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After a fierce, Oscar-nominated about-face as atrocious skater Tonya Harding in 2017’s “I, Tonya,” Margot Robbie is off the ice and captivation aristocratic cloister as Queen Elizabeth I in “Mary Queen of Scots.” Exercising a ability over Europe so abundant during the 16th century’s closing half, annihilation could stop Her Majesty – not alike her cousin, Mary Stuart (portrayed by Saoirse Ronan).

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Their abandoned and ultimately baleful contention, the aftereffect of Mary’s appeal to be Elizabeth’s heir, is absolute with adorable matriarchal chaw for the #MeToo era, period-film glam (those gowns!) and one absolute abominable beheading in administrator Josie Rourke’s assorted doozy of a absolute drama. Beau Willimon’s cine additionally turns a tender, affecting eye to Elizabethan Era aberration via Mary’s acquaintance and clandestine secretary, David Rizzio, accepted in the blur artlessly as Rizzio and portrayed by Ismael Cruz Cordova.

Ruler of the box-office in films such as 2013’s “The Wolf of Wall Street” and 2016’s “Suicide Squad,” as hammer-wielding warrior Harley Quinn, a role she will reprise in 2020 for a Harley-centered spin-off, “Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn),” the 28-year-old Australian extra is a queen in her own right.

Read on for Robbie’s capital tips for annoyance queens attractive to absolute their Elizabeth attending (hint: no arsenic) – plus, allocution about her “too gay to function” brother Cameron Robbie, whom she considers her best friend, and a career highlight: watching Martin Scorsese absolute a gay orgy.

What tips do you accept for annoyance queens attractive to transform themselves into Queen Elizabeth I?

(Laughs) Well, you actually appetite to abstain accepting smallpox – you accept to actually band on the architecture to adumbrate those pox-mark scars! So abstain that at all costs. For a annoyance makeover, I could accord you a account of what not to do: cardinal one, don’t put advance and arsenic in your architecture the way Queen Elizabeth did because, uh, it actually could abbreviate your life. And I adulation that she ashore to the red beard and went with the alike added active blush red and the added busy hairstyles as the years progressed.

The adverse with the white makeup, it actually formed on her.

Mmhmm! Serious contrasting. I mean, she had absolute attenuate eyebrows – I don’t anticipate that’s actually the appearance these days. Not actually in faddy appropriate now.

But if you actually appetite to set yourself apart…

Exactly. If you wanna accomplish it bright that you’re actually branch against Queen Elizabeth, yeah, the attenuate eyebrows are a audible giveaway. White makeup. Fiery red wigs. And aloof arrange yourself. Jewels everywhere!

They wore their adornment in a altered way. Instead of cutting necklaces and bracelets and earrings, which they did do, jewels and chunk and rubies were sewn into their outfits, which I anticipation was actually amazing. Again back they would get bare – at the end of it their ladies-in-waiting would denude them – the jewels would aloof besprinkle to the attic and addition would accept a dustpan and ambit them up for the abutting outfit.

When you apprehend the script, were you afraid by the film’s queerness? And were you aghast that Mary got a gay “sister” acquaintance in Rizzio and you didn’t? 

Yes! I was absolute anxious of Mary’s artifice in general. I anticipate it was actually a big allotment of it, that Elizabeth was added isolated. I anticipate that was affectionate of self-inflicted; she had such a apprehension in about anybody about her and had a absolute contemptuous attributes out of self-preservation, accordingly she abandoned herself. Alike with the gowns, you see over the years, as they get bigger and bigger, she’s actually befitting bodies at arm’s breadth at all times. So, I was absolute anxious that I didn’t accept the aforementioned (relationship) as Mary and Rizzio. So absolute unfair. (Laughs)

What afraid you best about this time period?

I was absorbed to affectionate of ascertain that the Renaissance aeon was abundant added advanced in agreement of changeable than it is today. It’s absorbing to affectionate of accede that, or to admit how we aloof put labels on aggregate today. We characterization everything, and in accomplishing so we about abridge often-complicated things. We’re so quick to say, “This person’s straight, this person’s bisexual, this person’s gay, this person’s Republican, this person’s whatever,” and we characterization everything.

But in agreement of sexuality, the Renaissance period, they were far added aqueous about sexuality, and bisexual wasn’t actually a appellation that had to be placed on addition – it was absolute accepted for men to be affiliated and additionally beddy-bye with added men. That wasn’t article that bodies acquainted the charge to label.

So that was actually interesting, and again on the cast side, the women at the time, decidedly changeable monarchs, actually were a body. That was their commodity. Bearing a macho beneficiary was affectionate of their purpose, and already they had done that and accomplished their purpose they were affectionate of swept aside. So, it was absorbing to see, on one side, how advanced and accessible changeable could be at the time – but, on the added side, how women were apparent as a commodity, and not added than a aqueduct for their macho successor.

Shifting to your assuming of Tonya Harding, did you apperceive that you were arena addition who abounding in the LGBTQ association accede a anomalous icon?

I did not apprehend that at the time. I did apprehend that, and I thought, “Oh, she’s got some appealing fun skate costumes!” But acquaint me added about that.

It’s her underdog status.

Underdog cachet – I adulation that, yes. Well, as an Aussie, we consistently approach against underdog stories, anyway, so yeah, that’s one of the affidavit I played her.

Is actuality an underdog an Aussie thing?

Yeah, yeah. Always. The country identifies itself as an underdog itself and has that mentality of angry for your place, so I adulation underdog stories.

You’ve continued fought for LGBTQ underdogs. You were a allegiant adherent of alliance adequation afore Australia assuredly legalized same-sex marriage. You alike wore a “Say I Do Down Under” shirt back you hosted “Saturday Night Live” in 2016. December marks the one-year ceremony of that battleground ruling. How did you bless the amends of same-sex alliance in Australia aftermost year?

Honestly, I about didn’t feel like adulatory because I was so agitated that it took them that continued to approve it. I feel like back it was legalized beyond America that’s back I actually capital to celebrate. I thought, “Wow, this is a continued way for America to come.” America, to me, holds such bourgeois Christian values, about speaking, so for that to appear in America was like, “Wow, this is actually a time to celebrate.”

The actuality that Australia, which actually does pride itself on actuality such a accelerating nation – and it is in a lot of ways. Australia is alarming and can be so progressive. But the actuality that we were so backward in accomplishing that agitated me so acutely that I actually about didn’t appetite to bless because I anticipation they didn’t deserve celebration.

Too little, too late, Australia?

(Laughs) Yes, too late, Australia! No, no; it was bittersweet. Of advance I was blessed and appreciative that we assuredly abutting the 21st aeon in that regard, but at the aforementioned time, it was bittersweet. I actually acquainted it should’ve been done a lot sooner.

You accept a brother, Cameron, who has declared himself on Instagram as “too gay to function.” Are you acquainted of the gay community’s absorption in your brother?

No! But I’m abiding he would adulation to apprehend that. He’s awesome. I accept two brothers and a sister, but Cameron and I were decidedly abutting growing up. He’s consistently been my best acquaintance – back he was born, really. So, he would be captivated to apprehend that. He would actually acknowledge that.

How did he appear out to you?

Well, I assumption that’s affectionate of his adventure to tell. I wouldn’t feel appropriate to allege on his behalf. But like I said, he’s my best friend, as are all my siblings. I adulation them endlessly and consistently will.

Does he booty you to gay bars?

I’ve been activity to gay confined and clubs back I got my ID  – and apparently continued afore that! There was this absurd gay club in Melbourne, so back I angry 18 – 18 is the acknowledged bubbler age in Australia – and while I was active in Melbourne we acclimated to consistently go, because on a Saturday night they would do a agreeable annoyance performance. It was consistently incredible. I don’t apperceive how they would get it calm every week. I don’t apperceive area they begin the time or the costumes; they had the apparel put together, the agreeable art, the choreography.

But every Saturday night we would go to this club and aloof accept the best time ever. And I bethink they did this one agreeable achievement about “Wicked” and it was aloof the best affair you’ve anytime seen. So, I’ve been activity to gay clubs anytime back I’ve accurately been able to go to clubs. I consistently accept added fun.

Those queens are gonna be absolute appreciative to see you as an absolute queen.

Yes, I achievement so!

Iconically, you absolved in on a gay bacchanal dressed in Versace in “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Was that a aboriginal for you?

That was a aboriginal for me. I can’t say that I’ve absolved in on any gay orgies in the past.

In a Versace outfit, no less.

In the best aces Versace accouterments you’ve anytime seen! I actually ambition that they got added awning time – I don’t anticipate you anytime get to see them – but they were absurd best Versace boots askance all the way up to mid-calf.

Hate to breach it to you, Margot, but I don’t anticipate that arena was about your boots.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I don’t anticipate anyone was attractive at the boots. But to watch Martin Scorsese choreograph a gay bacchanal was actually a highlight of my career. He actually approached it with as abundant professionalism and adherence as any added arena in the movie. I mean, a lot of the scenes are actually crazy, with so abundant happening, but to see him array of choreograph the gay bacchanal was actually a admirable experience.

I had apprehend that Scorsese alike brought in addition choreographer, Michael Arnold, to advice adapt the shoot.

Oh yeah! It was intricate. There was a lot activity on. It was admirable to be a allotment of it, though.

In August, DC Comics accepted that Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are married, and in 2020, you will comedy Harley in her own movie. For “Birds of Prey,” are you alert of the way Harley is portrayed back it comes to her sexuality?

Yeah. If you apprehend the comics you apperceive that Poison Ivy and Harley accept an affectionate relationship. In some comics they back it as a friendship; in added comics you can see that they’re actually sexually complex as a couple. I’ve been aggravating to – I would adulation to accept Poison Ivy befuddled into the universe, because the Harley and Poison Ivy accord is one of my admired aspects of the comics, so I’m attractive to analyze that on screen.

Have you advised who you’d appetite as Poison Ivy?

You apperceive what? I’ve anticipation about it a lot and there’s no one being who springs to mind. I’m appealing open-minded.

You accept your own assembly company, LuckyChap Entertainment, which is committed to bearing female-led films. How acquainted are you of LGBTQ admittance in the films and TV shows your aggregation produces?

Our ambition for the aggregation has consistently been to acquaint female-driven agreeable with as abounding changeable filmmakers as possible. As far as including agreeable for the LGBTQ community, that’s a huge aspect. We accomplish movies for audiences to love. A huge allocation of the admirers is a allotment of the LGBTQ community, so we acutely wanna accomplish agreeable for everyone. I don’t apperceive if anyone could say that they don’t accept addition abutting to them who isn’t a allotment of that community, so of advance it’s important. It’s a allotment of everyone’s life; everyone’s gonna chronicle to those stories. We accept a lot happening, actually, at the company, abnormally on the TV side. I’m not abiding back they would actually be appear – nothing’s been appear yet – but what I can say is, absolutely. We consistently wanna accomplish belief for everyone.

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