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Hardware was the assured affair of Day 1, but Demo Day 2 of Y Combinator’s Summer 2015 was a bit more… eclectic. Affective services! Alive services! Auberge booking, aggrandized reality, esports! There was a little something for everybody today.

Latest Medium Hair Trends | Neo Haircuts - medium hair 2015 summer

Latest Medium Hair Trends | Neo Haircuts – medium hair 2015 summer | medium hair 2015 summer

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Want to see every startup that pitched today? Here’s the abounding roundup.

Lugg — Uber For Affective Stuff

Push a button and a affective barter arrives to move your appliance or added ample objects. The aggregation claims a $0 chump accretion cost, as abounding retailers — Ikea, Costco, Crate & Barrell — acclaim them in-store.| We covered Lugg on TC Here

Gigster — Software development on demand

Gigster connects bodies with developers that will body applications. While this apparently works for consumer-oriented services, the big ambition is above companies that are architecture accoutrement internally. The aggregation builds accepted genitalia of appliance development like login and profiles, and can carbon that for assorted altered apps and services. Read added about Gigster on TechCrunch.

Chaldal — The “Amazon Fresh Of Bangladesh”

It’s a grocery barn and commitment aggregation out of Dhaka, Bangladesh, the eighth-largest burghal in the apple – and the densest, with 160 actor people. Its pitch: acceptable retailers can’t accomplish in cities like Dhaka; there isn’t space. By architecture a cord of “micro warehouses,” Chaldal thinks ensure that barter get a greater array of appurtenances and bound — in beneath than an hour. The aggregation has already congenital two, 7,000-square-foot warehouses that amount $250,000 anniversary and that aftermath acquirement of $3 million, it says. Action forward, it affairs to actualize a cord of these buildings, and to aggrandize above groceries.

Read added about Chaldal on TechCrunch

Her — An App Area Women Accommodated Anniversary Other

A amusing arrangement area lesbians can accommodated anniversary added for friendship, advice, and more. The aggregation says they accept 80,000 alive users, with 25% advance per week. | We covered Her on TC here.

Jopwell — The action for assortment hiring

Recruiters say the number-one acumen for abridgement of assortment is a abridgement of a assorted pipeline, which is what Jopwell seeks to build. The aggregation has 6,000 acceptance and professionals application Jopwell. The acceptance self-identify as underrepresented indigenous minorities and are affiliated to companies like Facebook, Goldman Sachs and Pinterest. Jopwell says it has $346,000 in acquirement and affairs in 3 months.

Fonticons — is a cable account for armpit creators absent to acceleration up their sites by purchasing chantry “assets” that Fonticons promises can acceleration up download times by 90 percent and admission about-face in the process. It says 15,000 developers accept already alive up to assignment with it service, that it’s alive with typographers about the apple who are affairs absolute amount sets through the service, and that its acquirement was up 210 percent aftermost ages (though it didn’t say how abundant acquirement that equals, or how abundant the aggregation had fabricated prior). The aggregation additionally appearance a chargeless account that let’s developers beautify their armpit with over 500 icons application alone a band of CSS. Read added about Fonticons on TC here.

SourceDNA — Bringing app aliment and developers together

SourceDNA monitors iOS and Android apps for aegis and affection issues by scanning their apps afore they’re submitted to the abundance and through ecology already they’re live. Their ambition is to abutment the accord amid developers and the app aliment they broadcast their on. They assure barter that they can get apps through the analysis process. So far, they accept 3,000 developers alive up.

RedCarpet — Adjustment articles for auto in India

Helps barter acquisition adjacent articles online and adjustment them for auto in-store in Mom & Pop shops throughout India. “Ninety percent of retail absorb in India happens in bounded stores;” says RedCarpet’s architect “but there’s no absolute way to ascertain these articles online”. They’re currently in 120 stores, and affirmation to accept 6x acquirement advance beyond the accomplished 4 months.

Gravitational — Run software as a account on clandestine clouds

Using Gravitational, companies can booty cipher on accessible billow servers and arrange it on assorted clandestine servers. Applications run as a account on clandestine infrastructure, acceptance sales to companies that crave clandestine billow editions of their services.

Interviewed —

A recruiting account that’s focused on non-technical jobs and which uses job simulations to affix candidates with employers. (Think a hiring administrator who observes a chump account applicant ambidextrous with a simulation of an affronted consumer.) The technology is powered by AI, says the company, and its five-month-old pilot affairs has already admiring 4,000 companies like Instacart, Thumbtack and Talkdesk. It additionally says its revenues accept been growing 400 percent over that aforementioned aeon and that the bazaar it’s block is admired at $8 billion. As for its part, it say there are 11 actor job openings appropriate now that abatement into its candied spot, and it affairs to allegation amid $500 and $4,000 per ages to administration attractive to appoint them.Read added about Interviewed on TC here.

Willing — Automatic Will Creation

Make a will afterwards a lawyer, for free. They’re currently authoritative about 5,000 wills per month. They accomplish money by allowance barter acquisition accompanying services, such as burial home arrangements. Read added about Willing on TC Here

LiveCoding TV — Twitch for coding

LiveCoding TV is alive the assignment of programmers to alive audiences. They say they’re targeting engineers that appetite to advance their abilities and accept alive on big names like Stephen Wolfram. They altercate that the bazaar for software development is $407 billion compared to $93 billion for gaming. So far, they accept 73,000 registered engineers and 4,900 circadian viewers. They’re in babble with Red Bull and Intel for sponsorships and anticipate that recruiters will appetite to sponsor streams as well.

Shotput — AWS for Fulfillment

Shotput helps companies bound set up warehousing and accomplishment services. Shotput does not own any warehouses, artlessly abutting those companies with barn and accomplishment providers. Users accelerate cipher to Shotput and the aggregation handles the blow of the process. Read added about Shotput on TechCrunch here.

GovPredict — The “Bloomberg for Government Data”

Unifies endless sources of government abstracts in an accomplishment to advice bodies accomplish faculty of it all. They clue lobbyist registrations/terminations, bill activity, and accommodate staffer acquaintance for DC/District offices.

AfroStream — Netflix of African and African-American content

Afrostream aims to be the bigger alive account for African-American agreeable in South America, Europe and Africa, area there are 1 billion underserved people who collectively represent a $15 billion bazaar opportunity, it says. It has already addled deals with Sony, Netflix and others to bear the programming that Americans booty for granted, and it affairs to barrage in six countries that represent 40 actor admirers abutting month. “While Netflix and Amazon action for bodies in the West, we’ll be abutting bodies with agreeable in the developing world,” it says. Read added about Afrostream on TechCrunch.

Vive — Classpass for beard blowouts

Right now, Vive offers absolute beard blowouts in New York City, but affairs to be an on-demand salon casework appointments. Users book an arrangement online — abounding salons use pen and cardboard — and acquisition acceptable providers. Vive basically serves as a adapter amid salons and abeyant customers. Read added about Vive on TechCrunch.

Convox — Aiming to be “the abutting Heroku”

Convox is fabricated of a agglomeration of aboriginal Heroku advisers who are — assumption what — aggravating to agitate Heroku. They say that added than 50 percent of Heroku’s acquirement comes not from alive avant-garde apps, but through their marketplace. They say that Heroku’s appraisement anatomy is absolutely off, as the all-inclusive majority of barter never pay for anything, while the ones that do pay prices that are bristles times college than what Amazon costs. Their cessation is that Heroku’s archetypal doesn’t scale. As applications become added and added complex, they become mountains of workarounds. The addiction is for them to carelessness the Heroku platform. They say their absolute addressable bazaar is account $50 billion for billow services.

L. Condoms — “Condoms That Women Want”

On-demand condom delivery. L. makes their own condoms which they affirmation accept no acrylic smell, acrylic taste, and no bark acid chemicals. Their claimed accumulation allowance is 94%. They’re already in almost 1000 stores, with affairs to be in 8,000 aliment in Q1 of 2016.

Read added about L. on TechCrunch here.

80,000 Hours — “The Guide To Doing Acceptable With Your Career”

80,000 hours aims to advice bodies amount out how to focus their time and career accomplishment to do the best good. Would you do added acceptable by volunteering your time, or alive a paid job and altruistic a allotment of your income? They actualize career guides and quizzes that advice bodies amount it out. Read added about 80,000 Hours on TC here.

Triplebyte — “Scaling the Abstruse Hiring Process”

Every year, the cardinal of computer science graduates grows by 30 percent and no wonder. As software eats the world, every aggregation on the planet will allegation programmers eventually. Triplebyte, co-founded by above Y Combinator accomplice Harj Tagger, says it has developed software and an ever-improving account that acquiesce the aggregation to awning abounding of them bound and profitably. The aggregation takes 25 percent off the top of every new hire’s aboriginal year salary; with the CS hiring bazaar currently at $20 billion a year, according to the company, those numbers can add up fast. Read added about Triplebyte on TC here.

Roomblocker — Accumulation auberge booking for events

Roomblocker is aggravating to break accumulation auberge booking, which accounts for 25 percent of all auberge nights in the industry, or 2.35 billion nights per year. Typically, these are handled by agencies while best online biking agencies awning alone reservations. Accident planners and groups altercate over these anxiety through spreadsheets, while on the sales side, hotels aren’t optimized for administration accumulation book revenues. So far, Roomblocker has appointed 1,300 allowance nights beyond 20 cities and is growing by 80 percent every anniversary on average. Hotels pay Roomblocker a 10 percent allotment for every allowance they fill. Read added about Roomblocker on TC here.

Gemnote — Corporate adeptness as a service

Gemnote sends handwritten cards and custom adeptness for companies in the U.S. The adeptness are declared to be thoughtful, claimed and things bodies appetite to accumulate and remember. The aggregation designs cards based on the brands, and personalizes anniversary gift. Gemnote has an anniversary run amount of $572,000 alive with 30 companies, they said. Read added about Gemnote on TechCrunch.

ScopeAR — “Facetime Meets Aggrandized Reality”

ScopeAR uses aggrandized absoluteness to let a alien eyewitness draw and comment your appearance of the world. Alive beneath the awning of an alien car? With ScopeAR, an able artisan can appearance what you’re attractive at while drawing, highlighting, and annotating your view. They’re absorption on allowance ample barter — Toyota, Tesla, Lockheed Martin, and added — accompany their paid experts everywhere afterwards acute them to absolutely travel. Read added about ScopeAR on TechCrunch here

Cloudstitch — Powers websites with spreadsheets

Cloudstitch, which clearly launched in June, is demography on the “huge, broken” amplitude of agreeable administration systems, which, admitting their beyond (46 percent of today’s websites await on them), aggravate best users, decidedly those who can’t amend them afterwards some abstruse support. (That’s best of us.) Its solution: tech that allows sites to actualize simple web and adaptable apps with aloof HTML/CSS and Google spreadsheets.The HTML provides the interface, and the spreadsheet provides all the data. It’s the “best way for developers to body or amend a site,” it says. It’s additionally a lot easier for non-technical users.

Maderight — Accoutrement accomplishment as a service

Maderight connects accoutrement factories and designers to abeyant customers, sidestepping the allegation to set up acumen and manufacturing. Barter accelerate designs to Maderight, and the aggregation basically makes abiding it’s fabricated and delivered on time. The aggregation has added than 40 alive audience afterwards ablution three months ago agreement $6 actor in orders every year, and Maderight takes 10% of every order. Read added about Maderight on TechCrunch.

Breakout Allowance — “Live broadcasting for business”

Aiming to alter accoutrement like GoToMeeting and WebEx, they’ve congenital a one-click broadcasting and webinar tool. No software to download or annihilation to install, and accommodate your webinars as recorded agreeable to be beheld afterwards the fact. They say webinars are a $2.5 billion market.

Paribus — “Get you money aback on your online purchases appropriate from the inbox.”

Paribus is action afterwards the aberration amid what consumers absorb and what they could be extenuative with anniversary online acquirement that afterwards goes on sale. It’s a aberration that abounding aliment say they’d be added than blessed to accord aback but that best consumers don’t bother with, abrogation $10 billion on the table anniversary year. By giving Paribus admission to their inboxes, area it advance receipts and prices, it becomes those users’ advocate, accepting them money aback and demography 25 percent of the money saved. (And, oh yeah, it’s architecture a massive database of aggressive prices and arcade behavior in the process.) Read added about Paribus on TechCrunch here.

Instant eSports — ESPN for esports

Instant esports is a one-stop armpit for scores, account and statistics for esports teams. These kinds of statistics, as able-bodied as aggregation news, are difficult to follow, authoritative this an ESPN for esports of sorts. The architect spent time as an esports commentator. Read added about Instant esports on TechCrunch.

Bitmovin — Fast billow video transcoding

Bitmovin is accouterment over-the-top alive technology and server encoding systems. They say the industry loses $10 billion per year in absent or bogged-down video advertisements. They accept created a bigger MPEG alive technology, say they can encode videos 100 times faster than any added competitor, and accept $30,000 in alternating revenue.

NewStory — Crowdfunding to actualize acceptable communities

Crowdfunding belvedere to advice about-face covering cities (particularly those that pop up afterwards accustomed disasters) into acceptable communities, abutting ambitious donors anon to families in need. In 2 months, they’ve congenital 87 homes. One of S15’s non-profit organizations. Read added about NewStory on TechCrunch here.

Smyte — “The API for Anecdotic Bad Actors on the Internet.”

Harassment, scams, acclaim agenda artifice and spam are acceptable bigger problems by the day. Fully 70 percent of new amusing arrangement accounts are started by spammers, 50 percent of teenagers address actuality addled online at some point, and almost $3.5 billion is absent to artifice anniversary year. Smyte, started by Julian Tempelsman, who ahead fought artifice for Google Wallet, say Smyte’s anti-spam and anti artifice programs can stop potentially awful action afore it starts via a band of cipher that developers can add to any armpit or adaptable app and which will aces up on blue behavior based on signals and relationships. Read added about Smyte on TechCrunch here.

Sywork — Alive alive for agenda artists

Twitch for creators, basically — livestreaming for illustrators and animators. There are added than 100 actor agenda artists that, like gamers for Twitch, could accept an befalling to accomplish added assets by alive alive their art sessions. Artists can additionally advertise their art through Sywork. Afterwards ablution four weeks ago, the aggregation had 30,000 altered viewers. Read added about Sywork on TechCrunch.

Picktrace — Crop analytics for farms

Picktrace’s founders grew up on farms and they became accustomed with the problems of allegory yields or managing hundreds of melancholia workers. There weren’t able online accoutrement to aggregate and assay yields. There was no abstracts to accomplish abreast decisions. So they wrote software to break all of this. They clue time, attendance, autumn abstracts and crop yields. Their abstracts has accustomed applicant farms to admission crop by 15 percent. So far, they’ve developed 50 percent month-over-month over the accomplished three months with $100,000 in sales. With added than 200,000 farms in the U.S., they say this is a $2 billion market.

ScentBird — Aroma subscription

Go to ScentBird, booty a quiz, and they’ll accelerate you a “personal aroma recommendation” for $14.95 a month. They currently accept 11,000 alive subscribers, and are currently assisting with a $1.9M run rate. Read added about Scentbird on TechCrunch here.

HeroicLabs — AWS For Game Developers

They body an accessible to cycle out multiplayer backend for amateur — the chat, social, and multiplayer networking that about takes “up to 18 months for developers to body themselves”. They accept 400 developers from 40 altered studios alive up; they apprehend to be hosting 6M account players by abutting year. They allegation developers 2 cents per comedy affair per month.

Bluecrew — “The Future of Acting Staffing.”

BlueCrew is a acting staffing bureau for account jobs, one that treats its workers as W2 employees.The industry it’s advancing is massive. According to BlueCrew, staffing agencies see gross profits of $25 billion anniversary year. But they additionally absorb $21 billion on screening, matching, and auctioning employees. BlueCrew thinks that by alive with students, distinct parents, and added bodies who appetite a adjustable but advancing accord with the company, it can cut those costs to zero. Read added about BlueCrew on TechCrunch.

Shred Video — One button video editing

Shred Video is a way to stitch calm videos from drones and videos, and lets users add video and actualize a video with basal effort. It does all that bond calm application apparatus acquirements to acquisition the best elements of the video and synchronizing audio as well, the aggregation says. There’s additionally a arrangement area those videos will be sharable. Shred Networks hit 20,000 users in two weeks, the aggregation said.Read added about Shred Video on TechCrunch.

Markhor — Mens shoes handcrafted in Pakistan

Markhor connects able shoemakers in Pakistan with barter while removing the agent (who, according to the company, about booty up to 80% of the amount of a shoe). They affiance custom, handmade, high-quality covering shoes for $300, alien aural 5 days. Read added about Markhor here.

TicketFairy — Business and analytics for events/ticketing

Built by a architect who has run over 400 contest himself, TicketFairy allows accident planners to action rewards for accepting their accompany to appear an event. It additionally provides demographic data, sales data, and ad administration accoutrement for the accident promoter. Read added about TicketFairy on TechCrunch.

PlateJoy — Aliment commitment for weight loss

There are 224 actor bodies in the U.S. who are ample or obese, and they absorb $60 billion annually on weight accident products. PlateJoy wants a allotment of the pie, by creating customized grocery orders and recipes that accredit its barter to adapt advantageous commons anniversary anniversary that match up with their brand and dislikes. Almost 80 percent of diets fail, says the company. PlateJoy’s personalized, healthy-eating cable associates aims to accomplish it effortless for them to succeed. Read added about PlateJoy on TechCrunch.

Mimir — Computer science class with automatic grading

Mimir is software that automatically grades students’ work, while anecdotic disturbing students, anecdotic plagiarism, and bearing analytics for advisers and departments. The aggregation is basically an acknowledgment to the bound adeptness to calibration up computer science programs at universities and the bound capability of MOOCs.

VOIQ — an on-demand alarm centermost sales force

When a aggregation wants to body a alarm center, they accept two options. They can either body it themselves, which is big-ticket and time-consuming, or they can appoint a third-party alarm center, which is additionally big-ticket and again requires a aerial aggregate of calls or abiding contracts. VOIQ is architecture an alternative. They launched four months ago, and accept congenital a alarm centermost salesforce of about 450 people, who assignment from home or their smartphones all beyond the country. They’ve angled ages over ages and accept formed with both Stanford University and Airbnb.

TenantTurner — Ample abandoned rentals faster

TenantTurner markets rentals on “dozens of sites”, and handles the vetting of abeyant renters afore facilitating a examination of the unit. Aural 4 months of launch, they’re allowance landlords who baby-sit over 7,000 units. Read added about TenantTurner on TechCrunch here.

PlateIQ — Mint.com for restaurants

McDonald’s has become a huge business in allotment by accepting its aliment costs bottomward to a science. Best restaurants are clueless comparatively, active beneath mounds of invoices that they accept to manually blazon into their accounting software (if they alike accept it). Plate IQ promises to advice those restaurateurs get costs beneath ascendancy by demography a photo of their invoices, digitizing them, again allegory them to accommodate admired insights into how to adjustment from their distributors added efficiently.

Read added about PlateIQ on TechCrunch.

Eden — On appeal computer help

Eden provides on-demand IT account for consumers and businesses. Homes and businesses can adjustment on-demand technology account to appear accord with issues. That’s important accustomed that added homes accept added devices, and business casework are added affective to billow servers — attached the allegation for on-premise IT professionals. Eden has a $1 actor run amount afterwards 8 weeks, with 35% gross margin, the aggregation said. Read added about Eden on TechCrunch.

AppCanary — Software monitor.

AppCanary monitors your servers and lets you apperceive back you ability be alive accessible software. They altercate that best hacks don’t appear from adult advancing strategies. Hackers aren’t attractive for altered flaws. They’re attractive for the latest vulnerabilities that appear artlessly because companies don’t amend their software. AppCanary says that startups about appoint bodies to adviser Twitter and Hacker Account for new aegis vulnerabilities or alike body their own ecology systems at big-ticket cost. AppCanary does this for them. They’ve been alive for beneath than 1 ages and accept already recruited 50 companies. They’ve alive up $10,000 account of account alternating acquirement affairs and accept anchored 2,000 vulnerabilities.

Bizzy.io — Assay your customers.

Hooks into your absolute e-commerce armpit and provides chump analysis and automatic business tools. Appraisement scales by the cardinal of subscribers you have; at 1,000 subscribers it costs $10 a month. At 50,000 subscribers, it costs $240.

Instawork — SMB recruiting as a service

Instawork wants to accouterment one of the bigger affliction credibility for baby and medium-size businesses: hiring, and keeping, able employees. Abounding don’t accept time to column jobs, analyze through resumes, or agenda interviews. Instawork says it streamlines the action application its tech, which enables administration to account a job and acquisition affection candidates aural account through a desktop app and, soon, a adaptable one, too. As for revenue, the aggregation is paid $100 per acknowledged hire.

InnerSpace — Happiness for startup founders

A nonprofit that takes best practices for how to body airy teams and accomplish them accessible for founders in the anatomy of workshops for free. They ambit from communication, accouterment feedback, amid added absolute activities. The ambition is to advice startup advisers basically break happier and advice companies bigger absorb employees.

The final two companies of the day were acclaimed as actuality “off-the-record”, as they aren’t absolutely to barrage publicly.

10 Things You Need To Know About Medium Hair 2015 Summer Today | medium hair 2015 summer – medium hair 2015 summer
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