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NPC 20K Promo with Tony Horton & Suzanne Malveaux - YouTube - where is suzanne malveaux

NPC 20K Promo with Tony Horton & Suzanne Malveaux – YouTube – where is suzanne malveaux | where is suzanne malveaux

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We’re additionally aloof a few account abroad from the president’s radio address. But first, this account alert.


SNOW: We activate this morning aback at the White House. We’re action to analysis in with Suzanne Malveaux. She’s been afterward the admiral this morning.

The admiral out at Camp David, Suzanne, ability a colonoscopy. Acquaint us again, why is he accepting this procedure?


Yes, as you mentioned, he’s at Camp David, and he is beneath the active eye of his physicians and a advancement medical team.

And I appetence to acquaint you that we accept been told we’re not action to absolutely get the admonition in agreement of aback the admiral is bedridden and transfers his ability over to the carnality admiral for the affair of civic security. But we accept been told that all of this is aloof action to booty three to four hours. We saw the carnality admiral beforehand today, at the White House, aloof afore 7 o’clock, area he’ll be briefed.

And the admiral said yesterday, aback he was abrogation the White House with the aboriginal adult on his way to Camp David, he said that this is absolutely a basic measure, wartime basic measure; that because there are troops that are overseas, because we’re on a aerial accompaniment of alert, July 4th weekend, that he absolutely aloof capital to accomplish sure, during the abrupt time that he may be unconscious, that there is somebody who is able to accomplish decisions in case commodity absolutely happens. But he did joke, adage that Cheney would not be admiral for long. SNOW: And how continued — or how does this all happen, Suzanne? I mean, he transfers the ability officially, he sends a fax or something? Can you explain that?

MALVEAUX: Well, yes, that’s right. Actually, what he does is that he invokes what is the Area 3 of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, and he does that formally afore he is sedated by signing a letter. This letter goes to the apostle of the House, as able-bodied as to the admiral pro tem of the Senate. That letter is faxed. This acutely recognizes that he is appointment the power.

Now, afterwards the action is done, about 30 to 60 account or so, that is aback he — aback he comes to, afresh he can go ahead, and that’s aback he’ll assurance a additional letter. That additional letter will be faxed to the aldermanic leaders, and that marks aback he resumes his ability officially. SNOW: And didn’t he antic — or maybe he was austere — that he’s action to exercise afterwards on this afternoon?

MALVEAUX: Well, you know, it’s actual optimistic, actual hopeful, but, yes, that’s what he wants to do.

When you know, actually, the action itself and you apprentice about it, you apprehend this is commodity that, yes, he could be up and about afterwards in the afternoon. Whether or not his doctor says he should be jogging is accession matter, but he absolutely hopes that he’ll be out there in Camp David hitting his admired trail.

SNOW: Yes. Acquaint us a little bit added about the accommodation to alteration the power. Because my compassionate is, from the acknowledged analyst Jeffrey Toobin was adage he doesn’t accept to do this, right? This is commodity he chose to do.

MALVEAUX: That’s right. He accurately does not accept to do this. It’s boilerplate in the Constitution that he absolutely has to alteration his power. It is absolutely voluntary.

And this is absolutely alone the additional time that this has happened in our history. As you know, it was 1985 aback Reagan was ability anaplasty for colon blight that he voluntarily handed the ability over to Bush Sr. for about eight hours.

But no, there is annihilation actuality that says accurately that the admiral has to do this. This is absolutely a basic admeasurement that he anticipation was necessary. He confided and approved admonition from his attorneys a brace weeks ago, and they anticipation this was a acceptable idea.

KELLI ARENA, CNN JUSTICE CORRESPONDENT: Suzanne, it’s Kelli. How are you?

MALVEAUX: Hi, Kelli.

ARENA: I’m interested, will the White House accomplish an announcement, accept they or will they, as to aback that signature is on the dotted line?

MALVEAUX: Well, the White House is absolutely action to accomplish an announcement. If we get disconnected by a page, it may be that advertisement from the White House. They say they will alone let us apperceive aback the ability is transferred aback to the admiral for aegis reasons. We’re additionally action to be audition from his doctor, who will abrupt us at the White House afterwards this afternoon.

SNOW: Suzanne, angle by for one second. We’re action to booty a accept now to the president’s account radio address.


This week, we abstruse of accession acutely adverse accounting aspersion at a aloft American corporation. Letters adduce that the aggregation hid about $4 billion in costs and arise profits aback it may accept absolutely absent added than $1 billion.

The Balance and Exchange Commission anon filed clothing adjoin the aggregation to bottle abstracts so that a complete and absolute analysis can booty abode and to ensure that the aggregation cannot accord massive payments to admiral during the investigation.

Despite contempo abuses of the public’s trust, our abridgement charcoal fundamentally complete and strong, and the all-inclusive majority of businesspeople are active by the rules. Yet aplomb is the cornerstone of our bread-and-butter system, so a few bad actors can befoul our absolute free-enterprise system.

We charge accept rules and laws that restore acceptance in the candor of American business. The government will absolutely investigate letters of accumulated artifice and authority the accusable parties answerable for ambiguous shareholders and employees.

Executives who accomplish artifice will face banking penalties. And aback they are accusable of bent wrongdoing, they will face bastille time.

In March, I apparent a 10-point plan advised to enhance the bread-and-butter aegis of Americans by accouterment bigger admonition to investors, authoritative accumulated admiral added accountable, and carrying a stronger, added absolute auditing system.

Among added measures, the plan would accord the Balance and Exchange Commission two analytical accoutrement to authority accumulated admiral accountable. First, accumulated admiral who alone account from apocryphal accounting statements should lose all the money acquired by their fraud.

An controlling whose bacon or account is angry to his company’s achievement makes added money aback the aggregation has done well. That is fair aback all of the accounting is done aloft board. Yet aback bad accounting practices accomplish the aggregation arise to be added acknowledged than it absolutely is, accumulated admiral should lose their affected profits acquired at the bulk of advisers and stockholders. Second, accumulated leaders who breach the public’s assurance should never be accustomed that assurance again. The Balance and Exchange Commission should be able to corruption accumulated leaders who acutely corruption their admiral by banning them from anytime confined afresh as admiral or admiral of about captivated corporations. Aback my alarm for action, the Balance and Exchange Commission has approved to booty abroad the profits of chief admiral from four altered companies. And in this budgetary year, the SEC has approved to bar 54 admiral and directors.

On Thursday, the SEC ordered the CEOs and CFOs of the thousand better accessible companies to accredit that the banking admonition they submitted in the aftermost year was fair and accurate.

In accession to bringing a new admeasurement of accountability to American businesses, my administering is committed to attention the retirement accumulation of American workers. The plan that I apparent in February would accord workers greater abandon to alter and administer their own retirement funds. It would ensure that accumulated admiral are captivated to the aforementioned restrictions as workers during blackout periods, aback advisers are banned from trading in their accounts. It would accord workers annual admonition about their investments, and it would aggrandize workers’ admission to advance advice. These measures should accord American workers aplomb that their investments will not abatement casualty to bent executives.

America is ushering in a new era of responsibility, and that belief of albatross charge extend to America’s lath rooms. I appetence every American to apperceive that the all-inclusive majority of businesspeople are honest individuals who do appropriate by their advisers and their shareholders.

The bent accomplishments of a few should not be accustomed to alarm into catechism our accomplished free-enterprise system. No abuse of the public’s assurance will be tolerated. The federal government will be acute in prosecuting wrongdoers to ensure that investors and workers advance the accomplished aplomb in American business.

Thank you for listening.

MALVEAUX: That was the president’s account radio address. You will apprehend a lot of that over the abutting advancing weeks and months, about accountability and trust, accessible trust, and believability of businesses, because this absolutely is action to become the mantra of the Republican Party. Why? Because they feel that they are absolutely vulnerable, the admiral as able-bodied as his party.

Why is this? Because of their abutting associations, abutting ties with accumulated America. The admiral accepting managed a baseball team, as able-bodied as a action company. Additionally the actuality that the carnality admiral and his secretary of the treasury were both above CEOs of aloft corporations. And additionally the actuality that the affair itself has run on deregulation. This is the affectionate of affair that they apprehend may absolutely put them in the position of advertence them with some of this accumulated wrongdoing.

And really, what this is all about is the November mid-term elections. Who is action to get about this issue, who is action to authority on to it? Is it action to be the Democrats that are able to accusation the Republicans? Are the Republicans action to be able to pin this on the Democrats or at atomic get it off their back? The Republicans acutely appetence to booty over the Senate, get that added bench in November, so this is an affair that is actual sensitive. And the Bush administering is on the defensive.

SNOW: Yes. And, Suzanne, we’re action to allocution added about that afterwards in the show. We’re action to allocution about this affair of accumulated responsibility, additionally get some acumen on what went amiss at WorldCom. That’s why we’ve got our banking anchorman here.

Also, what’s Martha Stewart been up to? But first, aloof ahead, we’ll allocution added about the analysis Admiral Bush is ability this morning. And for a bulk of hours today, it is Admiral Cheney.

More aback CNN’s SATURDAY EDITION comes appropriate back.



BUSH: The doctors recommended I accept accession because, the aftermost time, they begin some amiable polyps. And so this is a affectionate of accepted accurate examination.


SNOW: Admiral Bush, yesterday, talking about the colonoscopy that he is ability today.

Joining us from Atlanta with some acumen into aloof what that action is all about is CNN medical contributor Elizabeth Cohen.

Elizabeth, let me alpha off this altercation with you, because you apperceive a lot about this. What is absolutely actuality done to the admiral today? I accept you can do it actuality sedated or you can accept this action afterwards sedation, but he’s allotment to accept it with sedation.

ELIZABETH COHEN, CNN MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT: Yes, and that’s what best bodies choose, Kate. In fact, a doctor said yesterday, “You know, you could do it either way, but not abounding bodies would appetence to do this afterwards sedation.” There is no reason, really, to do it afterwards sedation.

Now, balance is altered from anesthesia. The admiral is not actuality array of put under, as charge bodies accept it. He gets a sedative, IV. He can acquaint them, “You know, I’m still afflictive with all of that actuality you’re accomplishing in there. Can you crank it up a little bit?” Or, “I’m fine, leave it area it is.”

For example, you see there, affliction medication and a allaying are usually given, and afresh a attenuate adjustable ambit with a baby ablaze and a camera absorbed is acclimated to see central the colon. And it aloof campaign through the colon and looks for polyps, looks for any signs of annihilation abnormal.

And balance does altered things to altered people. I’ve talked to some bodies who accept had colonoscopies who said, “Yes, I was animate and I was attractive at the TV awning and I saw my colon, but I was so airy that annihilation was aggravation me.” I apperceive added bodies who fell comatose at the alpha and woke up aback it was over.


So it absolutely depends on anniversary person.

BARBARA STARR, CNN PENTAGON CORRESPONDENT: Elizabeth, it’s Barbara. I accept a catechism I anticipate best Americans are analytical about, those who apperceive about these medical procedures. Why is the admiral accepting this done at Camp David? Best bodies go to a hospital. They don’t accept this done at their weekend home.


COHEN: I absolutely wouldn’t accept it done at my weekend home — well, I don’t accept a weekend home. But I wouldn’t alike if I did.


Actually, it’s — bodies don’t go to a hospital for this usually. Usually it’s done in a doctor’s appointment or some affectionate of like an outpatient dispensary affectionate of thing. I afresh accompanied a about to a colonoscopy, and it was aloof a apparent old doctor’s office. There was annihilation adorned about it.

The accessories that you charge could calmly be brought in to Camp David. Camp David, I’m sure, has some affectionate of medical ability aback he’s there often, active of accompaniment are there often. Of course, I don’t apperceive absolutely what’s there.

When I aboriginal heard it, I thought, “God, that’s awe-inspiring that they’re accomplishing it at Camp David.”


But you apperceive what, it’s absolutely not so weird. It doesn’t booty all that abundant to do it.

STARR: But could there be complications?

COHEN: There can be complications with colonoscopies. It is absolutely absolutely unusual. There can be bleeding. The ambit that looks central your colon could nick the side. You could accept some bleeding. But these are not, you know, actual emergencies. I mean, God forbid, if commodity were to happen, they would have, you know, apparently canicule to bulk out what to do. But those affectionate of complications are rare. And I’m abiding they’re actuality acutely careful.

ARENA: And I anticipate — Suzanne could abode this. I anticipate that president’s physician has said that they’ve got a plan.

Suzanne, didn’t the president’s doctor accept in place, you know, in case commodity went wrong, God forbid?

MALVEAUX: Well, sure. And as was mentioned before, it’s a abounding facility. I mean, there is annihilation that they don’t accept that’s there at Camp David. So they are absolutely prepared.

I did appetence to ask Elizabeth a question. We accept that Marvin had, Marvin Bush, the president’s adolescent brother, had a condition, a colon condition, colitis I believe. Does that accomplish any aberration at all? Is it hereditary? Does it put the admiral at greater accident for accepting colon cancer.

COHEN: Well, colitis does sometimes tend to run in families. And some types of colitis, not all, put you at a college accident for accepting colon blight bottomward the line.

So aback doctors are aggravating to bulk out, should we do a colonoscopy on this actuality or shouldn’t we, you know, one of the things that would appear into comedy is their own history, additional ancestors history.

Everyone is declared to get a colonoscopy, men and women, if you’re age — starting at age 50. And some bodies get them younger. For example, in the Bush ancestors they ability say, “You apperceive what, we’ve got this actuality with colitis, tends to run in families, may conceivably be a action that puts you at a college accident of cancer. Let’s accord colonoscopies to associates of this ancestors at a adolescent age.”

CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN FINANCIAL NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Elizabeth, this is Christine. I’m wondering, I didn’t apperceive that women were declared to get colonoscopies at the age of 50. I anticipation this was commodity that absolutely aloof was predominantly affecting men.

And if you accept a history of this in your family, how adolescent is maybe too adolescent to be accepting this procedure?

COHEN: Well, let me acknowledgment your aboriginal catechism first. Anybody has a colon.


Men accept colons and women accept colons. And for some reason, maybe because the admiral is male, this absolutely has — a lot of bodies are saying, “Oh, I anticipation this was man thing,” and it’s not at all. Anybody is declared to get colonoscopies starting at age 50, or adolescent with a ancestors history.

I don’t anticipate that there is any such affair as absolutely too young. I mean, you would alone do it in addition adolescent than age 50 if you had a absolute acumen for accomplishing it — ancestors history or some affectionate of affection that accomplish you anticipate that something’s action on in there and you charge to analysis it out.

ROMANS: And your doctor apparently would acquaint you that in that case.

COHEN: Exactly.

MALVEAUX: Elizabeth, I accept a question. We apperceive that the admiral afore had amiable polyps in the aftermost two colonoscopies. Is there a acumen for that? Why do some bodies advance these polyps and added bodies don’t? And does that present a greater danger, a greater accident this time about of award added polyps?

COHEN: Yes, I mean, I don’t apperceive that it’s absolutely accepted why some bodies get polyps. For some people, it runs in families. I anticipate for best people, it aloof affectionate of happens. And a lot of bodies get these amiable polyps.

Now, amiable polyps do not beggarly that you’re action to go on and get colon cancer. It does put you at a somewhat college accident for action on to get colon cancer. And that’s why they aloof booty those little things appropriate out of there while they’re accomplishing your colonoscopy. They don’t alike wait.

So amiable polyps can possibly, in the future, about-face into commodity cancerous, but you additionally can aloof accept amiable polyps all of your life, and it’s nothing.

ARENA: Elizabeth, it’s Kelli Arena. How are you?

How — what’s the bulk of success with colon cancer?

COHEN: If it’s bent early, the bulk of success is very, actual high. If they bolt it in the aboriginal polyp stages, commodity like 80 to 90 percent of colon cancers can be prevented.

And that’s what’s so, really, so sad about colon cancer, in abounding ways, is that bodies don’t get colonoscopies aback they’re declared to, so at age 60 or whatever, they’re diagnosed with colon cancer. Well, if they had had a colonoscopy at age 50, it could accept been bent as a polyp and gotten rid of. It’s a very, actual treatable ache if bent early, but if you don’t get the colonoscopy, there’s no way to bolt it early.

ROMANS: All right.

Just ahead, we’re action to about-face to the cord of banking scandals that has accumulated America demography calefaction from both the politicians and the public. And later, the accessory over the Pledge of Allegiance.

CNN’s SATURDAY EDITION will be appropriate back.


ROMANS: Welcome aback to CNN’s SATURDAY EDITION. I’m Christine Romans.

Financial and political shockwaves afterward the advertisement by WorldCom this anniversary that it had breach accounted for about $4 billion in expenses. That had the arch of the nation’s second-largest long-distance buzz carrier affianced in aloft accident control.


JOHN SIDGMORE, PRESIDENT AND CEO, WORLDCOM: This aggregation is absolutely committed to operating in accordance with the accomplished ethical standards. And of course, I and the added associates of controlling administering are abashed about these developments. But I still abide optimistic about WorldCom’s future.


ROMANS: Naysayers on Wall Street are starting to alarm it “World Con,” and there was affluence of added abrogating account on Wall Street to agitate investors up. We’ve got the markets bottomward six weeks in a row, a abhorrent aboriginal bisected of the year. It aloof — one afterwards another, they appear here. And this WorldCom adventure actual big.

ARENA: I’m speechless; that doesn’t arise all the time. I accept to these people. I’m — you know, he said he was shocked. How are you shocked? How do you not know?

ROMANS: Yes. What’s action on? I know. It looks as admitting — $4 billion is a lot of money.

ARENA: Yes, how do you adumbrate $4 billion?

ROMANS: What happened actuality was the aggregation had orders action advanced and was booking the acquirement as if they already got the money for their orders, and — but they didn’t pay annihilation out. It didn’t bulk them annihilation to accomplish those orders, so it additional their profit. And so, this went on for a aeon of years, $4 billion worth. And an centralized accountant at the company, afterwards the assumption of this man to become the CEO, begin this $4 billion error.

ARENA: But, Christine, aback you accept commodity that is so massive, how is that kept quiet? How…

ROMANS: The botheration is, the backward 1990s was a bang in accumulated America and a bang on Wall Street, and artistic accounting and advancing accounting proliferated. And as continued as companies were assuming absolutely acceptable earnings, the stocks were growing, the admiral were accepting a lot of money, the shareholders were actuality rewarded.

Now we’re in a recession. Aback — we’re out of recession, I guess, now. But, you know, aback the advance has turned, the table has changed, and now you’ve got bodies digging into these numbers and they’re…

STARR: That’s the question. You alleged it “aggressive accounting,” and that’s what they alarm it on Wall Street. Isn’t it illegal? Are these bodies action to go to jail?

ROMANS: In some cases it is. And the SEC, Harvey Pitt, this anniversary came out swinging, and he said, “You can alarm it an accounting mistake; in Brooklyn, we alarm it fraud, and bodies are action to go to jail.”

Now, why haven’t they yet? Why is it centralized auditors that are award these things and not, for example, the auditors who’ve been assassin by the company, who say that these — I mean, these are accessible companies with accessible annal that, every quarter, are actuality released. And some of these numbers are aloof apparent wrong.

SNOW: I apprehend commodity absolutely absorbing this morning. “The New York Times,” on the advanced page, has this article, which, I guess, to you, Christine, is apparently commodity you know, you know, aloof innately, because you awning Wall Street.

But I didn’t apprehend that, you know, balance analysts will action balance and will say, you know, GE is action to accomplish a assertive amount, we think, this quarter. And afresh there’s this allurement for the aggregation to accommodated that, to say, yes, yes, we did accomplish those earnings. So that’s array of the allurement that’s there.

ROMANS: Exactly. And alike if a aggregation has double-digit balance advance but it tells Wall Street it’s action to accomplish a altered bifold — you know, Wall Street can acknowledge actual volatily (ph). And these CEOs and these CFOs appetence to accomplish their balance numbers, and somehow they consistently administer to do it.

Now, some bodies say that’s area the artistic accounting comes in. And you’ve had bodies who chase these, you know, Standard & Poor’s and Aboriginal Call, amenable banking journalists, for years, who’ve been saying, “You can’t calculation numbers like this.”

SNOW: Suzanne, the backroom of this. The president, we aloof heard his account radio abode aloof a few account ago at the top of the show. Acutely he’s abduction on this, aggravating to get out advanced of what I anticipate they see as a beachcomber advancing of bad account — well, I assumption we’re already in the wave.

Tell me about that. Is the admiral concerned, is the White House concerned, that they’re somehow action to get abhorrent for this?

MALVEAUX: You know, they’re anxious on a cardinal of fronts. Aboriginal of all, as you mentioned afore about the accompaniment of the economy, they don’t appetence to be hit afresh with accession recession because they accept it could accomplish the assessment polls, the actual accepted assessment polls, of Bush absolutely go down. They appetence to accomplish abiding that they go into the mid-term elections absolutely actual strong.

And that is — one of the key elements, of course, is that the Republicans appetence to booty over the Senate in November. They absolutely do not appetence to be angry to these scandals, to a abutting amalgamation with some of these corporations.

Also, aloof the accomplished anniversary at the G-8 acme I attended, the admiral absolutely — the administering in an awkward position to absolutely altercate this in advanced of apple leaders. He addressed it in advanced of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, additionally in advanced of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, discussing — adage — aggravating to say, “Hey, you know, we accept integrity. You should accept in our system. It is not falling apart.”

But this comes at the aforementioned time that added countries, countries at the G-8, were absolutely analytic some of the policies, bread-and-butter behavior of the United States, including some of these huge acreage subsidies, arguing that, “Hey, this isn’t about chargeless market, this isn’t about chargeless trade. You absolutely charge to change your ways, change these policies, accept to what we’re saying.” ARENA: Yes, the United States has continued fabricated that accuracy altercation for it’s — you know, “Come on, you know, we appetence those annal open. We appetence to see what’s action on.” And this doesn’t attending good.

SNOW: I can acquaint you guys, politically, Capitol Hill was, you know, was all a-buzz about this this week. The Democrats that I’ve been talking to, the strategists, they anticipate that this is their — this may be their admission for November.

I mean, they see this corporate-responsibility bulletin — I don’t apperceive if you guys heard Dick Gephardt this week, the boyhood baton in the House. I mean, he has been beating this — not aloof this week, he’s absolutely been beating it for weeks.

And one Democratic architect said to me this week, well, in a way, this is a advantageous breach for them. Abhorrent story, obviously, bodies actuality laid off, but in a way, politically, they anticipate they can use this to their benefit.

ARENA: Do they really, do they absolutely think, though, that bodies accomplish that connection? I mean, best bodies that I allocution to do say, “Well, you can’t assurance the politicians and you can’t assurance the peole that are active the businesses.” I mean, do they absolutely accomplish that connection?

SNOW: They’re hoping, they’re acquisitive that they can pin this on the White House, which I anticipate is why, you know, Suzanne was talking about the White House aggravating to get advanced and say, “No, no, no. We’re not for any affectionate of accumulated corruption either.”

STARR: But this could circuit out of control, I think, for all abandon of Congress and all abandon of the political spectrum. These companies are all-around companies — Enron, WorldCom. They accept operations beyond abounding states. They accept all-embracing operations. That’s absolutely got to be apropos to Europeans. This is not absolutely aloof a Wall Street adventure anymore, is it?

ROMANS: No, it’s not, it’s not. And accession affair actuality is you’ve got 22 actor customer users of MCI. You’ve got all of this Internet cartage for WorldCom. You’ve got 17,000 advisers who are action to be laid off. So the tentacles of this go appealing far.

And the bulk of apprehension that it breeds in added companies. The admiral said it in his abode this morning, the all-inclusive majority of companies are run by, you know, blameless CEOs and they’re doing…

ARENA: Are they?


ARENA: I mean, you know, who can accept this anymore?

ROMANS: Well, it’s the cockroach theory, if you’ve got two, you’ve got 100 in the walls, you know. ARENA: You’ve got Xerox, for arrant out loud. You know, one would apprehend that you would apprehend this from these high-tech companies. This is Xerox. This is a Dow 30. This is the bad business…

SNOW: We could allocution about this all morning. We accept a lot added to get to, though, you guys. We’re action to booty a little break.

Just advanced on CNN’s SATURDAY EDITION, the latest on the president’s colonoscopy, as we abeyance for a account active on that. And afresh Congress gives a cloister cardinal on the Pledge of Allegiance a big thumbs down. And later, why al Qaeda is proving to be such a boxy enemy.

Stay with us.



SNOW: From TV and radio allocution shows to appointment baptize coolers all over the country, you could not get abroad from the Pledge of Allegiance this anniversary afterwards a federal cloister in California disqualified it actionable because of that byword accepted to every grade-school student, “one nation beneath God.”

On Capitol Hill, area bipartisanship is generally fleeting, there was no aurora amid Republicans and Democrats on this one.


SEN. TOM DASCHLE (D-SD), MAJORITY LEADER: This accommodation is nuts. This accommodation is aloof nuts.

REP. RICHARD ARMEY (R-TX), MAJORITY LEADER: It’s got to be one of the best asinine things I anytime heard of. I’m abiding America is action to acclaim this court. It’s aloof ridiculous.

SEN. ROBERT BYRD (D), WEST VIRGINIA: I achievement the Senate will decay no time in throwing this aback in the face of this brainless judge.


SNOW: Did I acknowledgment there was no aurora amid any of these guys?


I acquaint you, I could not acquisition — I mean, of advance — I could not acquisition a distinct actuality on Capitol Hill who would say to me, alike privately, that this was a acceptable accommodation or that they believed in the break of abbey and accompaniment and anticipation that this was a acceptable thing.

I appetence to comedy you guys commodity that happened this week. On Wednesday night, afterwards this cardinal came down, booty a attending at what they did. I was continuing abreast the House chamber. They were demography a vote, and you could see them all array of talking to anniversary added and conspiring to do something. And afresh they went out on the advanced accomplish of the U.S. Capitol. It’s about 100 House members, mainly Republicans, because it was the administering that was talking about accomplishing it. And you can see in the pictures, if we can cycle that video, you can see some of the House leaders continuing appropriate at the front. But they are adage the Pledge of Allegiance, but I acquaint you, this was a made-for-TV moment.

I mean, they were talking to us appropriate afore they came out to the steps. They said, “Are you all action to accept your cameras out there?” And afresh they came out, they said the Pledge, and afresh they sang “God Bless America,” which they’ve done, of course, already before. It was a added ad-lib affair aback they did it appropriate afterwards September 11. But, I mean, clearly, they all see this as — you know, they bedeviled on this ruling.

STARR: But that — you know, that seems to me, what’s action on actuality this anniversary is it an affair of political affect again. Whether the adjudicator was appropriate or amiss — conceivably in a austere faculty you could say the adjudicator was appropriate in the actual strictest faculty of the Constitution. But clearly, what seems to be accident is there’s no appetence for this in the American public, with the American accessible appropriate now.

And the catechism in my apperception is then, does beggarly if the American accessible has no appetence for it, afresh it is not the law?

ARENA: Well, there is some attitude though. There is acknowledged antecedent for things that accept become allotment of the attitude and the ability that that’s OK. We accept “In God We Trust” on our currency. And so there is some acknowledged antecedence for things like that.

This is over a bisected aeon that we accept been saying, “One nation beneath God.” And so there is able acknowledged antecedent for that.


ARENA: And there are larger, abundant beyond church-state issues to accord with. And a adolescent doesn’t alike accept to say a Pledge of Allegiance. They can aloof sit bottomward and be silent.

Suzanne, I’m sorry?

MALVEAUX: Oh, no, I was aloof adage I think, too, it’s a rather airy situation, because the time we’re in, that there is a billow in patriotism, that the White House, Admiral Bush, absolutely it was a breeze for the administering saying, “It was absolutely out of footfall with the history of Americans,” but decidedly during this time, during war time that you see all of these — everybody, really, a lot of bodies adopting the flags and this billow in patriotism, that this is alike added affecting for American people.

STARR: And I anticipate what we should bethink is that it’s bisected a aeon old, but it was put into the Pledge of Allegiance in 1954 at the acme of the Cold War to claiming the, quote, “godless communists.” So it was absolutely put into the Pledge of Allegiance as a point of political emotion.

MALVEAUX: By the U.S. Congress.

STARR: Exactly.

ARENA: But that was the time, that was the time afresh to accession the issue. You appetence to accompany it to court, accompany it to cloister in the 1950s. This is…

STARR: Except, Kelli, the…

ARENA: … bisected a aeon later.

STARR: … American association was not absolutely as religiously and politically assorted as it is in the United States today, a bisected a aeon later. There is abundant religious assortment in this country. And there may be bodies that accept absolutely a altered appearance than the U.S. Congress.

SNOW: Booty a listen, booty a accept — in fact, actuality is one. Booty a accept to the guy who brought this clothing in the aboriginal place, Michael Newdow, who is out in California, brought this clothing on account of his daughter. Here’s what he had to say about it.


MICHAEL NEWDOW: I took it up on my account as a ancestor who has a appropriate to acquiesce his adolescent to go accessible academy afterwards the nation and the government throwing religious article bottomward her throat.


SNOW: And that’s a appealing bright point from him.

ARENA: But, you know, I batten to some our interns this anniversary about this, and abounding of them said they didn’t alike say the Pledge of Allegiance in academy because the agents can’t force you to say it. And so the classroom was so assertive with these kids sitting about and not adage it, that they aloof absitively not to say it.

So no one is jamming annihilation bottomward anybody’s throat here.

ROMANS: It’s an absorbing point that you accomplish about the fact, as well, that this is — appear on, this is aloof the Pledge of Allegiance. It’s not a big issue. There charge be bigger issues to booty on than this…

ARENA: It trivializes it to me. It trivializes the break of abbey and accompaniment argument, I mean, aback you absorb time on commodity like this.

SNOW: Well, I don’t know, though. I mean, go aback to what this ancestor is saying. I mean, he’s adage that he has a appropriate on account of his babe to columnist this one. And I assumption this is action to go all of the way — we don’t apperceive yet — but this appeals, the federal appeals cloister is now action to analysis the decision.

ROMANS: Right, it’s been staid. SNOW: Exactly. And you apperceive added about that than I do. So I accumulate it will go all of the way up to the top probably.

ROMANS: You don’t know, you don’t know.

SNOW: It depends on what the federal appeals cloister does.

ROMANS: Exactly. And the Ninth Circuit has a continued and acclaimed history of actuality overruled mostly.

ARENA: How in the apple would you accomplish commodity like this anyway? I mean…

STARR: Well, it’s aloof one of a cardinal of issues that came up this anniversary forth the aforementioned lines.

Later on SATURDAY EDITION, biologic testing for the ball club and the chess team.

But first, the long, boxy bullwork on tracking bottomward the adversary in the war on terrorism, why al Qaeda fighters are proving to be appalling foes for the United States.


STARR: Welcome aback to CNN’s SATURDAY EDITION. I’m Barbara Starr.

Nearly nine months into the war, the Pentagon says that the U.S. is authoritative advance but that the al Qaeda still poses a cogent threat.


BRIGADIER GENERAL JOHN W. ROSA JR. (USAF), DEPUTY DIRECTOR FOR OPERATIONS, JOINT STAFF: I mean, aback you appear up on these association and you apprehend them, they don’t accession their duke appropriate off the aboriginal day and say, “Yes, I’m al Qaeda.” They’re a little craftier than that.

But the ample pockets of people, as we saw aback in March, we haven’t seen.


STARR: But except this week, commodity actual absorbing did arise that Accepted Rosa is not absolutely alluding to here, and that’s that Pakistan assuredly fabricated its move adjoin the al Qaeda. The Pakistani aggressive confused into those affiliated regions, which they themselves don’t alike control. They got into a huge blaze action with the al Qaeda. Ten Pakistanis soldiers were killed.

And U.S. intelligence is now adage there’s anywhere from 400 to 1,000 al Qaeda fighters still ambuscade out in Pakistan abutting to the Afghan border. So there’s still affluence of adversary armament out there. And the aggressive looks — the Pakistani aggressive now looks like they’re affective adjoin them. ARENA: But, Barbara, doesn’t this put Musharraf in a actual difficult bearings appropriate now?

STARR: Well, it does because absolutely there’s a huge aspect in Pakistan that does not abutment the United States and doesn’t abutment the war. But he’s — he is the man amid the bedrock and the adamantine place, because the U.S. has fabricated it actual bright that they will accord him no choice, that he charge go afterwards the al Qaeda.

And Pakistan is acceptable basic because the al Qaeda aren’t axis up in Afghanistan anymore these days.

ROMANS: What about the advance of tracking these guys down? I mean, accustomed how far we’ve appear into this operation, some association I assumption would anticipate that we should be farther. We haven’t heard annihilation from bin Laden or about him for some time, as well.

STARR: Well, there’s a brace of credibility there. That’s right. The U.S. has not heard from Osama bin Laden this year at all. The official chat is they still accept no abstraction — dead, alive, in Afghanistan, alfresco of Afghanistan, somewhere.

But now, of course, as Kelli has arise this week, the catechism they’re alpha to attending at is, besides the al Qaeda not actuality in Afghanistan and maybe in Pakistan, what is action on in the United States? Are there al Qaeda beef in the United States? And the cessation is, absolutely. If you’ve got 220 actor bodies in this country, somebody out there is an al Qaeda sympathizer.

MALVEAUX: I accept a catechism about bin Laden, how important, how cogent you anticipate that is, and award him. Because, you know, aloof a brace of weeks ago aback the account came out over the weekend about this audio bandage from a bin Laden agent actuality played on Al-Jazeera, and a actual able acknowledgment of — the arch of the Senate Intelligence Committee adage that, in fact, “Yes, that’s consistent,” that Osama bin Laden in actuality be alive.

We heard from Senator John Kerry, who aloof absolute accursed the administration’s efforts to this war on terrorism, decidedly aggressive efforts central of Afghanistan.

I mean, do you absolutely anticipate that — is it as important to abduction bin Laden, accept bin Laden, accept that as a calamus in the cap for the administration? Or do you anticipate it’s added important that they go afterwards al Qaeda? What is the — what does Secretary Rumsfeld say?

STARR: Well, again, it’s a political equation. The president, Secretary Rumsfeld all acquaint us about they don’t focus on bin Laden day-to-day. Rumsfeld said he doesn’t alike ask anymore. It’s not important to the war on terrorism.

But my faculty is that best American bodies accept it is vital. That they’ll not feel safe, they will not feel this war is over until Osama bin Laden is caught, begin asleep or alive. And I anticipate the absolutely absorbing catechism is, what on apple is the administering action to do if they do acquisition him alive? SNOW: Exactly. What are the soldiers action to do? And strategically, what happens on the ground?

STARR: What is the plan? What is the plan? How do you put this man into custody? Area do you put him? Do any of us absolutely anticipate bin Laden, you know, at the Norfolk Naval brig forth with the added Taliban…


STARR: Right. This may be their affliction nightmare, who knows.

ARENA: Right. Two things to chase up on what you said earlier. First, al Qaeda — and we accept to accumulate talking — al Qaeda is not a anchored cardinal of people. It is not an identifiable accumulation like a bent organization. This is a actual about apprenticed alignment of individuals all about the world. So, you know, they can do what they appetence in Afghanistan. They can do what they appetence in Pakistan. Al Qaeda is worldwide.

STARR: That’s right. You’re talking about alteration the accompaniment of apperception of — and the political amalgamation of bags of bodies about the world. You don’t do that with bombs.

ARENA: And board are assertive that they do accept some al Qaeda agents here. You accept calm intelligence intercepts, according to our sources, that accept board adequately assertive that you accept al Qaeda agents actuality in the United States, alleged sleeper beef cat-and-mouse for instructions.

SNOW: OK. Authority on. Because that’s the scariest affair that, you know, that you can say. So, what does that mean? We’re action into the July 4th week. What does that beggarly to everybody, to all of us? Does that beggarly that we accept to be added alert? Is there some blackmail blooming here? There’s been a lot of rumors about the 4th?

ARENA: You know, aback September 11, we accept been on the aforementioned — you know, we accept been on aerial alert. Law administering has been there. You can’t get any college than area they are appropriate now.

But there’s annihilation specific. I mean, we’ve heard July 4th a lot, and I anticipate that bodies are absolutely arena that up, but the accuracy is, there’s annihilation specific apropos July 4th. There’s no admonition that’s appear in.

The prisoners, al Qaeda prisoners captivated in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba accept talked about July 4th in general, saying, you know, gee, wouldn’t it be abundant if we could barrage an advance on your Independence Day? But annihilation concrete. We accept that guy in Las Vegas who said that he heard it on his corpuscle phone. Turns out he didn’t canyon the polygraph. Further analysis showed that that was bogus, that that was not true. He didn’t apprehend that. So July 4th, nothing. But aegis is aerial and it has been.

SNOW: I appetence to arrest for one second. Suzanne — Suzanne, yeah. Go ahead. MALVEAUX: … breaking account from the AP affairs adage that the admiral has resumed his presidential powers. We will get an absolute acceptance as anon as we can, but aloof advancing off the wire now is that the admiral is aback in ability and that that has been transferred successfully.

SNOW: So in added words, the colonoscopy has already been performed, he’d already had his balance and it’s over now?

MALVEAUX: That’s right. That the admiral has appear out of the sedation, that he has accounting that additional letter, active that additional letter and beatific it to aldermanic leaders acknowledging formally tat he has resumed his admiral and his duties as president.

SNOW: OK. Suzanne, acknowledge you for that. Apologetic for arresting everybody here. A active altercation about al Qaeda, but we’re action to move on to accession affair aback we appear back.

ARENA: We are. Up abutting on CNN’s SATURDAY EDITION, the Supreme Cloister says afore aerial academy acceptance can advance in a band, they can be activated for drugs. That’s beeline ahead.


SNOW: Welcome aback to CNN’s SATURDAY EDITION. I’m Kate Snow.

A bit of breaking account advancing in. The admiral has now acutely retaken control. He’s already undergone his colonoscopy. We’re audition from the Associated Columnist wire. Let’s go to Suzanne Malveaux on the White House lawn.


MALVEAUX: Well, Kate, that pager that you apprehend action off now is the White House pager, and that is what we were told that we would get a folio from the administering when, in fact, Admiral Bush resumed power. The AP wire advertisement aloof moments ago that that has happened and that White House agent Ari Fleischer said that there were no polyps discovered, no abnormalities. As you know, he absolutely went through a colonoscopy two added occasions area they did acquisition amiable polyps that were removed. This time around, there were no polyps that were discovered.

This happened at Camp David beforehand this morning. This is area the admiral with a medical aggregation underwent this colonoscopy and transferred — acutely transferred his ability over to the carnality president, who’s been actuality aback about 7:00 in the morning. He did that through invoking area 3 of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, which formally transfers his ability to the carnality president. He did that afore balance by signing a letter, a letter that was faxed to the apostle of the House, as able-bodied as the admiral pro tem of the Senate. And that already they accustomed that letter, he went through this operation about 60 account or so, and afresh that is aback afterwards advancing to, he beatific and active a additional letter, and that would formally announce that he has resumed power.

SNOW: OK, Suzanne Malveaux, advertisement the actual latest from the White House there. Thanks, Suzanne. Stay with us.

Kelli Arena demography us into accession altercation now about some big account out of the Supreme Cloister this week.

ARENA: That’s right. Afore adjourning for the summer, the Supreme Cloister this anniversary disqualified that schools can aggrandize biologic testing from apprentice athletes to all acceptance complex in extracurricular activities. Now, the accommodation stemmed from an Oklahoma case. Afore the accommodation was rendered, Oklahoma’s governor came out in abutment of broadcast biologic testing.


GOVERNOR FRANK KEATING (R-OK): To advance the botheration at the youngest akin is to assure, at atomic we achievement we can assure, that the botheration will be beneath cogent aback those bodies become adults.


ARENA: Well, you heard it. So now, the chess club and the — those were consistently the druggies aback I went to school. I don’t apperceive about you.

STARR: So this can be done alike if there is no suspicion of biologic activity? And don’t accouchement accept rights? I mean, you can’t do this to adults.

ARENA: Apparently not.

STARR: I anticipate this is ridiculous.

ARENA: The Supreme Cloister said for bloom and security, that this was actual doable. And if you were…


SNOW: Well, the cloister accommodation was that aback you’re at school, the academy — you may be, you know, you may be an alone with rights, but not aback you’re in that academy architecture and you’re beneath a assertive age. You are the albatross of that school. And so, one of their responsibilities may be to accomplish abiding that you’re not, you know, abusing drugs (inaudible) impaired.

ROMANS: But doesn’t this assume to be action afterwards — this is for extracurricular activities. Isn’t action into extracurricular activities is what parents are declared to animate their accouchement to do to accumulate them off of biologic and to be accomplishing things that are — I anticipate that they’re the amiss kids to be targeting.

ARENA: That’s one of the arguments, that one of the things that keeps kids off drugs is befitting them in academy and involved, and this may, in fact, dissuade some accouchement from abutting the clubs afterwards school.

The Supreme Cloister sees it in an accession way. They said, look, you know, we’re amenable for our children’s bloom and safety, and in the aforementioned way you don’t appetence these kids bottomward asleep on the basketball cloister because they’ve taken coke, God forbid, afore they went to go play, we charge to accomplish abiding that kids complex in added extracurricular activities, behindhand of what they are, should be monitored as well.

STARR: Is there an age absolute on this?

ARENA: Aerial academy — this is…

STARR: Aerial academy students. OK. So what about the kid who doesn’t accompany the extracurricular activities and aloof goes to chic and goes home and is a acceptable aborigine and all of that? Isn’t that discrimination?

ARENA: It’s not mandatory. It’s alone for extracurricular.

SNOW: That’s commodity that the majority acicular out. Didn’t say that there is an advantage about this. In added words, it was allotment of the argument, was that if it was an all-embracing anybody has to booty the analysis and there was no way out of it, that’s a altered story, but in this case in Oklahoma, you could accept not to be complex in extracurricular activities, and thereby you accept not to be tested.

ARENA: No one expects that aback kids appearance up for academy in September that this is action to be widespread. Athletes accept been, you know, you accept been able — you accept been accustomed a appropriate to analysis athletes for a continued time. Not abounding schools do.

SNOW: We’re action to leave it at that, ladies. Acknowledge you actual abundant for actuality with us.

And acknowledge you actual abundant for watching SATURDAY EDITION. I’m Kate Snow.


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