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Third Test, Antigua (day two):England 566-9 dec v West Indies 55-1 (close)

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Paul Collingwood addled his eighth Analysis aeon to advice England aggregate 566-9, with West Indies closing on 55-1 afterwards two canicule of the third Analysis in Antigua.

Collingwood addled 14 fours in his 113, administration 94 with Kevin Pietersen (51).

Jerome Taylor access the stumps of Pietersen and Andrew Flintoff in three assurance but Matt Prior (39), Stuart Broad (44) and Graeme Swann (20) contributed.

Faced with 14 overs to survive, Windies skipper Chris Gayle hit some adventurous shots but fell to Steve Harmison for 30.


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2137: An arresting day’s candid – a about nuggety assault from Collingwood, some admirable cameos bottomward the order, and a actual arresting final hour or so as England’s quicks approved to accomplish adapted into the Windies top order. It’s all set up for a handsome day’s comedy tomorrow – England will be aiming to abolish the hosts afore abutting of comedy tomorrow, hopefully with them still some way abbreviate of the follow-on. Some acceptable canoeing astern on about the claim of Colly… I accept to say, the naysayers were on appealing all-a-quiver ground, what with him accepting aloof hit his eighth Analysis ton… acknowledgment for all the chat, I’ll see you all tomorrow…

2133 – 55-1 Harmisonangles one into the awkward Smith and the batsman fends him abroad for a distinct to square-leg. Snorter from Harmison, the brawl zipping accomplished Powell’s arresting prod, and the Durham man follows up with addition at a actual adapted lick, this time Powell jerking his arch out of the band of fire. Addition accomplished brawl from Harmison beats Powell, but the nightwatchman does his job and survives the final over of the day.

“To Hannah at 2058: Aback I was applying to abstraction Modern History at Oxford I was broken amid autograph a altercation on history of activity – an assay of the authorization systems in American sport, the alliance arrangement of English football, and the canton arrangement of English candid to be exact – and the history of the Bible in English during the 16th Century. In hindsight, I may accept alleged a less-interesting option…”Greg in the TMS inbox

2129 – 54-1 Broad is activity to accept a access afore stumps are pulled. He starts out with a complete loosener, but bound finds his range. Powell stands alpine and pushes Broad into the covers for a brace – not abiding he should accept got two there – and Powell auspiciously negotiates the blow of the over. We’re activity to get one aftermost over in…

2126 – 52-1 Rib music from Harmison and Smith swats him abroad for four. Cook was the fielder out on the boundary, but he’s clumsy to anticipate four. Three overs remaining, what England would accord for addition wicket.

2120 – 48-1 Four block and two gullies in for Powell adjoin Flintoff. Appear on Freddie, accomplish it happen… the big man aeroembolism his aback and gives it his all, but he’s clumsy to dislodge the adamant Powell. Sorry Hannah, don’t apperceive abundant about 17th Aeon Quaker poets, but addition charge accept accounting a book about it, why don’t you aloof archetype that?

2109 – WICKET – Gayle c Anderson b Harmison 30, West Indies 45-1

Here’s Harmison… and his additional ball, a no-ball, is marmalised out of the arena for six. Shades of Botham at Headingley in 1981, “don’t alike bother attractive for that one. It’s gone beeline into the bonbon stall… and out again”. Actually, it hasn’t gone into the bonbon stall, but it has abolished bottomward the road… no, it’s been recovered! Marvellous stuff. Harmison serves up a medium-paced commitment and Gayle has an complete boost and misses. You can’t basin there at that blow Steve – abbreviate afresh and Gayle tugs him abroad for four… AND HARMISON’S GOT HIM! Gayle thrashes beeline to Anderson at mid-off… acceptable bolt actually, that was travelling. Powell is the nightwatchman, and he hasn’t got any clue about his aboriginal commitment – he absent that in the flight and didn’t aces it up at all. There’s a abbreviate leg and a asinine point in for Powell, but Powell survives. Liquorice allsorts from Harmison: a six, a four, three no-balls and, best importantly, a wicket.

“It’s a history apriorism on changeable Quaker poets of the 17th Century. All contributions welcome…! I met addition aftermost anniversary who is autograph her apriorism on the development of women’s candid amid 1918 and 1960 – anxious doesn’t alike activate to awning it.”Hannah in the TMS inbox

2105 – 33-0 I’ve got a complete activity that Freddie is activity to rip one of these openers out afore stumps. He seems to be advisedly aiming for that center groove, and he gets one to fly out of the frying pan and leave Gayle fending at attenuate air. Three slips, a fourth-fifth blooper and a gully in for Gayle, but he gets able-bodied on top of shortish brawl from Freddie and flays him accomplished gully for four. An eight-one off-side acreage for Smith, and Victor Marks isn’t blessed with that – no charge for Smith to comedy at the ball. Analysis my emails? (see Charlie below) I’ve about got time to draw breath.

“You ability appetite to apprehend over emails afore you stick them on the armpit bud. Your man Rich has accustomed you some duff advice there in his Colly stats. We didn’t comedy the Windies aftermost year – we’re arena them now and in the summer. Aback the alpha of 2008 Colly has averaged over 40 with three aeon knocks included. His aeon at Chennai wasn’t on a collapsed clue – alone him, Strauss and Tendulkar managed it and we bowled India out for 240-odd in the aboriginal innings.”Charlie BigPotatoes in the TMS inbox

2058 – 27-0 What’s your apriorism on Hannah (see below), maybe we can advice out? Anderson acid that aisle of ambiguity alfresco off-stump and Smith refuses to be tempted. The Barmy Army are actual able-bodied lubed now, they’re actually giving it some blast up in the stands. Time for a bit of Harmy?

“Re: Mark’s comment- accustomed that he’s aloof denticulate 113 and his position in the aggregation is currently actuality angrily debated, I don’t anticipate Colly’s in crisis of activity bottomward in history as an overrated amateur a la Beckham…”Hannah declining to address her apriorism in Oxford in the TMS inbox

2053 – 26-0 Gayle actual about plays on – not a abundant advance that, a actual acting and agee achievement alfresco off-stump. A bedraggled abundant no-ball from Freddie, he’s actually appetite for a wicket afore stumps. And that’s a abstracted achievement from Gayle, abatement Flintoff through mid-off for four. Freddie hits aloof above the center band active above the deck, and the brawl spits above the face of Gayle’s bat. Flintoff’s abutting brawl actually hits the center band and shoots through at shin height, afore active abroad for four byes. Flintoff gives a wry smile as if to say, “it’s aloof a amount of time…” Flintoff locates the bend of Gayle’s bat with his final ball, and the brawl flies through abstract fourth blooper and abroad for four. Acceptable over from Freddie, but not abundant luck.

2048 – 13-0 Gayle plays a apocryphal stroke, axis the brand too aboriginal and squirting the brawl out into the off-side. Three block in for Smith, who has looked the added defended of the two Windies openers. Adage that, Smith actually played at that one, and is baffled alfresco his off-stump by Anderson. Anderson not actually accepting it adapted so far tonight, they charge somebody acid alfresco the off-stump every ball.

“Geoff – how big are you? I’m 6ft 7in and I apperceive karate. And boxing.”Rich in the TMS inbox

2043 – 12-0 Abbreviate from Flintoff and Smith swivels, one-footed, and misses. But Smith makes no mistakes abutting time, latching assimilate a abbreviate one and timing the bejabbers out of it. Mark, that’s a aberrant alloyed bag of “overrated” amateur you’ve provided us with. David Beckham, definitely, he’s the best overrated amateur in the history of sport, but I don’t anticipate anyone would every allege the added three of actuality overrated. Phil Taylor is God.

“I am academic that the Collyknockers additionally anticipate that David Beckham, Andy Murray, Lewis Hamilton and Phil Taylor are appropriately over-rated too?”Mark in the TMS inbox

2040 – 8-0 Tremendous brawl from Anderson, accepting the brawl to bandage abroad abundantly from the awkward Gayle. That’s not abundant though, abnormality bottomward leg and acceptance Gayle to crumb him to the abuttals for four. Anderson address one in and Gayle thinks about hooking afore affairs out of the shot. Adjudicator Koertzen gives an above-the-shoulder wide. Geoff and Rich – do appetite anniversary others’ addresses? Why don’t we achieve this with some ancient knuckles?

“More acclaim for Colly… a abundant knock. Kudos for Strauss as well, that’s how to advance from the front. I am actually aghast (but not surprised!) that we are criticising the England aggregation afterwards that innings. PS A bark out to the basal of the order. Actually acute for us to advance a aggregation that can bat all the way bottomward to the tail.”Rebecca, Sheffield, in the TMS inbox

2035 – 3-0 Flintoff shares the new brawl withAndersonand Gayle adds one to the complete with a advance into the covers. Freddie gets a bit of ambit into his aftermost brawl to Smith, and he won’t appetite to be abrogation too abounding of those.

“Geoff – aback the alpha of 2008 Collingwood has batted 21 times I accept and bootless to canyon 10 on eight occasions. He has denticulate hundreds at Chennai on a collapsed track, at Edgbaston v New Zealand, on his home arena (the Riverside) adjoin the West Indies and at Lord’s adjoin the West Indies. Collingwood has been capricious in contempo times and seems to aftermath a actual acceptable assault on a acceptable batting wicket every time it looks like we can bead him. I would never alarm him a ‘top cleft Analysis player’ either. Top cleft players don’t account the majority of their runs through clips or via central edges…”Rich in the TMS inbox

2029 – 2-0 Andersonserves up a complete jaffer aboriginal ball, the brawl accepted abroad from Gayle and assault the alfresco edge. Too beeline from Anderson and Gayle flips him annular the bend for West Indies’ aboriginal run. West Indies complete has been amended, 566-9 now, anticipate it charge accept been that Edwards stop off Swann that abashed things.

“I had that omelette and chips you mentioned in the BBC agents canteen at about 1.30am today while on a nightshift. Contrary to Ronnie Corbett’s abandoned slurs, I anticipation it was actually tasty.”Andy McFarlane in the TMS inbox


2025: Some smashing stats there from Tim, and as Geoff has emailed me to say, “who actually is he befitting out of the ancillary that would account runs as consistently?”

“In defence of Paul Collingwood, his aftermost nine Analysis innings array accept been: 135, 61, 25 not out, 9, 108, 11, 16, 1 and 109 not out. In the aftermost three alternation (South Africa at home, India abroad and the accepted alternation in the Caribbean) he has denticulate a complete of 486 runs at an boilerplate of actually 54. What’s not to like?”Tim Haveron Jones, Maidenhead, in the TMS inbox

“Here here, Colly deserves added praise, he may not be blatant but has dust that is abundant bare in our average order. A quiet workman-like guy, but does a arise job for us abnormally aback the chips are down.”Mark, Somerset, in the TMS inbox

“Who knows how Steve Harmison is activity to bowl, he’s like his Newcastle team, you don’t apperceive what you’re activity to get one anniversary to the next.”Sir Geoffrey Boycott in the TMS inbox

2018 – WICKET – Collingwood c Smith b Hinds 113, England 566-9 dec

That’s a blanket ladies and gents, Collingwood swishing Hinds to Smith at abysmal mid-wicket and Strauss calling Swanny in. Acceptable improvement from England afterwards their base in Jamaica, addition nuggety assault from Collingwood and some appealing absorbing little cameos from the England tail-end.

2015 – 566-8 Colly mangles Benn over mid-wicket, and Edwards takes the bolt on the boundary… however, admitting flipping the brawl aback into play, he crashes into a Billericay banderole draped over the abuttals boards and England run two.

2011 – 562-8 Oh, that’s lipsmacking from Swann, clubbing Hinds over long-on for a maximum. Tremendous stroke. Two added from Swann with a assignment into the covers.

“Re Rich, New York.What does an England cricketer accept to do to get praise?! Pietersen in the aftermost Analysis gets 97 and gets slaughtered, Collingwood gets a 100 and gets aged as well! If Ian Bell or Cooky had Collingwood’s canteen afresh they would be world-beaters! Get off your aerial horse and try actuality absolute for once, instead of a archetypal complaining Englishman!”Mike from Bournemouth in the TMS inbox

2008- 553-8 Collygettingcocky now, and he’s had a comb about in the locker and pulled out a about-face advertise for four. Four added for Colly address of a added accepted sweep… actually, that’s four byes. Two added singles and a brace from Colly from the over and England are affable on gas.

“Talking of trenches – actually one S. Chanderpaul charge be salivating at the anticipation of digging-in on this pitch?”Nigel from Trinidad in the TMS inbox

“Chanderpaul is the alone actuality in amid England and victory. If he sticks about for 400-600 assurance it will be a draw.”Pickles91 on 606

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2002 – 541-8 Swann splatters Hinds over mid-wicket for four. Acceptable mindset from the Notts spinner. Two added singles from the over afore players booty drinks. Aggers fancies England will advance on to 600…

1958 – 541-8 Swann is off the mark with a carve to third-man for four. Benn rips through his over, and there’s aloof one run from it address of a Collingwood affluence into the covers. Geoff, I’d accede The Collingwood Catechism is a catchy one. Not abiding about you allegory with Atherton and Hussain – I would altercate that admitting accepting lower averages than Colly, they had to bat adjoin far bigger bowling attacks – Wasim and Waqar, Donald and Pollock, Walsh and Ambrose, Warne and McGrath et al. It was a altered bold aback then…

“I am abiding Rich of New York (see below) agency able-bodied but he should analysis his facts. Colly has fabricated the majority of his runs on pitches that are not accessory to accomplishing so and additionally in situations that basal bodies activate too difficult. For those whose memories go aback that far I put him in the Ken Barrington category, not one for the purists but a fighter and ultimately a top cleft Analysis player. Rich, amuse acquaint me what Nasser Hussain and Michael Atherton averaged in Tests? Sorry for the bluster but I’m a little affronted with this witchhunt.”Geoff Littlefield, Surrey, in the TMS inbox

1955 – WICKET – Broad c Ramdin b Hinds 44, England 529-8

Broad is out, feathering a bolt to Ramdin abaft the timbers. Still no acknowledgment from Strauss, Swanny is activity to accord it some hammer.

1952 – 529-7

Hinds is aback into the advance and Broad paddles him to long-leg for one. Colly aback on strike. Colly, like Pietersen, brand to accompany up his accoutrements in some appearance – he slathered Warne over the top to ability 200 in Adelaide – but this time it’s a adventurous crumb to square-leg for one. That’s his eighth Analysis century, and it came from 186 assurance and included 13 fours. If Collingwood was a war, he’d be the Hundred Years’ War. So ruddy, blood-soaked attritional.

1949 – 525-7 Collingwood gets a full-toss from Taylor and tucks him abroad for a brace afore cartoon a punched seven adamant beneath some copse and through mid-wicket for four. While I was accepting my banquet (omelette, chips, affluence of tom sauce, in a chicken polystyrene container) we were discussing who we’d accept in our “Trench XI’. Collingwood is up there, and Steve Waugh, and actually Brian Lara. Not Steve Harmison though. Never apperception arroyo foot, he’d be holed up a few afar aback with a bender of athlete’s foot.

1944 – 519-7 Four added for Broad with a brittle blow through mid-wicket and he picks up four added with a wristy square-cut. Broad has a advance at Powell and it comes off the braid and acreage in no-man’s acreage in the off-side – he picks up one. Risky distinct from Collingwood and he alone aloof makes his ground, aloof assault the bandy of Nash. Acceptable bit of fielding, and a assured allotment of umpiring from Rudi Koertzen, who decides not to go upstairs.

“Why is it that Collingwood goes out and gets a 100 on a complete pancake of a wicket every time we accessory like accepting acceptable acumen to bead him? It’s actually annoying and will apparently end up blame us up for the Ashes.”Rich, New York, in the TMS inbox

1939 – 509-7 Right, I’m aback afterwards some munch. Abounding acknowledgment to Fletch for bushing in – ambition I’d been commentating on that advance by Broad, that was a plum. Broad gets two for a streaky alfresco edge, and Broad nicks the bowling afresh with a leg-bye. Frustrating times for Colly, who needs eight for his ton.

“With advertence to St Trinians outfits, rather than an age absolute of 25, a BMI absolute of the aforementioned should be activated to all those intending to dress up as academy girls.”Dave S in the TMS inbox

1936 – 506-7 A big comedy and a absence from Broad, who has taken the blast aback off Colly. Broad does eventually affix with a adorable beeline six that raises the 500. Advance of the day. No doubt. Broad afresh nicks the blast off the aftermost brawl of the over.

1931 – 498-7 Beat tock. Area is the faculty of urgency? Taylor hits the centre band and the brawl hardly lifts off the deck. A accolade single, complete with dive from Broad, who would accept been out with a absolute hit from Devon Smith, is followed by one to Colly, who wants some of the blast for himself.

1927 – 496-7 Broad on blast – Colly hasn’t apparent abundant of it aback tea – and Powell looks somewhat absent afterwards an animal attractive swipe. Powell decides the alone adapted advance of activity is to angle the abutting brawl in his bisected of the pitch. Broad pinches a distinct off the final brawl of the over.No abruptness there then.

1922 – 495-7 Taylor does Broad all ends up with an off cutter. Hit that for four. Broad does bind with the abutting delivery, admitting there is a able adumbration of luck about the central bend that contest to the rope. Broad plays and misses at a fullish commitment and inspects the angle as if to advance the acknowledgment lies about eight yards from the crease. A distinct follows off a abbreviate ball.

1918 – 490-7 Colly takes a distinct as Powell continues, while Broad plays an all-embracing attractive drive that finds a fielder. No aberration with a cut advance afterwards in the over and the brawl runs to the boundary. Cracking. He afresh dabs a abbreviate one to accumulate the strike.

1914 – 484-7 In steams Jerome Taylor, the brawl is on to Colly quicker than he anticipates but a baby central bend averts the anticipation of annihilation added than a scampered single. Broad address out a abounding one and England beat over at a blow that does not advance a aggregation blame for a declaration.

1909 – 483-7 Daren Powell aborts his aboriginal access to the crease. Shades of aftermost week. Bigger luck additional time about and we are aback up and running. Colly closing in on three abstracts and England attractive to ability 500 – should be a acceptable session. Colly scrambles a distinct – the alone run of the over.

1903: Ben Dirs has gone to the canteen. Able-bodied adapted I say. Comedy is about to resume.

“Hate him or adulation him, you’ve got to accept that at times like this one has to accord acknowledgment that we accept Paul Collingwood in the side.”Cricketing_stargazer on 606 Join the agitation on 606

“The ‘swog as adjoin to the abundant added banal ‘sleep’?”George, Leicester, via altercation on 81111


1843 -482-7 Nash will booty the aftermost over afore tea and Colly nurdles him abroad for a single. Nice affluence into the covers from Broad for one and Collingwood nibbles Nash to mid-wicket for addition single. Broad defends the blow of the over and that’s tea…

1838 – 479-7 Colly takes a aciculate distinct and Broad is on strike. Nice advance that, shovelling Benn over his accept for two. Benn over-pitches – in actuality that was a full-bunger – and Broad unfurls a willowy, Gower-esque drive for four. “I’ll be afraid if he doesn’t get a Analysis hundred,” purrs Sir Boycs, and Broad follows up with a dent to the long-on fence. England accepting on with it.

“Ben, I like ‘swog’, but I activate it is already authentic as ‘to alcohol or blot an alcoholic beverage’ (urbandictionary.com)… How about slop?”Alex in the TMS inbox

1832 – WICKET – Prior c Chanderpaul b Nash 39, England 467-7

Prior, attractive to put pedal to metal, skies Nash beeline to Chanderpaul at mid-off.Not a bad assault from Prior, actuality comes Broady, who will accessory to accord it some tap and advance England accomplished 500. The batsmen crossed, and Colly nicks the blast with a jab to mid-on.

1831 – 467-6 Prior smears Benn to point for a brace – acceptable running. One added for Prior with a flick to abysmal mid-wicket afore Colly drops to one knee and paddles Benn over his accept for a couple. Bit of air from Benn, and Collingwod is actual about yorked. The chaps in the TMS box accept got some bake-apple block on the go, and we’ve got eight account to go until tea.

1828 – 462-6 That’s bigger from Colly, assault Nash over advanced long-on for four. Nash keeps it bound for the blow of the over, no added runs from it.

“I anticipate England will accept a few overs with the new brawl tonight, they’ll appetite to accomplish a advance afore stumps…”Sir Geoffrey Boycott on TMS

1824 – 458-6 Too abbreviate and advanced from Benn and Prior plays a accurate shot, abstraction the brawl to the third-man boundary. And afresh from Benn, and Prior repeats the stroke… England’s 450 up, and that’s additionally the fifty partnership. Benn spears a quicker brawl into Prior’s pads and the Sussex glovemen nibbles him to square-leg for one. Hopefully this brace will blast on from here, I was actually starting to area out there…

1817 – 448-6 Addition abstracted cover-drive from Prior and he’s attractive in appealing acceptable nick. Gayle, inexplicably, has taken himself off afterwards aloof one over and brought Brendan Nash and his left-arm average blow into the attack. Nash gets a bit of lift and surprises Prior, afore the hosts anticipate they’ve got Collingwood – the Durham all-rounder drives into the ground, and the brawl ricochets off his cossack and into Nash’s hands. Not out, and third adjudicator Norman Malcolm agrees. Dreadful achievement that.

1813 – 443-6 Collingwood flicks Edwards to mid-wicket for one, afore Prior misses out with a aboriginal cut, beeline to the fielder at point. Benn contest through addition over, and there are aloof a brace from it. The left-arm spinner has now gone for 100 from his 33 overs. He’s looked appealing accustomed to be honest.

“Ben, Apropos KP’s batting, TMS accept aloof acclimated the appellation ‘slog-sweep’ again. Isn’t it about time we alleged this ‘the swog’?”John Starbuck, Huddersfield, in the TMS inbox

1806 – 440-6 Gayle brings himself on and Prior and Colly barter distinct afore the Windies skipper drops abbreviate and Prior carves him to the backward-point fence. Talking about Newcastle burghal centre on a Saturday night, Sarah from Bucks has aloof emailed in a adventure about bodies in Newcastle cutting no clothes on a night out. “Scientists appetite to ascertain if Geordies feel the algid or accept added blubbery bark to cope with low temperatures,” begins the story. Romfordians are the Geordies of Essex, Brannigans on a Saturday night in February looks like a annex of La Senza, except, alas, with decidedly plumper mannequins.

How do Geordies adventurous the cold?

1800 – 434-6 Three from Benn’s over afore Edwards drops abbreviate and Collingwood actual about holes out to the fielder at mid-wicket, but the brawl drops aloof short. But the Durham asset gets authority of it two assurance later, slapping Edwards through mid-wicket for four.

1753 – 427-6 Edwards replaces Taylor and his aboriginal commitment is tucked annular the bend for a distinct by Prior. Collingwood gets a attenuate central bend which squirts amid his legs and runs abroad for one. That’s a doozy from Edwards, who gets the brawl to nip aback off the bond and scythe Prior in half. This is appealing arctic actuality now from England, we could do with some tap-taparoo to activate things up a bit.

“Collingwood’s batting is affiliated to a backtalk in elegance. Lots of shuffling, scrabbling and clawing. Truly impressionistic!”Albert in the TMS inbox

1749 – 425-6 It’s Benn to abide to Prior, and the Sussex biffer uses his anxiety and chips the left-arm spinner over mid-off for a candied four. Prior moves to 14 with an affluence to point, afore Collingwood stabs alfresco off and is beaten.

1741 – 420-6 Taylor serves up some button music and Collingwood ends up on his backside. Appealing accelerated that. One for Colly with a nurdle to mid-wicket. Players booty drinks.

“I anticipate Chris Gayle charge be abbreviate of cash, because he’s abashed of actuality fined. Hinds and Benn are bowling their overs so quickly…”Vic Marks on TMS

“Alison, age hasn’t chock-full me bathrobe up as a St Trinians schoolgirl.”Peter (55), Bishop’s Stortford, in the TMS inbox

1738 – 418-6 Benn gives that affluence of air and Prior works him calmly to square-leg. Hinds sets off afterwards it as if he’s affairs a dust cart, that should never accept been two.

“A arbitrary of the adjectives acclimated to call Collingwood’s batting sums up all you charge to apperceive about the man’s style: we accept groping, shovelling, deflecting, slapping, pushing, nibbling, nudging…. Dirs, you accomplish it sound, actually aptly, like he is angry his way above Newcastle burghal centre on a Saturday night.”Adam in the TMS inbox

1735 – 416-6 Collingwood looks to cull and is addled on the thigh – stinger. Taylor raps Colly on the pad, but that was acutely sliding bottomward leg. The Sky cameraman is activity a bit active and he latches assimilate a brace of English roses in the stands. Admirable stuff.

“As Alanis Morissette would say, ‘isn’t it ironic’ that KP will not be criticised for scoring a apathetic 51 (by his standards) and accepting out to a annihilation shot. Compare that with the torrent of corruption he got for scoring an agitative 97 in Kingston and accepting out aggravating to hit a six.” Powerpants in Leeds in the TMS inbox

1731 – 416-6 Prior picks up a distinct with a about-face to long-leg and Colly accoutrements a distinct with a drive into the covers. Bit of amplitude from Benn and Prior rocks aback and slaps him to the third-man fence for his aboriginal four.

“Re: John Snow and the accurate use of his hanky. That wasn’t aloof about a affectation of alone English ‘sang froid’. How do you anticipate he got that astern beat if it wasn’t for a bit of anxiously activated snot to one ancillary of the ball?”Paul in Lancs in the TMS inbox

1726 – 410-6 Collingwood clips Taylor through mid-wicket for a couple. “When was the aftermost time England’s top bristles all denticulate 50s,” cry actually a cardinal of you. Dunno, I’ll try to acquisition out. Adage that, actually Anderson counted as the cardinal bristles in this innings? Bit of lift from Taylor, and Collingwood is addled on the wrist. No accident done.

“Hinds bowling to Collingwood, Analysis candid at its best.”Joel, Birmingham, in the TMS inbox

1721 – 408-6 Taylor befitting things nice and tight. Prior actual about plays on, but the brawl ricochets off his central bend and assimilate his larboard leg. Edwards address one in center bottomward the track, and already afresh the brawl shoots through and leaves Collingwood dark at attenuate air. Classic Collingwood, shovelling the brawl off his pads for a distinct to mid-wicket.

1712 – 407-6 Collingwood has a big albatross now. Edwards is on from the added end, and Colly deflects him to square-leg for one. Prior drives adamantine into the arena and the brawl loops over Edwards’ arch and abroad for one. I should point out to Jon that Tim in Brighton’s animadversion about Chris Lewis, Gladstone Baby and Devon Malcolm actuality England’s coolest anytime cricketers was, of course, a abusive one, authoritative fun of the actuality that to some bodies out there, alone actuality of Caribbean coast agency they are “cool”. Chris Lewis was about as air-conditioned as a cup of hot Bovril – he got sun achievement on one bout afterwards atom his head…

“Ben, never apperception the ‘racial stereotyping’, what about the ageism? At 27 and four canicule I accept now sunk into a pit of anguish at the anticipation I am above bathrobe up as a academy girl…”Alison, arrant into her keyboard, in Ghana in the TMS inbox

“The coolest England cricketer charge actually accept been John Snow. There’s that footage of him sending the Australians addled in the Old Trafford bout of the 1972 Ashes series. Not for him the athrill adhering of team-mates and high-fives all annular aback he took a wicket: he aloof stops in mid-stride, pulls a handkerchief from his abridged and assault his nose.”Felix Rigg in the TMS inbox

1704 – WICKET – Flintoff b Taylor 0, England 405-6

While there was alone advancement that Pietersen’s commitment kept low, that one to Flintoff actually advance through at shin height. Two stumps go cartwheeling, not a abundant accord Freddie could accept done about that. Mrs Freddie and babe Holly had taken their seats to watch the man of the abode bat, they can now backpack the bat and brawl and arch for the beach. Prior survives the aftermost three assurance of the over.

“RE: Matt in Witney, I can comedy the affair from The Archers on an abandoned packet of Doritos bent beneath one of the auto of my appointment chair, if that counts.”Adam in the TMS inbox

1700 – WICKET – Pietersen b Taylor 51, England 405-5

Bottomward goes KP – he seemed to get ashore in his bulge there, anxiety rooted, and he abject a acutely banal commitment from Taylor assimilate his stumps. Big wicket for the hosts, actuality comes Freddie.

1659 – 405-4 Sorry about that folks, I got a bit alloyed up with my 24 hour clock. How does it assignment again? “Heads charge roll,” roars Terry Robinson via email. Bit of advance for Benn there, accepting one to accelerate above the face of Colly’s bat.

1456 – 405-4

There’s KP’s 13th Analysis fifty address of a blow to mid-wicket for one. Sir Geoffrey is ashamed by Collingwood’s run bottomward the angle and his affecting of gloves with Pietersen – “what is that all about?” opines the carefully hands-off Yorkshire grinder.

1653 – 401-4 That brawl from Benn, a aerial full-toss, comes gift-wrapped with a bow and Collingwood slaps him through the covers for four. Colly pushed Benn into the covers for one to accompany up England’s 400, afore KP whips Benn beeline bottomward the arena to move to 49. KP actually cutting about in additional accessory at the moment, it’s been a funny old innings.

“So who was the coolest England cricketer? I’d say it’s amid Chris Lewis, Gladstone Baby and Devon Malcolm…”Tim, in ‘cool’ Brighton, in the TMS inbox

1650 – 395-4 Pietersen looks to ambit Hinds from alfresco off but misses. And Hinds thinks he’s got him lbw from addition sweep, but Adjudicator Harper reckons that hit KP alfresco the band of off, although Hawkeye disagrees. An escape.

1645 – 395-4 Left-arm circuit from both ends now – Hinds on. Not the best chatty activity from Hinds – he looks like he’s got calipers on both legs – but he keeps it tight, and that’s a maiden. Pietersen has a go at Benn, but that’s a accomplished stop by Gayle in the covers. KP does aces up a distinct with a blast to abysmal awning and Collingwood nibbles a distinct to point.

“I feel victimised, due to none of my comments actuality added to this wall. Is it because I am a banker? I apperceive we are now hated added that cartage wardens, Ken Livingstone and acreage agents combined, but all we did was lose a few quid…”Tom, London, in the TMS inbox

1642 – 392-4 Collingwood nudges into the covers and runs a single. KP could accept had a run of his own, but beneath to booty on Gayle at point.

“Casually scrolling up and bottomward through this morning’s commentary, I realised that I could do a appealing acceptable arrangement of the Analysis Bout Special affair tune on my beat scroll-wheel. I admiration if any added readers accept activate themselves assuming awning versions of acclaimed affair tunes on their appointment furniture? And if so, why?”Matt, ‘busy’ in Witney, in the TMS inbox

1639: Actuality appear the players and we’ll accept some comedy in a brace of minutes. The hosts badly charge a wicket or two here, contrarily 600 could be on. Here’s Benn to basin the aboriginal over afterwards lunch… I like Benn, he’s actually cool.

“Just a thought, does Hinds accept 57 varieties of delivery?”Max. Working. Hard. In the TMS inbox

“Michael Holding was the Rolls Royce of fast bowlers. Normally you can apprehend fast bowlers active up, but you couldn’t apprehend him coming, that’s why we christened him Whispering Death…”Sir Geoffrey Boycott on TMS

“Enough of the all this ancestral stereotyping! Aboriginal of all Sam Lyon’s cooing about Chris Gayle’s bristles and how ‘cool he is’ and afterwards on Viv Richards was ‘cool’ (despite his well-reported agitation and frustration) and now adept West Indies quick Curtley Ambrose is ‘so cool’. Can’t salaried scribes like yourselves appear up with any added adjectives to call the Caribbean’s finest sportsmen?”Will Halliday in the TMS inbox

1628: Aloof heard a brace of BBC aliment men discussing activity bottomward the Wetherspoon’s ‘Monday Club’ this evening. I already activate myself bent up in the clamor that is the ‘Monday Club’ in Romford’s Moon and Stars. 80p a pint, but I additionally saw a man – how to put this delicately? – not actually accomplish his ground, toilet-wise. Which aloof goes to show, alike bargain beer has its price.

“Re Conners (1549): You may be activity through a boxy time, but try not to booty it out on Ben. Try to externalise your acerbity in artistic ways… booty a bed-making class, booty up a sport, set yourself on blaze etc…”Adam Freer in the TMS inbox

“Conners, Yorkshire (see below), if I capital affection annotation I’d be afterward this analysis on Cricinfo.”Richie in the TMS inbox

1556 –

Just two singles from Benn’s over, as whisps of smoke from the pitch-side barbeques activate to float above the field. Ryan Hinds is activity to accept a circle afore lunch… KP whips him abroad for a distinct to abysmal astern aboveboard afore Collingwood chops through point for a distinct and his 12th Analysis fifty. Acceptable assault that, appealing fluent, demography aloof 77 balls. And that is cafeteria – 90 from the session, aloof Jimmy Anderson falling, and PLEASE STOP EMAILING FOR 40 MINUTES!

1553 – 387-4 Abbreviate and advanced from Powell and Collingwood slaps him through point for four. Colly gets addition brawl adapted in the slot, but Chanderpaul banned him to aloof one. Shame, that was an afflicted stroke. Oh dear, that’s a full-bunger and Pietersen whip-cracks him to the long-on boundary.

“Re. Kids in the office… audible champ in the appointment annoying awards. Baffled finalists accommodate the HIYA receptionist, aegis bouncer who checks ID on the way out and the guy abutting to me who’s eaten adolescent pasta every day for the aftermost two and bisected years.”Adam R, London, in the TMS inbox

“Any adventitious you can stick to the candid rather than perpetual, inane quips and acquisitive they tickle? Are you accomplishing all the canicule or will we get some affection annotation soon?”Conners, Yorkshire, in the TMS inbox

1549 – 378-4 Adapted lbw address by Benn adjoin Collingwood, but it was apparently sliding bottomward leg. Benn shows some aggression, activity to shy at Colly’s stumps, and Colly air-conditioned a advanced beam that says, “I’m on 42 sunshine, and I’m activity nowhere.” Benn serves one up abbreviate of a breadth and Collingwood nicks the blast with a advance to mid-on.

1546 – 377-4 KP about gives it away, whipping Powell aloof abbreviate of the fielder at mid-wicket. This is a actually cutting innings by KP’s standards – Powell serves up a barrow alfresco off-stump and the above England skipper misses out, afore spinning on his heels and giving himself a actual accessible active off. The bold meandering forth at the moment, KP’s 41 has taken 106 balls.

1541 – 376-4 Colly moves akin with KP on 40 with a crumb to point for one and KP picks up one with a close achievement to abysmal cover. Benn actually giving it some air here, but this England brace actually agreeable to aloof dab him about at the moment.

“As a Friend of Danny (see below), I can affirm that this adventure is true. Admitting my advance to accumulate it beneath wraps, my wife additionally activate this out and we had a ‘retrospective’ row about how I proposed afterwards we’d had an altercation aback we were 19. For the almanac he looks like Iain Dowie, so every cloud…”Stuart in the TMS inbox

1538 – 373-4 A beginning over from the reliable Benn, and Powell has acclimatized in to a bigger spell. That one from Powell keeps a little bit low, but, as is his way, KP makes a adapted meal of it, reacting as if he’s batting on a adhesive in Brisbane adjoin Dennis Lillee. That’s a beginning from Powell, and England are briefly becalmed.

1532 – 373-4 Pietersen whips Powell off his legs for a distinct and Colly nurdles to mid-wicket for a distinct of his own. There’s Curtly!!! The big man’s signing some autographs out on the boundary. That’s some crew he’s sporting, he looks a bit like Tina Turner in Mad Max. What a amateur admitting – so cool, he fabricated Chris Gayle accessory like Frank Spencer.

1527 – 371-4 Acceptable use of the anxiety from Collingwood, advancing bottomward the angle and lofting Benn over abysmal mid-wicket for four. Colly now on 38, Pietersen has belted advanced on 39.

“The aggravation of accessory one of those whooo-laden, beery abode parties is that you’d accept to be secretly in adulation with a babe from the amiss ancillary of the tracks, who hasn’t alike got her own auto and whose dad keeps her on a bound leash, admitting out of 18-carat affectionate affair rather than because he’s a complete bully. This would all be actual difficult to accost with your amateur friends, at atomic until the final arena aback adulation wins out over bank aerial academy reputational matters. To be honest, aback you get to the fair gates, I’d admonish annex beeline to the pub for a pint of adapted absinthian and a bold of darts – it’s so abundant simpler.”Paul in Lancs in the TMS inbox

1525 – 367-4 That’s a doozy of a drive – advance of the day – a abstracted cover-drive for four by Pietersen off the bowling of Powell. Actually don’t amount Powell, he’s bowling with all the animosity of a Johnny Mathis LP.

1520 – 363-4 Collingwood lunges advanced adjoin Benn and is beaten. A blubbery bend for Collingwood, and Benn is accomplishing a appealing acceptable job applying the brakes afterwards some appealing accelerated scoring. That’s a maiden… and here’s some Boy George on the stereo! “Loving would be accessible if your colours were like my dream.” Alike easier if you weren’t banged up.

1517 – 363-4 Pietersen drives astern of square, Nash chases it down, but there are still two runs. Not actually attractive in aristocratic nick, KP, but he’s afraid around, and that’s the capital thing.

“I anticipate Danny from London (1500) was actually afflicted with his angle idea. Sorry to access your balloon mate, but it’s abundant like new parents bringing their kids into the office. They anticipate they are great, but no-one abroad could accord a monkey’s.”Scott, Surbiton, in the TMS inbox

1513 – 361-4 If Pietersen sometimes goes at the bowling as if he’s wielding a two-stroke chainsaw, Collingwood of astern has looked like he’s tooled up with annihilation added able than an electric potato peeler. He’s attractive a little added assuming today though. Windies skipper Gayle brings spinner Benn into the attack, and KP nurdles him for a single.

1507 – 360-4 Danny, London (see below), appear on son, you’re assuming anybody up. Don’t acquaint me, you additionally artificial the bells bands yourself and set the mother-in-law up in a granny flat? Powell gets one to discharge up at Pietersen, and the way Powell’s bowling, that’s a accessory miracle. Pietersen nicks a quick distinct to square-leg, Collingwood sliding in and aloof assault the throw.

“I proposed on the basal of the ocean, whilst scuba diving – application slates and assurance language. Fabricated ‘the kiss’ a bit catchy though… auspiciously it was a yes – able-bodied at atomic that’s what I anticipate she said.”Danny, London, in the TMS inbox

1500 – 359-4 Edwards draws an bend from Colly, but the brawl flies amid additional blooper and gully and abroad for four. Colly drops into the covers and scampers a distinct afore Pietersen plays an capricious attractive cull advance that finds advanced accessible amplitude at abysmal astern square-leg. One for the stroke, players accept a little drinky.

“I’m stood at the aback of the Richie Richardson angle watching Colly advice himself. I’ve not apparent him accessory this up for it for ages. The bigger acclamation yesterday, afar from the Strauss century, was aback a decumbent pigeon came aback to activity afterwards bisected an hour of arena asleep on the outfield. It had been taken out midair by some array of militarist animal in advanced of the stand.” Richard G in the TMS inbox

“I’m all for the St Trinians apparel in the office, admitting with a atom of accepted sense. Perhaps an age absolute of 25?”Adrian in the TMS inbox

1455 – 353-4 Powell gets one to nip aback off the accouter and hit KP slap, blast in the orchestras. KP does one of those toe-stubbing, “that didn’t actually aching that much”, artificial walks appear square-leg. The angle accomplishing affluence of tricks now, although Pietersen does aces up a brace to mid-wicket.

“I met Michael Holding once. It was at Hove during a Sky-enhanced one day game. He was sat annular the aback of the TV truck, capacity bisected a cow amid a bun into his mouth. I shouted ‘Alright Mikey?’ to him and he nodded, smiled and dripped an anonymous booze bottomward his chin. Memories, it’s all we accept left.”Tim, assuming to assignment from home in Brighton, in the TMS inbox

1449 – 351-4 Edwards address addition bonanza in, and Collingwood flogs him abroad for four. Colly is antagonism forth here, and he’s now gone accomplished Pietersen. There’s the 350 address of a nurdle annular the corner.

1446 – 345-4 These are actually the array of bargain runs Colly needs – average blow from Powell, center bottomward the clue and Colly helps him annular the bend for four. “Didn’t addition assurance Powell in Canton Cricket?” asks Sir Geoffrey. “They charge accept the accuracy of a boot…” Signs now of some asperous animation – a brace of assurance accumulate low and shoot through, and KP does decidedly able-bodied to accumulate the additional one out.

“A acquaintance of abundance anticipation he was about to get mugged aback he bought an assurance arena in North London by a topless batty man. The affliction charge accept afflicted my friend’s cerebration because afterwards that day, instead of demography her bottomward to the Thames for a quiet adventurous ablaze walk, he popped the catechism in their bedsit while the Sky man was annular installing Sky plus. Classy.”Harry (in Brixton and off assignment with a knee injury) in the TMS inbox

1440 – 338-4 Edwards drops abbreviate and KP leans aback and wallops him to the mid-wicket fence. Acceptable advance that, was on it in a flash. Edwards gets the balmy bulge and tempts KP with a bumper, which the batsman declines to accept a go at. BUT HE’S ALMOST GOT HIM! Full-bunger from Edwards, KP jabs it back, but Edwards is falling the amiss way and is clumsy to cull the bolt in. Two for the shot, a actual difficult chance.

“Re Gina – Your bang-up alone wants you in that accouterments for one acumen and it is not to accession money. The St. Trinians accouterments is macho fantasy cardinal seven. Activity aback to cricket, Collingwood has been sitting abutting aperture to Ian Bell in the One Aftermost Adventitious Saloon for actually some time. Scratch, scratch, scratch, account a few runs to save your position. If England accept ambitions adjoin the top teams we cannot allow to backpack players who are out of anatomy in that fashion. Accord Bopara a run and see if he is up to it.”Neil Woods, Northumberland, in the TMS inbox

1435 – 332-4 Sir Geoffrey is talking about the abridgement of locals in the Recreation Arena – he reckons there are beneath than a hundred, which is a bit black to be honest. That’s not admitting – Powell drops abbreviate and Collingwood raps him through backward-point for four. And addition – Powell bowling like a drain, and this time Colly yanks him abroad for addition boundary.

“The ‘Bellingwood’ animadversion has affronted altercation in our office. My vote for the absolute cricketer would be Sir Donalchin Larbotharne. Could actually ample the all-rounder spot.”Andy, Oxford, in the TMS inbox

1430 – 323-4 Edwards gets one to chase through and Pietersen plays that uncomfortably, jagging his arch aback and award himself beaten. Added blow from Edwards, and this time Pietersen manages to bulwark it bottomward to square-leg for one. Oooh, this is a awful little spell – this time Colly gets some button music and is hit on the lid. Edwards trots bottomward the clue and gives Collingwood some daggers. Acceptable over that, three assurance over 90mph. Harmison should be attractive at that and beating his lips. He’s apparently not though, he’s apparently account Heat or something.

“If hot toffee booze decrepit off a beanery could talk, it would complete like Michael Holding anecdotic the day’s play. Blessed Altogether big fella.”JP in Retford, Notts, in the TMS inbox

1426 – 322-4 Pietersen nicks a quick distinct to mid-on. Runs for Collingwood, and acceptable ones. Aboriginal he clips Taylor to the long-on abuttals for four and follows up with a cull to the square-leg fence. Heartening. Looks arresting in Antigua, adorable almost. In fact, aback I get to heaven, if actually there is a heaven, the aboriginal affair I’d ask to do is watch a day of Pietersen in abounding flight in Antigua. That, or appear one of those aerial academy abode parties they accept in Hollywood movies. Drinking beer through a carry and activity “WHOOOOOO!” actually loud every now and again. Brilliant.

“If England had a amateur alleged ‘Bellingwood’, they’d accept a actual fair amateur indeed…”Vic Marks on TMS

1421 – 313-4 That’s a animal old advance from Pietersen, who rocked aback and flailed alfresco his off-stump and was beaten. KP picks up a single, and Colly is aback on strike. Addition cutting skew to square-leg, and you accept to anticipate that the Durham all-rounder is on adopted time in this England average order. You can’t accept him in the Ashes series, they’ll accept him on toast.

1417 – 312-4 Big lbw address adjoin Collingwood, but Adjudicator Harper reckons, presumably, he was hardly alfresco the line. That looked a appealing acceptable bark from Taylor to me, on addition day Colly would accept been ploughing a abandoned channel aback to the hutch. Sad to see Colly abrading about like this, because aback he’s in a bit of form, he’s about as common as it’s accessible to be. In fact, if you asked an in-form Collingwood: “War, what is it acceptable for?” he’d apparently reply, “advances in the acreage of prosthetics?”

“The adolescent who says he didn’t realise his assurance arena was meant to accept a bedrock on would be classed as a ability in my book. I wouldn’t apperception bodies cerebration i was blubbery if it adored me a brace of grand.”Finchy in the TMS inbox

“Can I seek abutment from you and others adjoin my bang-up who has put it to the appointment that, for Comic Relief, we all dress in St Trinians outfits. I don’t apperception accomplishing my bit for Comic Relief, but that seems to be activity a bit too far.”Gina in Gloucestershire in the TMS inbox

1409 – WICKET – Anderson c Ramdin b Edwards 4, England 311-4

KP clips Edwards annular the bend for a distinct to long-leg afore Anderson array his aboriginal run of the day with a nudge to fine-leg. Edwards address one in to KP and the fielder at square-leg shows courage to absolute England to a single. Bottomward goes Anderson, feathering a aboveboard bolt to wicket-keeper Ramdin. Collingwood gets a activity with his aboriginal brawl – Edwards address one in and somehow Colly fends one over the gully fielder for a single. Scratchy.

“A acquaintance of mine’s fiancee proposed to him with a Haribo ring, which he afresh ate to allowance the proposal.”Sarah in York in the TMS inbox

1405 – 308-3 Here’s Jerome Taylor with the blooming in his anchor and Pietersen gets his aboriginal runs of the day address of a affable push-drive, through the ambition mouth, and abroad for four. Peachy. Two added for KP with a nurdle to mid-on. Taylor attempts a yorker, but KP squeezes him abroad for a distinct to mid-wicket. Anderson amateur accoutrements to the final brawl of the over. Vic Marks on TMS reckons Anderson bats like David Gower, which is a bit like adage Diana Ross plays football like Maradona.

“Beautiful day in Antigua, dejected sky, the odd white, creamy clouds, and there was no brief rain. Mainly England admirers in, and we’re set fair for a acceptable day’s play…”Jonathan Agnew on TMS

1358: “What’s Jossy’s Giants?” asks Richard Emery from Gloucester. Jossy’s Giants was a kids’ appearance about a kids’ football aggregation in Newcastle (or about in the north-east), written, bizarrely, by hatstand darts analyst Sid “Top Stacking” Waddell. Returning to the complete world, actuality appear Pietersen and Anderson…

“KP came to me in a eyes aftermost night and said that, today, he would hit the accomplished cardinal of sixes of any amateur in a Analysis innings. I anticipate this is a abundant assurance and I accessory advanced to watching the apocalypse appear true. My adherent thinks I ate too abundant cheese afore I went to bed.”Mick, Birmingham, in the TMS inbox

“One actuality I’d adulation to accommodated afore I blast the brazier is Michael Holding. It’s his altogether today – can addition ambition him blessed altogether for me? I’m advancing over to Barbados abutting Wednesday maybe I’ll be advantageous and addition will ‘fix it’ for me. Enjoyed the candid bygone – can’t delay for abutting week!”Chrissie in the TMS inbox

1354: I’m activity to stick my close out and say KP will accomplish a ton from as abounding assurance today. While you wouldn’t accept been afraid to apprehend that the groundsman at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium was a behemothic mole, this clue looks like a annex of the German autobahn. It’s adulate than a canteen of four-day old Rola Cola.

1343: “What’s the acclimate like in Antigua?” asks Jay. Looks actually arch from area I’m sitting and Beefy looks as amber as a nut. The radio commentary’s aloof kicked off, so you ability appetite to get plumbed in, Boycott-wise.

“Yesterday was apparently the affliction captaincy I’ve apparent in Analysis candid for a continued time. Chris Gayle aloof switched off and larboard the spinners on…”Sir Geoffrey Boycott on TMS

“So Dirs – I achievement your fingers are accessible – ‘cos I can feel a KP master-class advancing on. Your keyboard is activity to be smoker afterwards on.”Chappers in the TMS inbox

1341: Would be baroque to see Pietersen and Flintoff giving it some blast on this track. Not generally that’s happened before. Beefy on Sky reckons if KP gets in and “goes massive”, England could accept 600 by tonight and could alike accept time for an hour at the West Indies batsmen.

“Afternoon Ben, am I the alone who fears the affliction for today? We charge to aces the run-rate up appreciably to realistically be on for a aftereffect by Thursday. I abhorrence that either we will not account quick abundant to accord us abundant time to booty 20 wickets, or in attractive for quick runs, we will already afresh bandy abroad a acceptable start. Amuse KP, prove me wrong!”Peter, Castleford, in the TMS inbox

“I’ve waited about four years for England to comedy their aboriginal innings absolutely – I affirm the aftermost time was Edgbaston ’05 – and the one time they do, I absorb the accomplished day on a flight to Minneapolis. At atomic now I’m about in the aforementioned time area as the match!”Joe (Normally Worcester, but today, Iowa) in the TMS inbox

“I anticipate Jimmy ability stick about. Let Pietersen achieve in and off we go, as they say! Five-hundred additional is a charge on this track… annihilation abbreviate would be apparent as a absent opportunity.”Lindsay, Dundee, in the TMS inbox

1329: Andy (see below), you, sir, are a pollyanna. Adage that, Jimmy’s actually a bigger night-watchman than Matthew Hoggard, who for a brace of years seemed to be labouring beneath the consequence he was a world-class batsman. It has aloof emerged that some adolescent in the appointment proposed to his wife a brace of years aback and was blind that an assurance arena was declared to accept a bedrock on it. Does that accomplish him one of the best brainless men in the world?

“Afternoon Ben, I’ve got Anderson in the appointment sweepstake to aftermost 10 added balls. Is that optimistic?”Andy in the TMS inbox

1320: Hello you. Well, that was a bit added like it yesterday, wasn’t it? If Pietersen can address bottomward on this deck, England could be attractive at a complete able-bodied in balance of 500, which would accomplish a nice change…

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