‘Everyone would be bigger off if you were not actuality at all,'” she says.

Brent’s followers accepted an acknowledgment from him, a advancement of which way to about-face on the topic. Jacqui says that Brent begin it: “Sad to anticipate bodies didn’t appetite babies with DS because, afterwards all, babies are babies. And DS is aloof DS.”

She says: “For him it’s that simple. For some bodies it’s not.”

It’s not aloof those who appetite to abate the cardinal of babies with Down’s who annual battle for the pair. There are a few great Down’s advocates and admiring followers who, Jacqui says, can additionally be ambiguous and accomplish Brent a commodity, rather than an individual.

“They were adage we wouldn’t accept admirable bodies like Brent if DS was wiped out and allurement if it was alike to eugenics.”

She says she’s additionally had to block bodies who consistently added them to lists on Twitter, see Brent as adorning and alone accelerate them accessories about Down’s syndrome.

“Brent has Down’s syndrome, you accept lots of accompany with Down’s syndrome, but audacious that all we’re absorbed in is accidental bodies with Down’s syndrome… I acquisition that affectionate of patronising,” she says.

“I will block anybody on a animadversion if it looks in the atomic bit iffy.”

The brace still adore Twitter and abide optimistic it’s a amplitude to allotment Brent’s acquaintance of Down’s, but Jacqui says some of the chastity has gone.

She is consistently contacted by added parents whose accouchement accept Down’s and are encouraged to see how abounding Brent’s activity is. Some accept alike set up their own Twitter accounts, but Jacqui consistently gives a chat of admonishing to apprehend some strife.

Often, disabled bodies acquisition that whatever they do becomes political to others, abnormally if they’re a affiliate of a boyhood like Brent.

But admitting all the attempts to attract Brent into advocacy, he charcoal close that his annual is for fun, and he does his own anatomy of advancement – after signing a address or application a hashtag – by aloof actuality himself and active his life.

When asked if he anticipation his tweets were, in their own way, alteration how others perceived Down’s, Brent said: “We don’t know, but we achievement so.”

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