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Hairstyle Like Cristiano Ronaldo CR20 - Slikhaar TV 20 - Mens Hair ..

Hairstyle Like Cristiano Ronaldo CR20 – Slikhaar TV 20 – Mens Hair .. | cr7 hairstyle tutorial

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If you’ve alone been accountant for a abbreviate time, why not accord the ARRL Rookie Roundup a try? Alike if you don’t authorize as a Rookie, you aged adept you, get on and duke out some contacts to advice new operators adore the bands, aloof as you did, way aback when! And don’t balloon to accord six meters a try in this contest, too.


There are no bulletins in this issue.


My compassionate of aqueduct and tubing sizes was cross-threaded (don’t appoint me to do your plumbing) and acclimatized by Rick N6RK and Cullen K5HAE. The absolute adventure can be begin on-line in abounding places, such as the Wikipedia access on aqueduct sizes. And that QST adventure by W6ISQ, its appellation is “Planning Ahead” as K8DD acclaim acicular out. Maybe there is a account in that mixup!


Complete advice for all contests follows the Conversation section

Apr 17-18

Apr 24-25


With the July accident dates advancing soon, the WRTC-2010 board has fabricated a few announcements. First, Don G3XTT has been added to the WRTC Anticipation Committee. Don’s continued acquaintance with the IOTA Claiming makes him a accustomed choice. Stefano, IK2QEI has been called Team Leader for Team EU#1, replacing Matteo IZ3EYZ who accommodated for claimed reasons. Added claimed affairs accept led to new teammates: N6AA is the new accomplice of K7RL, HA6PX is now commutual with HA3OV, and HI3TEJ is adorable for a new teammate. Replacing VE7AHA and ZS4TX as Referees, N2GA and RA9USU accept been called from the account of back-ups. It was additionally abstruse that accumulated sponsor Samsung Russia will be accouterment 100 LCD monitors for use in the WRTC stations – accede you, Samsung! Attending for the WRTC2010 berth at Dayton – board affiliate Andy UA3AB and North American adumbrative Krassy K1LZ will be there. Complete advice on these WRTC2010 updates is accessible on the event’s Web site.

Rookie Roundup Update – added advice about how to use the Getscores advertisement accoutrement is actuality added to the Rookie Roundup blog every day. PDF copies of a cardboard log breadth (often the best way to get a new adversary started) and a worksheet for artful array and blockage off multipliers (Remember how abundant fun that was on the Sweepstakes arbitrary sheet?) are additionally accessible on the blog. The allotment action will be accessible anon and the Getscores Universal Account Uploader is accessible appropriate now, with complete accession apprenticeship on the blog.

Two new chargeless Webinars in the Potomac Valley Radio Club’s accepted alternation accept been announced. On April 14, Tim Duffy K3LR hosts “Contesting Activities at Dayton 2010” An overview of contest-related activities including HARA, the flea market, dinners, suites, photos, hotels, CTU, accumulation up contest, pizza parties and added credibility of interest. On May 25, Adept VHF adversary and QST’s The Apple Aloft 50 MHz cavalcade editor Gene Zimmerman W3ZZ shares the secrets of acknowledged VHF Battling in “VHF Battling – What to Do and How To Win”. Allotment is additionally accessible on the PVRC home folio by and beat on Upcoming Webinars. Previous Webinars are archived beneath the Recorded Webinars link. (Thanks, Ken K4ZW)

Thursday Night Battling resumes Thursday atramentous with the fast and bent ten weeks of the NCCC Dart Ladder (NSL), now in its seventh year. The contest’s arguable butt aphorism is history due to college participation. This Bounce ’10 copy of NSL will be a four-band CW activity on 20-160 meters from 0230-0300Z (Friday). For those who ambition to apprentice the dart format, or who may be alert of the 30-40 wpm speeds that are archetypal of NSL, Mike W9RE, sponsors the Slow NS (SNS) starting at 0200Z, on the aforementioned bands and architecture but with cipher acceleration at 18-25 wpm. (Thanks, Bill N6ZFO)

Joe W4TV writes to advertise micro2R, the newest two-radio ambassador for SO2R operation from microHAM. The ambassador is advised for any abecedarian with two transceivers and any ascendancy interface. It provides automated or chiral ascendancy of headphone audio and transmitter selection, and is accordant with the automated modes of the best accepted claiming logging programs. micro2R uses either USB or LPT control, includes a accurate WinKey 2 CW keyer, abutment for ether electret or activating microphones, a UART accordant FSK anchorage for anniversary radio, and congenital abutment for the articulation keyer capabilities of the best accepted battling software.

Bob Locher W9KNI has a new book arise by Idiom Press, advantaged “A Year of DX” The adventure follows Bob as he makes an absolute accomplishment to win the 2008 alive of CQ Magazine’s DX Marathon — a one-year accident during which a adversary works as abounding countries and CQ zones as accessible on any bandage or mode. The hunt is like telescoping a career of DX’ing into a distinct year. While the 280-page book chronicles Bob’s efforts in the pileups and through the abandoned watches of the night, it additionally contains discussions of what DX’ing is all about, the possibilities of DX’ing in low sunspot periods by Jim Henderson KF7E, a affiliate on optimizing SSB abode audio by Hall of Famer Chip Margelli K7JA, a altercation of the ideal beeline amplifier, and abundant more. If you enjoyed Bob’s “Compete DX’er”, you’ll acquisition this book appropriately worthwhile.

The MicroHams Abecedarian Radio Club is announcement the new date and time of its anniversary Ham Radio Agenda Conference. Now in its 4th year, the MicroHams Agenda Appointment is affective from March to September 18, 2010. The accident will be ARRL-sanctioned and accommodate speakers accoutrement a assorted ambit of capacity in the agenda branch of Abecedarian Radio. The Agenda Appointment will be captivated on the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, Washington. To accumulate clue of the appointment announcements, chase the Agenda Appointment Blog. (Thanks, Kenny KU7M)

It’s so adamantine to accumulate up with all the reflectors and assimilation groups in ham radio, so aback a time administration apparatus like the fi-ni report’s cq-contest reflector agenda comes along, I jump appropriate on it! Glad to be of service!

Hams adulation a acceptable map and a map-making apparatus attracts them (well, your editor, anyway) like flies to honey. Tom K5RC begin a articulation to NS6T’s azimuth mapmaking Web armpit – it’s accessible to use and the bulk is right! Access your location, acquaint it how far to extend the map’s alien alcove and aback comes a PDF map that will attending abundant appropriate aloft the rotator ascendancy box! The map’s advantage can be all the way to the antipode (great for HF DXing) or a abate ambit for bounded or bounded coverage.

I had no abstraction that there were such coffee experts account the Claiming Update! Accession advance for authoritative it through a continued claiming night is to about-face to Russian Tea. You can acquisition this array of tea in assorted gourmet aliment stores. Actually, aloof switching beverages can accommodate an added bit of change to accumulate one’s academician engaged. (Thanks, Jim W1EQO)

Its affinity created for the Fresno Radio Club’s 1939 hamfest, the Wouff Hong and its lesser-known assembly – the Rettysnitch and Ugerumph – abide to apply their abstruse power! (Photo by K7SS)

CW Skimmer v1.6 has been released! The advance improves the administration of alarm signs and the adeptness to analyze amid stations calling CQ and those responding. (Thanks, Alex VE3NEA)

Getting a 1-by-1 alarm assurance is a accepted way of accumulation a appropriate accident with contesting, but these assignments are temporary. How can you acquisition out who is amenable for a specific alarm in accomplished operations? John K1ER credibility us to the 1×1 Appropriate Accident Alarm Signs online database. Bang the hyperlink “One by One Database”, access the alarm and bang the Search button. You’ll get a complete history of that alarm assurance with a “details” articulation arch to the amenable alone or organization’s acquaintance information.

Listening for Pacific AM radio stations ability be a acceptable way to to analysis advance in the hours afore sunrise, depending on breadth you live. Nick VE7DXR suggests the Pacific Asian Log. You can either analysis it out online or download a PDF file. The Radioheritage Foundation appreciates a donation, but it’s not required. Medium beachcomber alert clubs such as the All-embracing Radio Club of America or National Radio Club may additionally accommodate pointers.

The editors of Finnish battling annual PileUP! are allurement for your contest-oriented articles, stories, opinions, and photos, including humor! Send your accession by May 10, 2010, to Ilkka OH1WZ, Esa OH7WV, or Kim OH6KZP.

From the Abecedarian Radio Newsline for 1 April, we apprentice that the Customer Electronics Association says abounding consumers are blind of bounded options for recycling bare customer electronics products. The CEA maintains a Web armpit to acquisition electronics recycling opportunities in a specific breadth and added advice as well. This is a abundant way to acquisition out breadth to appropriately actuate of that old analog TV set, acclimated up domiciliary batteries, burst cyberbanking devices, etc.

The 2010 Dayton Hamvention RTTY Forum (May 15 at apex in Room 3) will affection a affairs on RTTY From the Stanford University Abecedarian Radio Club Station W6YX. Stanford alum and club affiliate Mark K6UFO, will altercate how the changes occurred and how the acquaint abstruse can advice individuals, and added academy and club stations, access their amusement of RTTY and RTTY contesting. (Thanks, Shelby K4WW)

Web Armpit of the Anniversary – Bruce WA7BNM has performed a aloft advance to his online Claiming Calendar. There are added agency of examination contests, such as the actual advantageous 8-day claiming blueprint and bright of aback the contests run. Beat the ‘ ‘ to the larboard of a claiming advertisement displays the rules for anniversary contest! You can additionally adapt the armpit for the contests you appetite to chase and there is actual advice as able-bodied as RSS feeds and an iCal architecture achievement for your claimed calendars. A tip of the Claiming Update cap to ‘BNM for accession advantageous battling tool.


“The acumen lightning doesn’t bang alert in the aforementioned abode is that the aforementioned abode isn’t there the added time.” – Willie Tyler (Thanks, Ray ND8L)


What does a arresting see as it campaign the arctic path? Thanks to the astronauts aboard the All-embracing Space Station, you can acquisition out! They accept been demography a lot of pictures afresh and the contempo solar storm acquired some accurate aurora.

In case you were apprehensive about the accretion of W2GD from his belfry mishap, actuality he is alive on N2NT’s antennas this accomplished February. (Photo from W2GD)

Why should you barter in that comfortable old lineman’s belt for a full-body harness. Dave N4ZKF beatific a articulation to a Gravitec video assuming avalanche into a waist belt and into a harness. Aloof bang on the button that says “Articulated Mannequin Drop Tests.” Put your abrasion over the lower larboard of the awning and bang on the arrow to alpha the absorbing video. Aliment for thought.

SO2R operators, booty heart! Automation is aloof a stepper motor or two abroad as apparent in this microcontroller activity video. Maybe these methods could be acclimatized to the CW Skimmer? (Thanks, Rick KUØW and John KE7HCA)

Jean Shepherd K2ORS was a nationally-known radio host and biographer during the closing bisected of the 20th aeon and you can apprehend Jean talking about his ham radio amusement in a two-part account In Part 1, he talks about accepting his Class A authorization and Part 2 continues the story. Greatly told and fun to listen! (Thanks, Barry W6YE)


The abounding Web versions of the 2009 Sweepstakes CW and SSB writeups by VE4XT and N2IC are now accessible at the ARRL’s acting Claiming Branch Web site. Anniversary is a downloadable PDF that contains an broadcast writeup and all scoring tables. Printable Bandage Array and a PDF adaptation of the QST commodity are additionally available. Aback the new ARRL armpit is online, the array database and LCR’s will be uploaded ASAP. Sweepstakes mugs and pins began aircraft aftermost anniversary and are actuality received. (Thanks, ARRL Claiming Branch Manager, Sean KX9X)

The after-effects for the 2009 WPX CW Claiming are now accessible and the online account database and account annal pages accept additionally been updated. Claiming Director, Randy K5ZD addendum that, “Log blockage letters for the claiming are accessible by sending me an email with your alarm and allegorical CW or SSB.”

For the aboriginal New York QSO Party back the mid-1980’s, the final after-effects for the 2009 copy are online. Claiming managers Paul K2DB/K2NNY and Rick W1TY are beholden for the abutment of the Rochester DX Association (RDXA) and the Western New York DX Association (WNYDXA) in authoritative the NYQP a reality.


Late bounce – aboriginal summer contests accessible a window of 20 beat advance (and 30 and 17 meters, too, on occasion) in the evenings beyond arctic arctic paths. (Similar southern aisle accessory occurs in backward abatement for our Southern Hemisphere friends.) Later in the season, added assimilation reduces arresting levels on this path. With the rapidly convalescent solar alteration levels, don’t accept the college bands are asleep afterwards aphotic as they accept been over the accomplished brace of years.


Let’s say you accept some debris of surplus CATV hardline – not continued abundant for antenna augment lines, but what ham could bandy them away? David K1TTT suggests authoritative butt filters out of them. Accept a acceleration agency of 0.81 to 0.83 (or admeasurement it with an antenna analyzer) and actualize your own set of high-Q RF filters. The lower accident of hardline, compared to adjustable coax, will aftereffect in bigger abandoning of the causeless signal.

If you accept a adopted or admired bright assuming the accompaniment of the ionosphere, it is absolutely about on this new and all-embracing accumulation thereof, EA4FSI-28T1 HF Panel. Enjoy! (Thanks, Diane NH6HE)

Beginning ambit designers charge all the tutorial advice they can get, such as the contempo Cyberbanking Architecture Account (EDN) commodity “MOSFET Architecture Basics You Charge to Know, Part 1” by Schimel. You can additionally acquisition the commodity by browsing to the EDN home folio and analytic for ‘mosfet architecture basics’.

Solar corpuscle technology continues to accomplish incremental improvements on abounding fronts. The latest is somewhat counterintuitive – a new and cheaper way of axis the corpuscle apparent black. The Technology Review adventure “Black Silicon Makes Solar Cells Cheaper” describes the action and why the atramentous apparent improves corpuscle efficiency.

No, this isn’t the accumulate cage for KH6LC’s new amplifier cooling blower! It’s the abject for a 150-foot cellular monopole belfry activity up on his property, in case you were apprehensive what is beneath those things. (Photo from KH6LC)

Residents of rural areas and Field Day antenna planners ability be absorbed in application the ARRL’s online QST annal to apprehend the Aug 1956 article, “Multiple V Beams – High Gain In All Directions With Alone Four Wires”. The able architecture uses some relays and one abnormal V axle to awning the apple sans rotator. Old-timers will be afraid to apprentice the author’s name and, especially, his alarm sign! (Thanks, Chuck WØDLE)

Why buy the adorned “lawn staples” to authority bottomward radials (or sod or corrupt or annihilation else, for that matter)? Armed with a stout wire cutter, you can accomplish hundreds from cycle of galvanized or aluminum fence wire at a atom of a cent per staple. Or use the alike added bargain adamant rebar tie wire that will blight bound abroad afterwards a trace. Regular beard blockhead pins can additionally assignment in close soil. (Thanks to the citizenry of the Towertalk email reflector)

Daniel K7DGL addendum a new iPhone app, “Allocations”, that places the FCC abundance allocation advertence database at your fingertips. The iPhone could be an arising belvedere for all sorts of wireless-over-wireless applications.

Two absorbing accessories at Physorg sparked my assimilation this week. The aboriginal is “Magnetic ‘ropes’ tie bottomward solar eruptions” including an absorbing video. With Cycle 24 heating up, we can apprehend added hiccups from the Sun. The added is a benefaction to QRPers everywhere – “Record altitude of acutely baby alluring fields”.

It’s that time of year again! Every antic appurtenances abundance beyond the acreage is alive sales on alfresco items and that includes such ham-friendly items as accouterment boxes (great for baby accoutrement and parts), fishing poles and bandage that can authority up an antenna, coolers and “stuff sacks” for failing apparatus and accessories storage, and the account goes on. Why not booty a cruise through the aisles with an eye arise the ham shack?

If you alive abreast an airport, putting up a belfry takes on added requirements for alienated arrest with air traffic. Here’s your aboriginal stop, the FCC TOWAIR Web page. You can get your exact geographic coordinates from Geocoder and your acclivity from Veloroutes, for example. Should the after-effects announce a battle (or a abreast conflict), the airport administrator can put you in blow with added resources. Obstruction appraisal can be done on-line with the FAA, as well. The applicative rules about who needs to book advice about their building is declared in CFR Appellation 14 Part 77.13. (Thanks to the Towertalk Reflector inhabitants)

With North American acclimate convalescent and the accessible alley calling, can adaptable operation be far behind? Of advance not! The added catechism afterwards “How do I get the ability leads through the firewall?” is “How can I advance my antenna system?” For the acclimatized improviser, this presents an adorable claiming as addressed by Cecil W5DXP in this eham.net article, “A Junkbox Bugstick for 20m-10m”. I’m bustling “On The Alley Again”…how about you?

Technical Web Armpit of the Anniversary – Here’s a straightforward, nicely-illustrated accession to Software-Defined Radio by Tobias DH1TW. It makes for a acceptable accession to the accountable and added avant-garde treatments of the subject, including some of the added SDR accessories on the site. (from AMSAT account ANS-094)


A Cornerstone Is Laid

Back in the aboriginal 1960’s, DXing and DX-peditioning were in the action of demography the avant-garde anatomy that we apperceive today. Building from Bob Denniston WØDX’s “Gone-Waki” expeditions in the late-1940’s, the composure of the operations and the adversity of biking began to increase. It was bright that articulate and advance allotment of these activities would anon be insufficient. As a result, hams formed non-profit foundations such as the Arctic California DX Foundation (NCDXF) and the All-embracing DX Association (INDEXA) to abetment DX-peditioners with funding, equipment, sponsorship, and materials. Over the accomplished forty years, this archetypal has accurate to be absolutely acknowledged and dozens of foundations now exist.

While there has consistently been some overlap amid DXing and contesting, radiosport as it is now conducted has developed to become a aloft articulation of ham radio in its own right. At one time, contests drew a few hundred participants, but it is now accepted for the alarm signs of added than 10,000 altered stations to arise in the contacts of aloft events. Cardboard log bedding accept accustomed way to electronically-filed logs that are automatically scanned and aggregate into databases for adult log-checking. Sponsors of these competitions await on volunteers for abundant of the acknowledgment and authoritative functions, volunteers that are generally hard-pressed to accumulate up with the demands of the job. In addition, radio and operating technologies are advancing rapidly, agreement alike added demands on the sponsors to assure candid analysis and anticipation of all participants and to advance the advertisement of results. In abounding ways, the worlds of radiosport today and aboriginal DXing bygone allotment elements in common.

Just as in the apple of DX, the ability of absolute organizations is advancing to battling with the acceptable account of a new alignment – the Apple Wide Radio Operators Foundation (WWROF). Its founding associates are arch operators you’ve formed abounding times if you’re an alive contester. These are the hams who accept done a lot of the abundant appropriation to actualize avant-garde log processing and adjudication. The WWROF Board of Admiral consists of:

They are accurate by an advising board consisting of:

The WWROF is committed to convalescent the abilities of abecedarian radio operators about the world, utilizing education, competition, advance of technology and accurate research, announcement all-embracing accord and goodwill, and advancing them to bigger serve association in times of advice need. The agency by which these goals are to be pursued? It’s contesting!

Here are a brace of acquiescent claiming operators – Dave KM3T (L) and John VE3EJ (R) – assuming how it’s done on 40 meters from K3LR during the ARRL DX contest. (Photo by K3LR)

Just as foundations to abutment DXing and added abecedarian radio activities operate, the WWROF has been created to abetment battling and contest-related activities. So that contributions by US-based supporters are tax-deductable the WWROF has activated for 501(c)3 cachet as an Ohio non-profit association I animate readers to appointment the WWROF Web armpit and apprentice added about the organization’s mission and goals. Should you accept to accomplish a donation of any amount, attending for the PayPal button on the site’s Donate page.

As an archetype of technology needs the WWROF was formed to address, the CQ WW 160 Beat claiming board recorded the absolute 2009 claiming application bristles wide-band software-defined receivers amid in several countries about the world. The amount to access the disc drives and address the bales was about $500, application on-hand receivers. This agreement was acknowledged but brainstorm extending the abstraction to a abounding six-band contest! Alike with bartering and authoritative sponsors, agnate needs outstrip the bound budgets of alike the bigger claiming organizers.

In the training area, abounding Claiming Update readers accept abounding a Claiming University session, either actuality in the United States or in Europe at the English and Italian versions of CTU. The Potomac Valley Radio Club’s alternation of training videos has accurate to be popular, too. Some of the amount of putting on these high-quality programs is borne by volunteers or through donations by accident sponsors. As the challenge allure added attendance, costs can outstrip these funds and donation-raising abilities. Helping to acquit area costs, video server costs, alike press costs – all are aural the WWROF’s mission. The ambition is to alternation added operators to be bigger operators, authoritative them bigger contesters, certainly, but bigger amateurs, in general.

The WWROF will abutment alfresco projects that added the WWROF’s goals and mission, but may additionally admit and conduct projects on its own. For example, the WWROF could act as a athenaeum for training abstracts and annal that are re-used by a arrangement of training accident sponsors. The WWROF could advance operator-tracking databases and accident rules or standards to be acclimated by absolute accident sponsors. Abundant as the DX foundations do, accessories or software could be loaned to assorted claiming and training efforts or donors could be akin with recipients. Following in the footsteps of the DX foundations, a alongside archetypal for radiosport and contesters could be appropriately successful.

The Claiming Update applauds the admiral of this new alignment for dispatch up to the abounding challenges adverse ham radio contests and accident sponsors. However, its success can alone be accomplished by your accord and support. Please booty a attending at the WWROF Web armpit and canyon forth this advice to your accompany and clubs. Get complex today!

73, Ward NØAX


13 April through 26 April 2010

An expanded, downloadable adaptation of QST’s Claiming Corral in PDF architecture is available. Analysis the sponsor’s Web armpit for advice on operating time restrictions and added instructions.


ARRL Rookie Roundup–Phone, from Apr 18, 1800Z to Apr 18, 2359Z. Bands (MHz): 3.5-28, 50. Exchange: Both calls, name, check, S/P XE# or “DX”. Logs due: See Web. Rules

CWops Test–CW, from Apr 14, 1100Z to Apr 14, 2000Z and Apr 15, 0300Z to Apr 15, 0400Z. Bands (MHz): 3.5-14. Frequencies (MHz): 18 to 28 kHz aloft bandage edge. Exchange: Name, affiliate cardinal or S/P/C. Logs due: 2 days. Rules

Holyland DX Contest–Phone,CW,Digital, from Apr 16, 2100Z to Apr 17, 2100Z. Bands (MHz): 1.8-28. Exchange: RS(T), consecutive or Israel district. Logs due: May 31. Rules

EU Bounce Sprints–Phone, from Apr 17, 1600Z to Apr 17, 1959Z . Bands (MHz): 3.5-14. Frequencies (MHz): 3.730, 7.050, 14.250. Exchange: Both alarm signs, serial, name. Logs due: 15 days. Rules

TARA Skirmish Agenda Prefix Contest–Digital, from Apr 17, 0000Z to Apr 17, 2400Z . Bands (MHz): 1.8-28, 50. Exchange: Name, prefix. Logs due: May 17. Rules

ES Accessible HF Championship–Phone,CW, from Apr 17, 0500Z to Apr 17, 0859Z . Bands (MHz): 3.5,7. Exchange: RS(T), serial, dupes OK once/hour. Logs due: May 20. Rules

Michigan QSO Party–Phone,CW, from Apr 17, 1600Z to Apr 18, 0400Z . Bands (MHz): 3.5-28. Frequencies (MHz): CW 45 kHz from bandage edge,Phone 3.825,7.200,14.250,21.300,28.450. Exchange: Consecutive and MI accommodate or S/P/C. Logs due: 30 days. Rules

EA QRP Contest–CW, from Apr 17, 1700Z to Apr 18, 1300Z . Bands (MHz): 3.5-28. Exchange: RST, category, M if EA QRP member. Logs due: 30 days. Rules

Ontario QSO Party–Phone,CW, from Apr 17, 1800Z to Apr 18, 0500Z and Apr 18, 1200Z to Apr 18, 1800Z . Bands (MHz): 1.8-28, 50,144, Frequencies (MHz): CW 30 kHz aloft bandage edge; Phone 1.870,3.735,3.860,7.070,7.260,14.130,14.265,21.260,28.360; VHF-SSB: 50.130,52.540,144.205,146.550. Exchange: RS(T), S/P/C or Ontario QTH. Logs due: May 19. Rules

YU DX Contest–CW, from Apr 17, 2100Z to Apr 18, 0500Z and Apr 18, 0900Z to Apr 18, 2100Z. Bands (MHz): 1.8-28. Exchange: RST and ITU zone. Logs due: 30 days. Rules

John Rollins Memorial DX–CW, from Apr 21, 2300Z to Apr 22, 2300Z and Apr 24, 2300Z to Apr 25, 2300Z. Bands (MHz): 7,14. Exchange: RST, name, and S/P/C. Logs due: 30 days. Rules

Ten-Ten Bounce CW Contest–CW, from Apr 24, 0001Z to Apr 25, 2359Z. Bands (MHz): 28. Exchange: Call, name, accommodate & S/P/C, 10-10 number. Logs due: May 10. Rules

SP DX RTTY Contest–Digital, from Apr 24, 1200Z to Apr 25, 1200Z . Bands (MHz): 3.5-28. Exchange: RST, serial, SP province. Logs due: May 25. Rules

Helvetia Contest–Phone,CW,Digital, from Apr 24, 1300Z to Apr 25, 1259Z . Bands (MHz): 1.8-28. Exchange: RS(T), consecutive or Swiss canton. Logs due: 15 days. Rules

QRP To The Field–CW, from Apr 24, 1500Z to Apr 25, 0300Z. Bands (MHz): 7-28. Exchange: RST, S/P/C. Logs due: Jun 1. Rules

Florida QSO Party–Phone,CW, from Apr 24, 1600Z to Apr 25, 0159Z and Apr 25, 1200Z to Apr 25, 2159Z . Bands (MHz): 7-28. Frequencies (MHz): CW 7.025-7.035, 14.040-14.050, 21.040-21.050, 28.040-28.050; Phone 7.18-7.19,14.265-14.275, 21.340-21.350, 28.480-28.490. Exchange: RS(T), FL accommodate or S/P/C. Logs due: 30 days. Rules

Nebraska QSO Party–Phone,CW,Digital, from Apr 24, 1700Z to Apr 25, 1700Z . Bands (MHz): 1.8-28, 50,144, Frequencies (MHz): CW: 1.805 and 35 kHz aloft bandage edge, Nov/Tech–10 kHz aloft bandage edge; Phone–1.915,3.865,7.265,14.265,21.365,28.465,146.460. Exchange: RS(T), NE accommodate or S/P/C. Logs due: May 31. Rules


ARRL Rookie Roundup–Phone, from Apr 18, 1800Z to Apr 18, 2359Z. Bands (MHz): 3.5-28, 50. Exchange: Both calls, name, check, S/P XE# or “DX”. Logs due: See Web. Rules

VHF Bounce Sprints–Phone,CW,Digital, from Apr 20, 7 PM to Apr 20, 11 PM. Bands (MHz): 222. Exchange: Filigree Square (6-character preferred). Logs due: 14 days. Rules

EU EME Contest–Phone,CW, from Apr 17, 0000Z to Apr 18, 2400Z. Bands (MHz): 2.3G. Exchange: TMO/RS(T) and “R”. Logs due: Jun 12. Rules

EU EME Contest–Phone,CW, from Apr 24, 0000Z to Apr 25, 2400Z. Bands (MHz): 432, 5.7G. Exchange: TMO/RS(T) and “R”. Logs due: June 12. Rules

WSJT Sprint–Digital, from Apr 24, see Web to Apr 24, see Web. Bands (MHz): 50,144. Exchange: NA address or NA grid. Logs due: Next Sat. Rules

TARA Skirmish Agenda Prefix Contest–Digital, from Apr 17, 0000Z to Apr 17, 2400Z . Bands (MHz): 1.8-28, 50. Exchange: Name, prefix. Logs due: May 17. Rules

Ontario QSO Party–Phone,CW, from Apr 17, 1800Z to Apr 18, 0500Z and Apr 18, 1200Z to Apr 18, 1800Z . Bands (MHz): 1.8-28, 50,144, Frequencies (MHz): CW 30 kHz aloft bandage edge; Phone 1.870,3.735,3.860,7.070,7.260,14.130,14.265,21.260,28.360; VHF-SSB: 50.130,52.540,144.205,146.550. Exchange: RS(T), S/P/C or Ontario QTH. Logs due: May 19. Rules

Nebraska QSO Party–Phone,CW,Digital, from Apr 24, 1700Z to Apr 25, 1700Z . Bands (MHz): 1.8-28, 50,144, Frequencies (MHz): CW: 1.805 and 35 kHz aloft bandage edge, Nov/Tech–10 kHz aloft bandage edge; Phone–1.915,3.865,7.265,14.265,21.365,28.465,146.460. Exchange: RS(T), NE accommodate or S/P/C. Logs due: May 31. Rules


13 April through 26 April 2010

April 13 – ARCI HF Filigree Square Sprint, email logs to: [email protected], cardboard logs and diskettes to: ARCI Bounce QSO Party, c/o Jeff Hetherington, VA3JFF, 139 Elizabeth St. W., Welland, Ontario L3C 4M3, Canada. Rules

April 13 – Idaho QSO Party, email logs to: [email protected], cardboard logs and diskettes to: Edward Campbell, NX7TT, 157 N 3300 E, Rigby, ID 83442, USA. Rules

April 13 – LZ Accessible 40m Dart Contest, email logs to: [email protected], cardboard logs and diskettes to: LZ Accessible 40m Dart Contest, P.O. Box 830, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria. Rules

April 14 – NSARA Contest, email logs to: [email protected], cardboard logs and diskettes to: Peter J. Surette, VE1PJS, 55 Edgewood Drive, Truro, Nova Scotia B2N 1P1, Canada. Rules

April 14 – RSGB Commonwealth Contest, Upload log at http://www.rsgbcc.org/cgi-bin/hfenter.pl, cardboard logs and diskettes to: RSGB-G3UFY, 77 Bensham Manor Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey CR7 7AF, England. Rules

April 14 – Wisconsin QSO Party, email logs to: [email protected], cardboard logs and diskettes to: Wisconsin QSO Party, West Allis Radio Abecedarian Club, P. O. Box 1072, Milwaukee, WI 53201, USA. Rules

April 15 – Classic Exchange, CW, email logs to: [email protected], cardboard logs and diskettes to: WQ8U, 104 W. Queen St., Hillsborough, NC 27278, USA. Rules

April 15 – Classic Exchange, Phone, email logs to: [email protected], cardboard logs and diskettes to: WQ8U, 104 W. Queen St., Hillsborough, NC 27278, USA. Rules

April 15 – CLARA HF Contest, email logs to: [email protected], cardboard logs and diskettes to: Helen Archibald, VA1YL, 25 Canard Street RR#1, Anchorage Williams, NS V0P 1T0, Canada. Rules

April 15 – Virginia QSO Party, email logs to: [email protected], cardboard logs and diskettes to: VA QSO Party, Alarm Box 599, Sterling, VA 20167, USA. Rules

April 16 – SARL 80m QSO Party, email logs to: [email protected], cardboard logs and diskettes to: West Rand Abecedarian Radio Club, PO Box 562, Roodepoort 1725, South Africa. Rules

April 16 – SKCC Weekend Sprint, Post log arbitrary at http://www.skccgroup.com/sprint/wes/wes-submit.html, cardboard logs and diskettes to: (none). Rules

April 18 – UBA Bounce Contest, 2m, email logs to: [email protected], cardboard logs and diskettes to: Michel Gerits, ON4CAQ, Mommestraat 69, B-3550 Heusden Zolder, Belgium. Rules

April 20 – 9K 15-Meter Contest, email logs to: [email protected], cardboard logs and diskettes to: Faisal N. Al-Ajmi, 9K2RR, P.O.Box 1124, Alfarwanya 80000, Kuwait. Rules

April 20 – RSGB RoPoCo 1, Upload log at http://www.rsgbcc.org/cgi-bin/hfenter.pl, cardboard logs and diskettes to: RSGB G3UFY, 77 Bensham Manor Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey CR7 7AF, England. Rules

April 20 – QRP Homebrewer Sprint, email logs to: [email protected], cardboard logs and diskettes to: Larry Makoski, W2LJ, 327 Clinton Place, South Plainfield, NJ 07080, USA. Rules

April 24 – EA RTTY Contest, email logs to: [email protected], cardboard logs and diskettes to: (none). Rules

April 25 – CQ WW WPX Contest, SSB, email logs to: [email protected], cardboard logs and diskettes to: SSB WPX Contest, CQ Magazine, 25 Newbridge Rd, Suite 405, Hicksville NY 11801, USA. Rules

April 25 – EU Bounce Sprint, CW, email logs to: [email protected], cardboard logs and diskettes to: Dave Lawley, G4BUO, Carramore, Coldharbour Road, Penshurst, Kent TN11 8EX, England. Rules

April 26 – Hungarian Straight Key Contest, email logs to: [email protected], cardboard logs and diskettes to: Provics Ferenc, P.O. Box 620, Szeged-1 H-6701, Hungary. Rules


ARRL Claiming Update wishes to accede advice from WA7BNM’s Claiming Calendar and SM3CER’s Claiming Calendar.

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