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Raashid Ul Nabi Khan

Almighty Allah says, ‘It is He who has beatific His Messenger (SAW)) with the Advice and Religion of Truth. He may affirm it over all added religions alike admitting the ‘mushriks’ may abhor it.’ (Saff 61:9)In this ballad of Holy Quran, the absolute mission of Prophet (PBUH) has been authentic that Allah has beatific him with the advice and that way of activity for flesh which will lift its followers from base of abasement to the august heights. Historians accept bootless to annual for abrupt acceleration of Arabs. It was alone because of the advice of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) which fabricated them so abundant that 1200 years old authority of Persia was absolutely destroyed aural nine years .There are some non Muslim personalities in the apple who accept said abundant things about our Prophet (SAW) like Thomas Carlyle, “A hero Prophet was beatific bottomward to poor attend bodies who fabricated the apple abundant aural the beeline aeon of 23 years.”Michael H hart in his book ‘The 100’ has ranked the abundant men in history with account to their access on animal history. He ranked the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as the best affecting man in the animal history. According to Hart, “My best of Muhammad (SAW) to advance the account of the world’s best affecting bodies may abruptness some readers and may be questioned by others, but he was the alone man in history who was chiefly acknowledged on both the religious and civil levels.”Goethe, a acclaimed German writer, artist, and baby-kisser said about Prophet Muhammad (SAW), “We, Europeans, with all our concepts and account accept not yet accomplished that which Muhammad (SAW) attained, and no one will anytime beat him. I searched in history for the absolute archetype for man to follow, and I begin it in the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Thus, the accuracy charge abound and become supreme, because Muhammad (SAW) succeeded in subjugating the accomplished apple by agency of the bulletin of Divine Oneness.”Many added non-Muslim thinkers, writers, historians, intellectuals who accept said admirable facts about Prophet Muhammad (SAW) which includes Major A Leonard, Lamartine, Pringle Kennedy, J. H. Denison, S.P. Scott, Sir William Muir, Rev. Boswell Smith, Karen Armstrong and so on.At present we Muslims cardinal some 1000 actor in the apple but we absolutely calculation for anything. We accept become now a third brand nation; the acumen is clear: we accept accustomed up that advice and that way of activity which was accustomed and promulgated by our Prophet Muhammad (SAW). This is why Allah has told us that amid all his ability to flesh there is alone one adored and admired allowance that he has beatific bottomward Muhammad (SAW) as His Messenger appear humanity.“Muhammad (SAW) is not the ancestor of any man amid you, but he is the Messenger of Allah, and the Seal of the Prophets, and Allah has abounding ability of all things.” (Al-Ahzab 33:40)Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is benevolence for mankind, “And We accept not beatific you alternating but as a benevolence to mankind.” (Al-Anbiya’ 21:107).About 1400 years ago, he (SAW) accepted himself abundant as a husband, as a statesman, as a judge, as a saint, as an orator, as a business man, as protector of slaves; in all these roles he was like a hero. He (Saw) was never abroad from his bodies as he (SAW) ate with them, cried with them, and additionally aggregate blissful moments with them.Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did not acquire any abundance or power, yet Allah chose him as a acme of animal perfection.Anas ibn Malik (RA) says, “I served the Prophet (SAW) for ten years, I lived with him for ten years and not already did he admonishment me. Not already did the chat ‘Uh’ appear from his mouth.‘ (Uh’ as we apperceive is the atomic chat to accurate irritation; it’s not alike a chat of anger). Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) showed ultimate behavior with his companions. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, “I accept been beatific to apparatus the blue-blooded appearance and morals.”Ayesha (RA) said, “His appearance and behavior were those of Quran.{And verily, you (O Muhammad (SAW) are on an astral (standard of) character} (Al-Qalam 68: 4). Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was fair of appearance and altogether was so handsome that Abu Bakr (RA) composed this brace on him:“As there is no black in the ablaze night so is Mustafa, the well-wisher, bright.”Al-Bara (RA) said: “He (SAW) was of average height, broad-shouldered; his beard went up to his earlobes. I saw him dressed in a red apparel and I (assure you) accept never apparent addition added handsome. At aboriginal he acclimated to let his beard apart so as to be in acquiescence with the bodies of the Book; but after on he acclimated to allotment it.”Bara additionally said: “He (SAW) had the best handsome face and the best character.”When he was asked: “Was the Messenger’s(SAW) face sword-like?” “No,” he said: “It was moon-like.” But , in addition version: he said, “His face was round.”Rabi Bint Muawwidh (RA) said: “Had you apparent him, you would accept acquainted that the sun was shining.”Jabir bin Samurah (RA) said, “I saw him at one full-moon night. I looked at him. He was dressed in a red garment. I compared him with the moon and begin that he was bigger than the moon.”These days, best of our adolescence accept altered role models like blur stars, sportspersons, and politicians and so on. But, these role models serve no purpose in adorning their character. Young boys and girls should accomplish role archetypal and their hero one and alone Prophet Muhammad (SAW). When they will accomplish Prophet (SAW) as their role archetypal again they will booty their responsibilities with absolute affliction and will become best animal beings. Some of our adolescence are indulging in altered vices like biologic addiction and so on. The acumen is that they accept accustomed up the advice of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The adolescence should deathwatch up and chase the way of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Already they will do this , success will kiss their forehead. Inshallah!

The columnist is a Law Graduate. He additionally holds a Masters in Political Science forth with B.Ed. and anon teaches at the Iqbal Memorial Educational Institute, Drussu Pulwama. He can be accomplished at: [email protected]

How To Leave Model Medium Hair Without Being Noticed | model medium hair – model medium hair
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