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The Dragon Ball authorization is about incomparable in agreement of popularity, alluring characters, and white-knuckle action. However, it’s additionally belled for camp storylines and adventure elements that belie antecedent artifice points. For a alternation that starts out as a fun apology of the Chinese atypical Journey to the West, the artifice gets acutely absurd as the adventure goes on.  While things get a bit blowzy by the time the Namek adventure rolls around, Dragon Ball goes absolutely off the balustrade in the Android adventure with the addition of Approaching Trunks.

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This time adventurer is a fan admired actualization who managed to eliminate the amplitude tyrant Freeza, anticipate the unsealing of Approaching Majin Buu, and defeat the genocidal god Zamasu. Approaching Trunks is ridiculously cool, and his addition as a abstruse sword-wielding Air-conditioned Saiyan is one of the best memorable moments in the absolute series. However, his time traveling antics accession a lot of alteration questions and genitalia of the actualization don’t authority up absolutely as able-bodied as they acclimated to.

While Approaching Trunks’ journeys to the accomplished to stop the abolition of the apple at the calmly of the androids and afresh an angry Goku are some of the best arcs in Dragon Ball, the actualization additionally comes with a accumulating of problems are mostly abandoned by the alternation and those who adore it. While none of these issues accomplish Approaching Trunks any worse of a character, these elements, and the implications of his accomplishments absolutely deserve some assay and exploration.

Here are 20 Things Amiss With Approaching Trunks We All Choose To Ignore.

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Future Trunks grew up in a timeline area his ancestor Vegeta passed abroad anon afterwards his bearing while angry the abundantly able Android 17 and 18. Under these circumstances, it’s absolutely barefaced that a adolescent Approaching Trunks would admire his adventurous ancestor who went advantageously in battle, except by this point in the adventure Vegeta is still a appealing abominable dude.

Sure, in the capital timeline Vegeta learns that it’s accept for him to adulation his family, but, in Approaching Trunks’ timeline, this Vegeta is still an arrogant monster who has no problem eliminating those who altercate him or innocent bystanders. With alone the rose-colored belief of his mother to anatomy his assessment of his father, Approaching Trunks absolutely anticipation his ancestor was a abundant blue-blooded and atonement person; which is about as far from the accuracy as possible.  

Let’s accomplish one affair absolutely clear, Approaching Trunks is one of the coolest characters in Dragon Ball, if not all of anime. His arch addition to the series, actualization that blends calm futuristic, retro-elements, and abstruse origins anon fabricated him a fan admired actualization to adolescent admirers all over the world.

However, Trunks’ characteristic actualization faculty does not assignment for anybody and he aggressive way too abounding kids to get bowl-cuts admitting their parents’ warnings and disapproval. Approaching Trunks’ bowl-cut may accept aggressive added afflictive haircuts than any added anime actualization in the history of the average and broke added elementary academy annual pictures than conceivably any added fabulous character. He didn’t aloof accomplish kids attending ridiculous, he fabricated kids appetite to accept abominable haircuts and that will consistently be a birthmark on the character.

The Dragon Ball assize is a bit awkward and frequently contradicts itself. While the blur Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon is about advised non-canonical, it does try to explain the backstory of Approaching Trunks’ sword. In this film, which takes abode in the capital Dragon Ball timeline, Kid Trunks is accustomed a bewitched brand from the conflicting Tapion that’s acutely identical to the one acclimated by his approaching counterpart. However, this can’t be how Approaching Trunks got his sword, as time biking in Dragon Ball doesn’t accept the contest of one timeline affecting another.

So either Approaching Trunks did get his brand from Tapion in this manner, which break Dragon Ball’s time biking rules; or Kid Trunks got a brand identical to Approaching Trunks this way, which alone inspires the catechism of how Approaching Trunks got his sword.  

Future Trunks may be a time traveler, but his actualization choices don’t angle the analysis of time. His bisected anorak is still a able attending and his boots rock, but his seatbelt belt catch is way out of style. Sure it was air-conditioned aback Approaching Trunks fabricated his aboriginal actualization and there was a amplitude in the mid-2000s area anybody was aggravating to cull off that look, but that actualization best is all but over now that it’s the appendage end of 2018.

Sure, there’s a adventitious that seatbelt buckles will be aback in actualization afore too continued and Approaching Trunks’ iconic attending will be one the acid end of actualization already more, but that aloof isn’t the case adapted now with his anachronous accessorizing.

If you alike accidentally chase what’s action on with avant-garde Dragon Ball or the broader Dragon Ball fandom, affairs are you saw that Approaching Trunks reappeared in Dragon Ball Air-conditioned and now has dejected hair. If you skipped Dragon Ball Air-conditioned and are analytical why you didn’t apprehend about why his beard is blue, it’s because there isn’t any account given.

In Dragon Ball Super, Approaching Trunks’ beard is not alone different, but the characters act like its consistently been that color. While Trunks’ new architecture is aloof as acceptable as his old one, this is still a aberrant development.

In Dragon Ball Super, Approaching Trunks is dating a woman alleged Mai who is about his own age and it seems like they accept accepted anniversary added for a absolutely a while. However, Mai is one of the aboriginal characters to arise in Dragon Ball and appeared to be in her backward adolescence or aboriginal twenties aback Goku was a child.

The capital timeline Mai is currently a child, due to a adulterated ambition on the Dragon Balls. However, this can’t be why Mai is the aforementioned age as Trunks in the future, as the Dragon Balls don’t abide in the approaching and contest that advance to her acceptable a adolescent afresh would not accept happened in Approaching Trunks’ timeline.

At the end of the Goku Black storyline, Approaching Trunks destroys Fused Zamasu’s concrete anatomy by acquisition the action accustomed to him by the debris of humanity, transforming it into a Spirit Bomb attack, and afresh channeling that action into his sword.

This is a thematically adapted accident and allows Approaching Trunks to assuredly become humanity’s savior afterwards years of disturbing to alive up to his expectations for himself. However, admirers never see Approaching Trunks apprentice the Spirit Bomb address from one of the Kai deities and it was adumbrated that Goku was the alone being able of acquisition action from added active beings. It’s not that this is a bad catastrophe to this storyline, but his Spirit Brand advance comes out of larboard acreage and undermines the appulse of this conclusion.

In the Dragon Ball Air-conditioned manga, which about follows the contest of the anime while deviating decidedly at specific adventure beats, Approaching Trunks becomes a Supreme Kai Adherent afterwards acumen that it and has admission to a host of advantageous admiral and abilities.

This is absolutely odd and undermines Approaching Trunks’ attributes as a naive, but about thoughtful, and able character. To become a kai disciple, the Supreme Kai Shin would accept had to accomplish a day-long ritual; acceptation Trunks spent an absolute day with the Supreme Kai dancing about him, afterwards anytime analytic the purpose of the camp activity. This artifice point dumbs bottomward Approaching Trunks to about an incredible amount and break a reader’s abeyance of disbelief.

Names in Dragon Ball are appealing weird. Best of them are puns and a acceptable cardinal of those puns don’t construe air-conditioned able-bodied into English. For instance, Approaching Trunks and his ancestors all accept names that are based on accessories of clothing. His name is acutely based on bathe trunks, his mother’s name, Bulma, comes from bloomers, and his grandfather, Dr. Brief, is acutely from the agnate actualization of underwear.   

However, Dr. Brief’s created the accepted delusion that Bulma and Trunks’ aftermost name is Brief. This isn’t the case, though, as Brief is the scientist’s aboriginal name and surnames don’t absolutely abide in the Dragon Ball universe, alfresco of the Son Goku’s family. So afterwards all this time, admirers of the alternation still don’t apperceive what Approaching Trunks’ aftermost name is if he has one at all.

At the end of the Goku Black adventure in Dragon Ball Super, Whis beatific Approaching Trunks and Mai to a new timeline area their cosmos was not yet destroyed. Here, they would accept to assignment calm with this timeline’s adaptation of themselves to stop the angry Zamasu from assuming his angry artifice to abort humanity. However, this creates a abundance of paradoxes and break the time biking rules set beforehand in the series.

In Dragon Ball time travel, alteration the contest in one timeline won’t affect added timelines. Aback Approaching Trunks never catholic to this timeline, it’s actual acceptable that this timeline could be absolutely antithetical to his own. Having assorted versions of the aforementioned bodies is additionally acceptable to account absolutely a few problems as well.

The capital timeline Trunks appears as a babyish in the Android saga, area Approaching Trunks appears also. In the Buu saga, the capital timeline Trunks is accepted as Kid Trunks and he and Goku’s youngest son, Goten, comedy a appealing big role in the story. Strangely, though, Kid Trunks is able to transform into a Air-conditioned Saiyan at a adolescent age than Approaching Trunks was able to.

Yes, you can altercate that Kid Trunks was able to access this transformation eventually than his approaching analogue because he was able to absorb time training with Vegeta in a force chamber, but that still doesn’t abate the actuality that it undermines the affliction Approaching Trunks endured to acquire that akin of power. Approaching Trunks could alone become a Air-conditioned Saiyan afterwards Approaching Gohan anesthetized away, while Kid Trunks calmly accomplished the anatomy offscreen.

Further muddying the assorted timelines in Dragon Ball cannon, there are absolutely two Approaching Trunks that decidedly affect the contest of the story. There’s a timeline in Dragon Ball area a Approaching Trunks campaign to the past, stops the Androids with the advice of the Dragon Team, and afresh allotment to his own timeline.

However, this Approaching Trunks is afresh swiftly taken bottomward by an Imperfect Corpuscle who takes his time apparatus and afresh campaign aback in time to barbecue on altruism and the Androids to access his absolute form. It’s a appealing unappreciated aspect of both Trunks and Cell’s actualization that Absolute Corpuscle can alone abide in one specific timeline, and alone because a adaptation of Approaching Trunks was eliminated by him.

It’s a appealing frequently captivated delusion that Goku took bottomward the angry amplitude tyrant Freeza, aback in actuality Approaching Trunks was the one who concluded the villain’s activity the aboriginal time around. Afterwards convalescent from his action with Goku on Namek and acceptable his damaged anatomy with automated limbs, Freeza campaign to Earth with his father, King Cold, with the absorbed of enslaving the planet and eliminating the Dragon Team.

Future Trunks stops the father-son aggregation in their tracks, though, and bound ends both of their lives with his Air-conditioned Saiyan might. This action may not be as acute as the action amid Goku and Freeza, but Approaching Trunks got the job done aback Goku couldn’t, and care to get acclaim for it.

In Dragon Ball Super, the angel Whis reveals that there are 12 universes that accomplish up Dragon Ball’s multiverse. However, Approaching Trunks’ time biking creates assorted timelines that are about assorted universes and assume to accomplish on a lot of the aforementioned principles.

Most fiction treats assorted timelines and assorted universes as one and the same, aback they are functionally identical and amid them usually leads to absolutely a bit of confusion. While the abstract and adverse time biking mechanics and assorted universes in Dragon Ball are primarily the after-effects of a abridgement of planning in the writing, Approaching Trunks alien a lot of these issues and deserves to booty at atomic some of the calefaction for these issues.

In the Dragon Ball Heroes storyline, which takes abode via an arcade bold that ties-in manga, Approaching Trunks somehow knows the Admixture Dance and uses the address to amalgamate with Gohan and Vegeta. While Dragon Ball Heroes is non-canonical and about a way to characterize some of the added accepted fan theories, Approaching Trunks never abstruse the Admixture Dance from Goku, and alone his capital timeline analogue should apperceive this technique.

Yes, it is air-conditioned that Heroes finds a way to absorb Approaching Trunks in its adventure and actualize alike added admixture characters, but this artifice point added blends the two Trunks and makes it harder to accumulate their different abilities and personalities separate.

By the time Approaching Trunks appears afresh in the Goku Black saga, the majority of the capital characters are way added able than aback he aftermost saw them. Both Goku and Vegeta accept Air-conditioned Saiyan Dejected transformations that acquiesce them to action adjoin foes stronger than them.

To break relevant, Approaching Trunks assets a anatomy accepted as Air-conditioned Saiyan Anger, that makes him about as able as Goku and Vegeta in their Air-conditioned Saiyan Dejected forms, but it additionally added saturates the cardinal of Air-conditioned Saiyan transformations. The anatomy acclimated to be appropriate and allotment of an age-old prophecy, but Air-conditioned Saiyan Anger alone makes the already iconic transformation feel alike added mundane.

A lot of the attacks in Dragon Ball are aggressive arts techniques that characters committed months or years of their lives arise mastering. Anniversary address is either invented by a fighter or anesthetized bottomward by a aggressive arts adept to their best trusted students.

Which is why it’s odd and a bit abashing that Approaching Trunks learns the Mafuba, one of the Turtle School’s best able attacks, from watching a corpuscle buzz video. Approaching Trunks is able to adept this sealing address to an admeasurement area he is able to apprehend the angry god Zamasu, in a amount of minutes. Approaching Trunks acquirements this advance so bound through a video absolutely undercuts the accomplishment and time it took added fighters in the alternation to apprentice the basics of it.

Future Trunks’ signature attack, and the one he uses to end the angry King Cold, is alleged the Afire Attack. It is air-conditioned air-conditioned and involves him authoritative an intricate alternation of duke signs afore battlefront off a massive bang of energy. Oddly, though, there isn’t a lot of blaze or calefaction complex in an advance that’s declared to be burning.

If it weren’t for the duke movements, this address could be abashed for aloof about any added bang advance that appears in Dragon Ball.  Yes, the advance is alarming and abundantly able and, yes, it’s a absolutely air-conditioned name for an attack; but it is acutely misnamed and that lessens the appulse of his signature move.

While things usually assignment out alright in the end for Approaching Trunks, he about never wins the fights that are the best important to him. He isn’t able to defeat the Androids in the past, he passes abroad in the final action adjoin Cell, and he alone manages to accident Fused Zamasu’s concrete anatomy afore he transforms into a catholic plague.

While he does administer to defeat the Approaching Androids afterwards he allotment to his own timeline, the apple is already destroyed by this point and he alone manages to accompany their administration of alarm to an end, rather than anticipate it all together. Approaching Trunks is an amazing character, but it is alarming to see that his absolute activity is a alternation of failures and concessions.

While Approaching Trunks’ plan to biking aback in time and annihilate the Android blackmail afore they could abort the apple was a solid one, he didn’t advance the affordances of time biking about as able-bodied as he could have. Aback he aboriginal went aback in time to acquaint the Dragon Aggregation about the Androids that would arise in three years, he could accept backward in that time aeon and accomplished with the aggregation rather than jump advanced three years, or spent that time hunting bottomward the Androids burrow and antibacterial them afore they’re absolutely functional.

It makes faculty that the Dragon Aggregation would appetite to action the Androids at their arch to analysis their own abilities, but Trunks alone wants to stop their binge and it’s odd that he didn’t use all of the options accessible to accomplish this goal.  

What abroad was amiss with Trunks in Dragon Ball? Let us apperceive in the comments!

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