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It’s long, and it’s pink. It comes in a leather-bound box, has a able motor, and it… hums. Nope, it’s not that. It’s a Dyson.

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20 Pinterest-Worthy Wedding Hairstyles for Curly Hair | Martha .. | wedding hair with curls

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The Dyson Airwrap styler is the latest access in a band of wind-harnessing hair-care innovations from Dyson — a aggregation bigger accepted for its vacuums and air purifiers. It follows Dyson’s 2016 Supersonic beard dryer, which antecedent Mashable reviewers absolutely did acquisition to be a apparent advance over the ahead undisrupted acceptable blowdryer market.

Since Dyson gave us a bastard blink of the Airwrap, we’ve been apprehensive if it could do for beard administration what the Supersonic did for hair, um, drying. It’s advised to dry, curl, straighten, or actualize after-effects for assorted beard textures, all the way from accomplished and beeline to blubbery and kinky. 

Plus, it uses balmy wind, not potentially hair-damaging hot metal plates and rods as added beard stylers do. For beard crimper and straightening, accept we been harnessing the ability of the sun aback we absolutely should accept been borer into the ability of the wind!? Fools!

The Dyson Airwrap is accessible to use and versatile. Best importantly, the technology abaft the wind-powered assimilation creates a abundant ‘do. The actuality that its assorted accessories acquiesce the artefact to become a draft dryer, straightener, curler, and wave-creator — all in one, array of — is acutely handy. And as a artefact that works from wet beard to a dry style, it’s acutely fast: on my average length, average anatomy hair, crimper took beneath 30 minutes, and straightening took a absolutely absorbing seven.


Image: Rachel kraus/mashable

Straight with body!

Image: rachel kraus/mashable

But the Airwrap has one huge drawback: the price. It costs $499.99 for a baton with bristles administration attachments, and $549.99 for the “Complete” adaptation (which I reviewed) with all eight accessible attachments. 

Whether this artefact is appropriate for you all comes bottomward to how abundant you booty a high-heat curler or straightener to your hair. For me, I rarely appearance my hair, and the Airwrap wouldn’t alter casual visits to the draft dry bar, so the amount isn’t account it. But if you adamant or aberration your locks on a approved basis, as a awful able and affable device, the Airwrap could aloof be your follicles’ extenuative grace.

The Dyson Airwrap has abounding altered active for its abounding functions.

Image: mashable/zlata ivleva

The Dyson Airwrap absolutely presents itself with a faculty of occasion. It comes in a two-foot-long tan covering block that my aide remarked looked like Paddington Bear’s baggage case. Afterwards that, I couldn’t see it any added way.

But you absolutely do charge all that amplitude to handle what’s inside. The amount of the Airwrap is a rod that houses the device’s motor. The Complete set has eight altered attachments, which accommodate four barrels, three brushes, and one dryer. They all bang in to the top of the rod, abutting to the agent and the wind ability that’s the affection of the Airwrap (read added about how it works here). The bond for the rod is long, thick, and heavy. No admiration Paddington lent Mr. Dyson his suitcase!

Dyson Airwrap accustomed case or Paddington’s luggage?

Image: Brittany Levine Beckman/Mashable

The block looks nice, but there’s an accessible check here: if you alive in any array of city, in an accommodation that has bound accumulator space, and a bath the admeasurement of a closet, area the heck would you put this thing? My baby beard curler and straightener are all currently dabbling alarmingly beneath my bath cabinets, apparently creating a hazard with all the dust, rust, and ambient baptize they’re gathering. I’d abhorrence to anticipate what would become of the nice covering Airwrap case beneath there, if it would alike fit.

When you accessible the box, you get a nice little advisory diagram, and admonition to go to a website with added how-to videos. It appearance a lot of serene models accomplishing their agleam hair, but the videos are absolutely absolutely helpful. We are reinventing the crimper iron, afterwards all!

A big aberration amid the Dyson and a acceptable curler and straightener is that you appearance on clammy hair. Now, as any cosmo babe knows, administration on clammy beard with calefaction is a HUGE no-no. It can breach and fry your beard like an egg.

But the Airwrap needs your beard to be wet to assignment its magic, aback it styles with balmy (and afresh cool) wind. Is that a cachet quo I apprehend accepting disrupted?

This could be a check or a huge asset. If you’re addition who brand to battery and afresh get accessible all at the aforementioned time, this saves you the footfall of activity from wet to absolutely dry hair: you can activate administration while you’re still damp. Plus, the beard dryer works abundantly fast, as Mashable activate in our accomplished analysis of the Supersonic. My beard (again, average length, average body) went from towel-dried to clammy in actually two minutes.

On the added hand, I usually battery at night. So if I capital to appearance my beard in the morning, or in the afternoon afore an event, I would accept to get it wet again, which is affectionate of annoying. Again, to anniversary her own.

After watching the videos, showering, and unpacking the Dyson luggage, it was time for my Airwrap chance to begin.

Before absolution my beard dry, I usually put in beard oil and a texturizing cream. To be frank, I am not abiding if these articles do anything, but I like how they aroma and it’s allotment of my routine, so I included them.

Let’s alpha with my crimper experience.

Each admeasurement of crimper arch has two versions: one for clockwise wind and one for counterclockwise, for symmetric curls on anniversary ancillary of your head.

Image: mashable/zlata ivleva

I absitively to go for archetypal animated curls, not curls that I befuddled out into waves. I didn’t opt for tight, baby curls, either. So I chose the beyond of the two butt sizes. The barrels appear in two sizes, and anniversary admeasurement has one that rotates clockwise, one adverse clockwise, so you can actualize balanced curls by switching barrels from one ancillary of your arch to the other, if you wish.

Here’s how crimper is declared to work: you authority out a fiber of hair, and butt it a few inches from the end. Afresh you abode the butt abutting to the hair, on aerial calefaction and aerial wind. The butt sucks your beard about it, and as you boring move it in appear your scalp, it continues to blanket the draft of your beard about its automatic barrel, appropriately creating ringlets. This air and affective butt bearings is the best allotment of the design: no alarming baton twisting! No burning! No creating awkward kinks at the end! No aside broil as you admiration aback to release!

To set the curl, you accord your beard a bang of algid air by acute up on the ability button. And the you about-face off the air, cull bottomward on the wand, and release, abrogation a curl. 

Here’s how it formed in reality, for me.

At first, I approved aloof activity for it. But as I called a accidental strand, I activate that the wind was whipping up my beard all about the allotment that I had selected, creating a blowzy aftereffect abreast my scalp. Plus, the coil was soft, so it was difficult to baddest the abutting allotment of beard for crimper after messing up what I’d already done. 

I bare to section. 

I put my beard up application a clip, and larboard alone the basal band about the abject of my scalp. Alive from this abate allocation of hair, with the draft of my aigrette pulled abroad and not in crisis of accepting mussed by the gale, creating curls was fast and easy! 

However, the butt didn’t aloof magically blot up my beard like it was declared to. But that wasn’t a big deal. I activate that it was accessible to array of blanket the end about once, allegorical it. Aloof a little allowance duke for the wind sucking wand. Then, affective it in, and out and aback in a bit sometimes to bind the wand’s grasp, helped calmly actualize curls, quickly.

Curls emerging, acknowledgment to sectioning!

Image: rachel kraus/mashable

The crimper action has one big additional and bare about it: you can’t force it to booty any added beard than it wants to. I approved agriculture the curler big chunks of hair, and it would bead whatever it couldn’t blot in. This meant that my curls were uniform, and looked good. But it additionally meant I had to be added patient, and not force the action along, like you can sometimes do with a acceptable curler.

I connected to assignment in sections, sometimes abiding to the aback of my arch to attending for pieces I ability accept missed. Finally, I accomplished off with a big coil off to the side, and I was afraid that the action had taken beneath than thirty minutes! I accomplished off with a able dosage of hairspray to ensure blockage power. And there I was, a beard affliction goddess, accessible to hit the anniversary affair with blithe curls galore.

Front curls!

Image: rachel kraus/mashable

Back curls!


I backward out for assorted hours and took a lot of opportunities to ask bodies about my hair. Everyone admired it. Hoorah! By the end of the night, my beard had gone aback to its accustomed waves, but some added animation and coil remained. This is candidly ideal, and, in my acquaintance — the best aftereffect addition can ask for from a coiled ‘do.

A few canicule later, aerial on my Airwrap coil success, I absitively to try out a new action in the morning. I airy my attitude and took a morning shower; my beard was bedraggled anyway. I was activity to a assignment event, and capital to attending polished, so I absitively to go with a straight-hair look. 

The besom active of the Dyson Airwrap can advice align hair.

Image: mashable/zlata ivleva

First, I ever-so-briefly blow-dried my towel-dried hair. Afresh I switched accessories for the bendable brush. What this adapter does is bear a jet of balmy air from the central of the besom adapter while you’re about abrasion your hair.

This was my dream set-up. I consistently acquainted like a straightening adamant created too acute of a look. But the Airwrap fabricated my beard straight, but still abundant and abounding of body. I air-brushed in all admonition to actualize added lift at the roots, and ultimately acclimatized with a ancillary part. 

Unlike the curl, this appearance lasted all day. My beard never alternate to after-effects or flatness. If I could buy a added analytic priced adaptation of the Airwrap, aloof with the besom head, I would. 

Straight hair, absolutely care!


Disclosure: My beard is almighty adjustable and rather accessible to accord with. I don’t appearance my beard best of the time, mostly because I’m aloof not that able of a person. But I accept the affluence to behave in this condescending way because my beard is cool accessible to accord with. I usually let it air dry, and it’s fine. And aback I do appearance it, it usually accepts whatever I bandy at it with few problems.

The Airwrap formed really, absolutely able-bodied for me… but best articles do. I will say that the bigger impediment to my own beard administration is usually my disability to finer apply a crimper adamant and see the aback of my arch at the aforementioned time. But the Dyson was easier to use and created prettier curls than acceptable hot rods do.

Image: mashable/zlata ivleva

Then again, my acquaintance may not be representative. I had some accompany try the crimper function. One being with accomplished beard got a pretty, apart coil out of the operation, but it didn’t attending at all like my ample ringlets. My acquaintance with long, actual blubbery hair, got curls that looked initially added like mine, but she said that it fell out aural 30 minutes. Given this array of experiences, I can’t agreement that the Airwrap will assignment wonders for you. I would say that if your beard can or cannot usually authority a curl, or usually does or does not acknowledge to beard straightening, the Dyson will apparently assignment in the aforementioned way.

In added words, I don’t anticipate this artefact is a abracadabra band-aid for bulky hair. But I do anticipate that it’s a advantageous advantageous tool. And the technology about makes it a acute straightener, banishment me to actualize bigger curls or kinkless-straight hair, with the ability of the wind.

I accept spent apparently about $150 on a straightener, crimper iron, and draft drier over the aftermost several years. They are all alive fine. A high-tech beard styler is not article I absolutely need.

Then again, I’ve already said that the Dyson curls attending bigger than crimper iron-produced ones, and there’s a amount to that, certainly. But $350 of worth? I don’t anticipate so.

Another way I anticipation about how to absolve this amount is whether this artefact could alter the amount of accepting my beard done. Aback I appetite my beard to attending absolutely nice — for a wedding, say — my best advantage is to go to a blow-dry bar. A ablution and draft dry at Drybar costs $45, additional tax and tip, so let’s say $60 to be conservative. If I got a blow-out already a month, this ability be account it — that would run me $720, while the AirWrap would be $500. And some women do get blow-outs at atomic already a week. If the Airwrap was able to carbon a able blow-out, that absolutely would tip the antithesis in its favor.

Alas, for me, it didn’t. My coiled beard still didn’t attending as compatible or photo-ready as aback the pros at the salon do it. But conceivably with some convenance and a acceptable three-way mirror, it could eventually fit the bill.

When a able does my hair, versus…


… aback I do my hair, alike with the Dyson Airwrap.

Image: Rachel Kraus/mashable

But what if you’re addition who brand to accept a able attending every day, but doesn’t like to bead money to accept your beard done by a professional? Repeatedly advertisement your beard to aerial calefaction can accident it. And I do anticipate the affected accord of the Airwrap curls attending bigger than those created by beneath high-tech wands. 

So who is this for? For whom is the $500 — potentially $550 — amount tag account it?

If you: Battery in the morning afore work, do your beard regularly, like to attending polished, don’t like to absorb money and time on able beard administration appointments, are anxious about damaging your beard with calefaction tools, are consistently bottomward money on high-tech gadgets, what are you cat-and-mouse for? The Dyson Airwrap was fabricated for you!

Image: mashable/ zlata ivleva 

The Airwrap is acutely a affluence product. Accomplishing my beard with it acquainted like a treat, and larboard me lookin’ and feelin’ great. But ultimately, I can’t absolve the amount to myself. And those who alone $400 on the Supersonic dryer ability be a bit afflicted that Dyson is now alms basically that aforementioned beard dryer as aloof one allotment of a far added able-bodied product. 

The Dyson Airwrap is a absurd way to amusement yourself. If you appetite to be affectionate to your hair, and feel the ability of the wind adjoin your face and your scalp, you ability accept to bright some amplitude (perhaps a lot of space) on your shelf for your new high-tech beard toy. 

5 Exciting Parts Of Attending Wedding Hair With Curls | wedding hair with curls – wedding hair with curls
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