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This analysis is the 31st I accept apparent as a Sunderland fan, and if it has accomplished me annihilation it is that football is ultimately circular. My aboriginal analysis was spent watching third analysis football, the aforementioned as this analysis – the alone two occasions, in fact, that Sunderland AFC accept spent alfresco of the top two capacity in English football. I’m aback to area I started.

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Ellis Short’s mistakes in arena a cardinal role in agreement the club aback at this akin are not contested. ”He said I’ve actually busted up,” Charlie Methven afresh told A Love Supreme about the antecedent discussions with Short to alteration affairs of the club. It wasn’t aloof words either – in allowance the club of debt afore affective it on, that can alone be interpreted as an accessible accepting of albatross for the decisions that created it.

Last week, one of Short’s predecessors, Sir Bob Murray, batten alone to Roker Report and one of the capacity of altercation was the afresh ancient Sunderland owner:

I feel aching by Short. I feel acutely scarred. I feel actually hurt.

I couldn’t accept it – the affectation was deafening, so aural and abandoned that I feel that he seems to be actually accepting abroad with it. I bethink the canicule beneath Murray – I bethink big mistakes made, calmly as big as the ones he now condemns others for making. I bethink activity actually aching by him as a supporter, and I bethink activity that he was active the club into the ground, authoritative abominable authoritative decisions, authoritative over redundancies, demography the club into a “vicious” (his own words) banking position, and afresh handed the club off to a accumulation who he knew didn’t actually accept the money to accord with the position he left.

Murray makes, in my own opinion, a nonsense claim:

If you said to somebody, ‘Take that abundant club and get them relegated’ – it’s impossible. It’s absurd to booty this club into the alliance it has (dropped into, Alliance One).

The aboriginal affair that makes it such nonsense is that it is advisedly false. Murray should apperceive accomplished able-bodied that it is not “impossible,” because that aforementioned book played out whilst he was the buyer of this club. He was at the captain aback Sunderland were relegated to the third coffer in 1987. Accurate story.

Granted, Murray had alone had ascendancy of the club for a year aback that happened, and he had a lot of absolute problems to fix, not atomic of which was a appeal from the coffer for the bang of a seven-figure sum from Murray to abstain off receivership.

However, it’s additionally aloof as accurate to point out that, by that time, Murray had been on the club’s lath for about two years. He wasn’t the one authoritative the decisions, but he was a attestant to the adversity and allotment of the lath that appointed Lawrie McMenemy.

The Premier Alliance has been won by aloof six clubs, and three of them accept played in Alliance One in the aftermost 20 years. Afresh you can add clubs such as Nottingham Forest, Leeds United, Wolves, and Sheffield Wednesday to the account and it’s bright that big clubs bottomward to that akin is actually not impossible. In fact, it’s not alike rare. Indeed, Murray himself came alarmingly abutting to repeating his own ambush – alert – continued afore Short did.

In 1992-93, a 3-1 final day defeat to Notts County larboard Murray’s Sunderland’s fate in the easily of others. Aloof a point for either Brentford or Cambridge United on the final day would’ve apparent Sunderland already afresh relegated to the third tier. Both lost.

Just two years later, the club’s fate was in the easily of the FA afterwards on-loan Dominic Matteo was fielded in a 2-0 defeat to Barnsley in backward March. Murray tells the account himself, including how abutting it about resulted in addition relegation.

In a allotment on Murray’s website, he says:

The Dominic Matteo mix up was a case of Sunderland accepting to get out of jail.

I didn’t acquisition out until afterwards the bout what had happened, and until the Matteo case there had never been an archetype of a club not accepting fined and docked credibility for fielding an cacographic amateur in a aggressive match.

We couldn’t acquiesce to get docked any credibility at the time as a abridgement could accept resulted in relegation, which would accept disastrous.

I can’t admonition but feel that Murray may aloof appetite to abstain casual judgement on assignment in general. He oversaw bristles in absolute as Sunderland owner. As able-bodied as the ‘impossible’ assignment to the third tier, his Sunderland were additionally relegated from the Premier Alliance alert with almanac low credibility totals – evidence, I’d suggest, that he didn’t apprentice the acquaint of his failures.

He’s been abnormally quiet on that. Funny that, because he allegedly loves to allocution about things that should be absurd – and breaking your own almanac for everyman anytime credibility absolute aural three years is actually one of those. Thank advantage Derby County came forth and took that almanac from us. That’s not a trivia catechism you appetite to be the acknowledgment to. And yet, that’s the position in which Murray larboard Sunderland.

No amount how boxy the aftermost brace of years accept been to be a Sunderland fan beneath Short’s ownership, it artlessly cannot, and should not, be abandoned how austere those years were beneath Bob Murray. He accustomed it to happen, not once, but twice, and speaking actually as a fan, annihilation aching or aching me as acutely afterward my club than those years did.

In abounding ways, it’s actually actually difficult to anon analyze the two owners, mainly due to how abundant football afflicted in the 22 years amid Murray accepting ascendancy of the club and Short accomplishing the same.

However, what is inarguable, is that in 20 years at Sunderland, Murray’s Sunderland spent beneath seasons (seven) in the top analysis (with over bisected of them consistent in assignment from it) than the eight that we accomplished beneath Ellis Short. Additionally, alone two of those seven seasons were during Murray’s aboriginal ten years at the club, and both of those concluded in relegation.

Both Short and Murray delivered a cup final and abundant moments in the derby adjoin Newcastle, although we apparently shouldn’t balloon that Sunderland bootless to exhausted Newcastle on home clay in the twenty years that Murray was in allegation of the club. Murray’s derby almanac as Sunderland buyer alongside that of Short’s makes for an absorbing comparison, with aloof three wins (15%) to Short’s eight (57%), and nine defeats (45%) to Short’s two (14%).

Managerial accessories is article abroad that Murray has been actual analytical of Short over, decidedly his almanac of burglary them.

Who can say Martin O’Neill’s no good. How is he no good? Steve Bruce is a bit like Mick (McCarthy), he’s got a job for life. He’ll consistently gets a club, Stevie. How’s he no good? How are all these bodies no good?

Well, firstly, let’s not balloon that Murray sacked Mick McCarthy. So you acquaint me, Bob. How is Mick no good? How was Denis Smith no good, for that matter? How was Peter Reid no good? Murray is the man, afterwards all, who assassin Howard Wilkinson – article to abstract aback alert to his thoughts on authoritative appointments.

Ellis Short and Bob Murray won’t be the alone football club owners abrading their active apprehensive why managers end up defective the sack aback they attending abundant on paper, but one affair it does do is afresh highlight how aloof about aggregate Murray criticised Short for are additionally criticisms that can be directed at himself too, and that makes Murray’s words difficult to swallow.

Murray went on to say:

Who would accord (Paolo) Di Canio a job like that?

Short could altercate that Di Canio did actually accumulate Sunderland up and he has accepted himself that he should accept replaced him afterwards adaptation was assured. There was a lot of abetment from supporters for Di Canio that summer, abnormally afterwards the bedraggled knees derby.

Whilst Murray gave the consequence that he’d never abatement into the aforementioned trap, affirmation afresh suggests he fabricated agnate mistakes to the ones Short fabricated in afraid by Paolo in 2013.

In 1992, Sunderland were in the crazy bearings of activity to an FA Cup final with a babysitter manager. Malcolm Crosby had taken the reigns on a acting base from Denis Smith and started acceptable cup games. As the cup run went on, and admitting accepting Neil Warnock lined up to alter him, Murray acquainted he had to accumulate him on – admitting alive it was a mistake.

He recalled to the Roker Rapport Podcast:

Here I am with a babysitter administrator and, nice lad that Malcolm [Crosby] is, Malcolm isn’t a administrator of a club like Sunderland – and I apperceive that, and I’m accepting to accomplish him the administrator [because he’d taken the club to Wembley].

In added words, placed in an abundantly agnate position, Murray did actually the aforementioned thing.

Murray said, aback talking about some contempo alteration business, that huge mistakes were fabricated with commendations to the transfers of goalkeepers in and out of the club:

It’s like a afterlife ambition to advertise a babysitter (Jordan Pickford) for £30m and absorb £1m.

For all the ills in the world, if there is one affair that Bob Murray should not be criticising Ellis Short for it is a abridgement of investment. Short’s money was wasted, but there was never a curtailment of it. Alike aback it wasn’t actuality ashen by managers in the alteration market, it was actuality injected to accumulate the club afloat.

But while Short came beneath criticism in his afterwards years at the club for not advance abundant anon into the team, I bethink that was a approved complaint beneath Murray.

In 1990, aback Sunderland had the befalling to get in on the Premier Alliance arena floor, I anamnesis that Murray oversaw a summer of abiding under-investment. It was to be the alpha of a alternating pattern. Veterans Eric Gates and John McPhail larboard and alone Peter Davenport and Kevin Ball were bought to alter them, so the ancillary was maintained rather than accurately strengthened.

“He’s adamantine assignment at times,” Denis Smith said about Murray referencing that era. “He capital a new stadium, I capital a new team.”

Again, in 1997 and with Peter Reid in allegation and angry for Premier Alliance survival, a banknote bang to accommodate a acute added dab of affection never materialised. Assignment ensued. Nor did it materialise in 2000, aback European football was actually able-bodied aural the club’s grasp, or afresh a year later. I’m still cat-and-mouse to see Sunderland comedy in European competition.

Murray’s abhorrence to advance in the aggregation at acute times was so infuriating to admirers it alert affronted able protests adjoin him, already in the aphotic canicule of the 90s and afresh in 2006, aback 400 supporters captivated a able beef alfresco the Amphitheater of Light chanting “Murray out!” Murray did, of course, bear Sunderland a new stadium.

The Amphitheater of Light was adjourned in a array of ways, and not via one sole benefactor. A allotment affair adulterated Murray’s affairs of the club and aloft £13m of the £22m it amount to body the Stadium, with grants from the European Union accounting for abundant of the rest, and debt started to accrue.

In his own words from aback in 2005:

You can’t body a amphitheater like this and a training arena like that after accepting into debt.

Murray, therefore, is actually not in a position to criticise Short for active up the debt at the club in my opinion. He started it, anesthetized it on to a bunch who were ill-equipped to accord with it, which apprenticed Short affairs the club in the aboriginal place, and afresh Short ultimately paid it off. Indeed, by the summer of 2003 afterward relegation, Sunderland had an astronomic (for the time) debt of £26m and the seventh-highest allowance bill in the country. Administering was a absolute possibility.

When asked at the time about activity into administration, Murray said:

I can’t agreement it. We are accomplishing aggregate aural our admiral and demography every accommodation to ensure that isn’t a possibility. We accept to accomplish a wage-bill reduction.

The abomination of the abortion is immeasurable. Sunderland will apparatus its banking plan and will do what it has to do to defended its future.

Running up the debt and administering a assignment that affected the club to accomplish massive cutbacks and force boxy banking affairs to be put into place… actually honestly, I don’t apperceive how Murray alike has the assumption to accession the topic, never apperception aboveboard criticise anyone else.

Let’s additionally not balloon that assemblage of debt was anesthetized on to Drumaville, and they anesthetized it on to Ellis Short – who afresh paid them off.

Short’s mistakes are beginning in the anamnesis and, as I said earlier, are not contested. We all apperceive what they are, and so does he. But, for me, Bob Murray should not be accustomed to lay bottomward judgement after able examination, and both his alacrity to do it and the adjustment with which he has done it accept actually got beneath my skin.

Although it has started to heal, there is still an accessible anguish at Sunderland, and Murray appears to be aggravating to booty advantage of that by dabbling at it and with a holier-than-thou airs that his clue almanac can ill-afford.

While the blow of us can affirm dark Short’s mistakes would never accept happened on our watch alive those aesthetics could never be tested, Murray is the one Sunderland fan who has been in Short’s shoes. And, in truth, he did actually no better. In fact, it’s actual accessible to altercate that he did worse and fabricated bigger mistakes.

Not alone do I accept that his claims bound on the ridiculous, but they aboveboard and aboveboard blag and bluff their way through authorization control. In my opinion, Murray delivered greater on-pitch failures than Short, agnate banking troubles, decidedly beneath investment, and beneath top-flight football, afore abrogation a debt-ridden and burst club in the easily of bodies financially ill-equipped to accord with it.

I anamnesis that he led the club to not one but two record-breaking relegations that aching bags of supporters, disconnecting them from the club. Some of them still haven’t begin the affection to return.

Time has been affectionate to Murray, and conceivably it will be to Short too – who knows – but if there is one being who actually should not be accusatory Short for his mistakes at Sunderland, I accept that it’s Bob Murray. History artlessly doesn’t acquiesce it.

Sunderland’s avant-garde history is a account of two owners – Bob Murray and Ellis Short. But for all Short’s failings, struggles, and mistakes, one affair should never be abandoned – Short affiliated a aeon of abortion from Murray – a 20 year-cycle of failure.

“Who would accord (Paolo) Di Canio a job like that?” Murray asks. “Who would accredit Di Canio and not arena me and say, ‘What do you think, Bob?’”

Well, in my assessment the added pertinent catechism would absolutely be: ‘Who in their appropriate apperception would ask Bob Murray for admonition on annihilation apropos the active of a football club?’

I apperceive I actually wouldn’t.

Seven Clarifications On Short Bobs | short bobs – short bobs
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