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“Game of Thrones” brilliant Kit Harington has a new look… and it’s annihilation like Jon Snow’s.

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Harington chopped his long, bouncing locks and baldheaded off his bristles to arise in Sam Shepard’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play, “True West,” at London’s Vaudeville Theatre Dec. 4 through Feb. 16.

Although “Game of Thrones” captivated cutting for its final season, Harington intimated to Entertainment Weekly at the Toronto International Film Festival that he was told to accumulate Jon Snow’s attending aloof in case reshoots were needed. At the time, he told EW that he capital to barber his bristles but abound his beard alike best back he was accustomed the “all clear” to do so.

His new attending agency reshoots are allegedly over and Jon Snow is clearly no more.

Last month, “GoT” admirers were abashed back Harington was spotted baldheaded in a video adulatory blessed altogether to Nobel Prize-winning British author Harold Pinter.

Check out his new attending below.

Oh boy ????❤

— Jonerys Targaryens (@JonDanyTarg) November 23, 2018

The eighth and final division of “Game of Thrones” will premiere in April 2019 on HBO.

Can’t get abundant “Game of Thrones” while cat-and-mouse for anniversary new adventure every week? Of advance you can’t. Let this accumulating of trivia, abundant of it address of IMDb’s audacious bandage of trivia hunters, help addled the affliction of cat-and-mouse for anniversary new adventure in Division 7.

Tyrion Lannister has appeared in added episodes than any added actualization — 58 out of a accessible 64, including every adventure in Division 7 so far.

Iwan Rheon, the amateur who played the much-loathed Ramsay Bolton, had advanced been up for a altered role afore he got that part: Jon Snow. Rheon has said it was bottomward to him and Kit Harrington for the allotment afore the showrunners absitively on Harrington.

Word is that alternation co-creator David Benioff originally capital “The Rains of Castamere” to be the affair song, but the added co-creator, D.B. Weiss, talked him out of it. Nonetheless, “The Rains of Castamere” can be heard dozens of times in the series, including versions by The National and Icelandinc rockers Sigur Ros (pictured, in a adornment appearance).

There are alone five episodes in the absolute alternation appropriately far in which cipher dies on screen, and alone two of those — “The Buck and the Maiden Fair” in Division 3 and “Blood of My Blood” in Division 6 — don’t affection any deaths on awning or off. That’s arresting because the above is the adventure in which Brienne fought a bear.

The Roman Emperor Caligula was a atrocious and annihilative adjudicator whose administration alone lasted a few years because he was assassinated for actuality abhorrent at his job. And Joffrey looked a lot like him, anticipation by old statues and busts. Coincidence?

Sansa Stark’s direwolf Lady was asleep aboriginal in Division 1 — acceptation the dog who played her, Zunni, was out of a job. So Sophie Turner, the added who portrays Sansa, adopted her.

The aboriginal division of “Game of Thrones” bulk amid $50 amateur and $60 million, or article arctic of $5 amateur per adventure on average. Alike now that’s a lot for a TV appearance — but HBO has absolute accomplished that bulk and footed a bill of added than $100 amateur for Division 6. You can see area the added allotment has gone on the screen.

Back in the canicule of Seasons 1 and 2 of “Game of Thrones,” Tommen Baratheon was played by a kid called Callum Wharry. In division 3, Dean-Charles Chapman played Tommen’s accessory Martyn Lannister, but he alone got a brace scenes afore accepting stabbed to afterlife by Lord Karstark. And again in Division 4, Chapman stepped into the boots of Tommen, replacing Wharry.

Remember Cersei’s airing of amends in Division 5, back she absolved naked through the streets of King’s Landing and got carrion flung at her? Well, that was some awning magic, because that wasn’t absolutely added Lena Headey’s body. It’s not adamantine to ache with the accommodation — I brainstorm that acting is added adamantine back you’re naked in advanced of a army and accept to accord lots of applesauce … literally.

Remember back Daenerys ate that horse affection in Division 1? After cutting that scene, added Emilia Clarke was covered in so abundant affected claret (which frequently uses adhesive blah abstract as a base) that she got ashore to a toilet.

The aboriginal pilot for “Game of Thrones” was by all accounts absolute garbage, admitting being helmed by Tom McCarthy, the administrator of aftermost year’s Oscar champ for Best Picture “Spotlight.” The aboriginal episode was reshot about entirely, with several new casting associates — including Michelle Fairley replacing Jennifer Ehle as Catelyn Stark. Allegedly it independent a decidedly affected arrangement of the afterlife of Jon Arryn (pictured) as well.

Writer George RR Martin had a adornment in that old pilot as a blue-blooded of Pentos who abounding Daenerys’ wedding. The adornment didn’t survive the reshoots.

When Daenerys affiliated Khal Drogo, Illyrio Mopatis gave her the three age-old dragon eggs that would bear into the absolute absolute dragons we apperceive so able-bodied today. The egg props, however, were accustomed in absolute activity to George RR Martin by the prop maker who complete them.

Few characters on “Game of Thrones” abhorrence anniversary added the way Cersei and Tyrion do — well, Tyrion doesn’t authority about as abundant antipathy for his sister as she does for him, but you apperceive what I mean. In absolute life, though, actors Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey are basically best friends. “Sometimes we accept to abstain eye acquaintance so we don’t able up,” Dinkalge said in a Reddit AMA in 2014.

Gregor Clegane, bigger accepted as The Mountain, has been adapt alert in his years on the show. In Division 1 he was played by Conan Stevens. In Division 2 he was played by Ian Whyte. Currently, the role belongs to Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson. Whyte, however, would go on to an illustrious career as Wun Wun the giant.

When we aboriginal met Tywin Lannister at the end of Division 1, he lectured his son Jaime on bequest and ancestors while skinning a stag (as a metaphor, back a stag is the sigil of Abode Baratheon). That stag was an absolute asleep stag and amateur Charles Dance absolutely was skinning it.

“Game of Thrones” has included, to date, 10 actors who appeared in “Harry Potter” movies. They are: Natalia Tena (Osha), pictured; David Bradley (Lord Walder Frey); Julian Glover (Grand Maester Pycelle); Michelle Fairley (Catelyn Stark); Ciarán Hinds (Mance Rayder); Ian Whyte (Gregor Clegane/Wun Wun); Ralph Ineson (Dagmer Cleftjaw); Edward Tudor-Pole (guy giving a accent in King’s Landing about how abhorrent the Lannisters are in Division 2); Bronson Webb (Will, the guy whose arch Ned Stark cut off in the pilot); and Jim Broadbent (Archmaester Marwyn in Oldtown).

And eight actors who were in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”: Gwendoline Christie (Brienne of Tarth), pictured, Max von Sydow (Three-Eyed Raven), Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Jojen Reed), Miltos Yerolemou (Syrio Forel), Jessica Henwick (Nymeria Sand), Emun Elliott (Marillion), Mark Stanley (Grenn) and Hannah John-Kamen (Ornela).

And eleven actors who accept appeared in the BBC appearance “Ripper Street”: Jerome Flynn (Bronn), Ian McElhinney (Barristan Selmy), Kristian Nairn (Hodor), Iain Glen (Jorah Mormont), Dean-Charles Chapman (King Tommen), Michael McElhatton (Roose Bolton), Clive Russell (Brynden Tully), Anton Lesser (Qyburn), Francis Magee (Yoren), Joseph Mawle (Benjin Stark), Philip Arditti (a goatherd).

“Song of Ice and Fire” biographer George RR Martin has said he absurd Peter Dinklage in the role of Tyrion Lannister afore the appearance came into actuality — and back it was time for showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss to casting the role, no added amateur was advised for the part.

Over the advance of the show, abounding characters accept referred to Jorah Mormont as “Jorah the Andal.” But Jorah, actuality from Buck Island in the arctic of Westeros, is not descended from the Andals but rather from the Aboriginal Men. That appellation was accustomed by the Dothraki in a bit of cultural ignorance, and it allegedly stuck.

For three weeks advanced of the Division 6 premiere, Israeli TV provider Yes created a new acting approach adherent absolutely to “Game of Thrones.” It re-aired the absolute aboriginal bristles seasons, and contrarily was carpeting featurettes and any added programming they could aggregation up that was accompanying to “Game of Thrones.”

Several musicians accept appeared on “Game of Thrones” as extras. In “The Rains of Castamere,” Coldplay bagman Will Champion played one of the musicians at the Red Bells who helps annihilation Robb Stark’s men. In “Hardhome,” the abundant metal bandage Mastodon can be apparent arena wildlings who are asleep by the White Walkers and after adored as wights. And Ed Sheeran popped up in Division 7 as a musically absorbed Lannister soldier.

When prepping and filming action scenes, the “GoT” aggregation took afflatus from several absolute battles in history. The action acclimated by the Bolton armament in “Battle of the Bastards,” for example, was aggressive by that acclimated by the Carthaginian accepted Hannibal adjoin Rome during the Second Punic War.

The face Lyanna Mormont fabricated appear Ramsay during the “Battle of the Bastards” took Cheep by storm aftermost year. According to administrator Miguel Sapochnik, the arena was attempt about 60 times, and added Bella Ramsey gave the “Lyanna Face” in every distinct one.

Unlike abounding antecedent action scenes, the “Battle of the Bastards” acclimated actual few aeriform shots. Sapochnik said this was because HBO assurance rules kept them from application camera drones over horses and people. This gave him the abstraction to assignment about it by cutting best of the action on the arena from Jon and Ramsay’s perspectives.

When it came time to add beheld furnishings for Ramsay Bolton’s long-awaited afterlife scene, VFX accumulation Image Engine originally planned to use CGI to appearance Ramsay’s jaw accepting ripped off by his own hunting hounds. But back they accomplished it, they absitively that the afterimage was too abominable alike for “Game of Thrones” and scrapped it.

The furs beat by characters like Jon Snow and others in the Night’s Watch aren’t absolutely furs — they’re absolutely rugs from IKEA. As apparel artist Michele Clapton told an admirers at the Los Angeles Getty Museum, the rugs were cut and shaved, but were additionally waxed and arctic to accomplish them attending as accurate as possible.

According to George RR Martin, some admirers accept auspiciously estimated how “Game of Thrones” will end. Admitting that’s not absolutely telling, because there’s any dozens of theories of how it will end out there and he acutely didn’t absolutely specify which accumulation of admirers was correct. Still, somebody is gonna feel absolute acceptable about themselves back it’s all said and done.

Hodor is absolutely a DJ. Amateur Kristian Nairn isn’t usually an amateur — “Game of Thrones” is his aboriginal credit. His accepted job is as a accelerating abode DJ. Added “GoT” actors with absorbing jobs accommodate Ben Hawkey, who played Arya’s acquaintance Hot Pie who became a baker. Hawkey opened a bakery in absolute life.

In adjustment to abash leakers on the Internet, a few affected scenes were filmed during the assembly of “Game of Thrones” Division 7. Kit Harington said in an account on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” that he filmed three altered affected scenes accurately at about bristles hours each, accurately back the casting and aggregation knew the paparazzi were cutting photos of the production.

Conleth Hill (who plays Varys) isn’t the alone Hill alive on “Game of Thrones.” His brother, Roland Hill, is abaft a lot of its alarming complete furnishings work. In fact, Roland has won three Emmys for his assignment as assembly complete mixer on the show.

Yara Greyjoy and Jon Snow acclimated to assignment out together. Gemma Whelan told GamesRadar that she’s accepted Kit Harington for years, and afore they were both casting on “Game of Thrones,” the brace acclimated to go to yoga together. She additionally says acceptable an internationally accustomed brilliant hasn’t gone to Kit’s head.

The best big-ticket afterlife arena on the appearance so far, at atomic afore Division 7, wasn’t one that complex accepting adapted by dragons. It was back Arya asleep Ser Meryn Trant in a Braavosi brothel in Division 5. Arya’d had him on her annihilate account back Division 1, and in the scene, gouged out his eyes — article that acutely couldn’t absolutely appear and appropriate a lot of CGI to accompany to screen. Showrunner David Benioff appear that it was the best big-ticket afterlife at South By Southwest in 2017.

You can booty a “Game of Thrones” chic at Harvard. The chic address into the absolute Medieval history that George R.R. Martin and the show’s creators draw on for afflatus for assorted events, elements and bodies forth the way.

Jon Snow was about played by addition amateur actual accustomed to fans

Can’t get abundant “Game of Thrones” while cat-and-mouse for anniversary new adventure every week? Of advance you can’t. Let this accumulating of trivia, abundant of it address of IMDb’s audacious bandage of trivia hunters, help addled the affliction of cat-and-mouse for anniversary new adventure in Division 7.

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