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Denver Post sports biographer Patrick Saunders posts his Rockies Mailbag every added anniversary on Tuesdays during the division and already per ages during the offseason.

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Pose a Rockies — or MLB — accompanying catechism for the Rockies Mailbag.

Now that Carlos Santana and Edwin Encarnacion are no best available, area are the Rockies activity to attending to advance their offense? Justin Smoak doesn’t assume like abundant of an advancement from Ian Desmond, Daniel Murphy and Neil Walker assume like makeshift options at first.— Chris Tichota, Thornton

Chris, Rockies accepted administrator Jeff Bridich is tight-lipped about his plans, which is absolutely the way he wants it. So it’s difficult to abundant accumulate abundant out of conversations with him.

Having spent four canicule in Las Vegas at the winter meetings, I talked to a lot of bodies and I got a able faculty the Rockies were actual absorbed in Santana, but as you mentioned, he was traded (twice, from Philadelphia to Seattle and afresh to Cleveland). Encarnacion was a longshot barter candidate, and there were some in the alignment who beheld him added as a appointed hitter than a accurate aboriginal baseman. Given Colorado’s accent on defense, that barter wasn’t activity to fly.

Anyway, aback I asked Bridich if the disability to barter for either of those two sluggers batty the Rockies’ plans, he responded with a absolute no.

So what now? My accomplished guess, at atomic at this time, is that the Rockies will assurance Murphy to a free-agent deal, conceivably a two-year, $18 actor contract. Why? He’s a adept who shined with the Mets in 2015 and led the National Alliance with a .985 OPS with Washington in 2016. He could accommodate a concise abhorrent addition while Colorado’s adolescent players develop. Plus, he doesn’t bang out a lot.

That actuality said, issues remain. Murphy is 34 and underwent knee anaplasty in 2017 that wiped out the aboriginal allocation of his 2018 season. Plus, he’s a bad additional baseman, so the Rockies would accept to comedy him at aboriginal base.

On the additional side, Murphy rebounded with a advantageous additional bisected in 2018 and accomplished with a .800 OPS. In the additional bisected of the season, he put up a 125 wRC and showed some pop in his bat. (FYI: wRC takes the accomplishment Runs Created and adjusts that cardinal to annual for important alien factors — like ballpark or era. It’s adjusted, so a wRC of 100 is alliance boilerplate and 150 would be 50 percent aloft alliance average).

If Murphy played aboriginal back, the Rockies could accomplish Ian Desmond a accurate account player.

Now, to the affection of your question: I don’t apprehend the Rockies to accomplish a huge, abiding advancement to their breach this offseason. I anticipate they accept that adolescent players like Ryan McMahon and Brendan Rodgers will addition the breach in advancing seasons. Plus, if the club is austere about authoritative an attack to assurance Nolan Arenado, it can’t allow to pay a chargeless abettor a ton of money over a continued time.

We’ll see what happens. There is a lot of offseason left.

Hey Patrick, any chat on the Rockies’ plan for Chad Bettis. With all of the adolescent aptitude in the rotation, he seems acceptable to be the odd man out. Is he a applicant for the abode or are the Rockies attractive to move him?— Aaron Hurt, Omaha, Nebraska

Aaron, thanks, as always, for accidental to the mailbag. I anticipate you are actual that Bettis’ career is in limbo in Colorado. He thinks of himself as a starter, and told me he wants to be a amateur for the Rockies. However, he’s additionally a acceptable soldier and will do whatever he can to advice the aggregation win.

I wouldn’t calculation Bettis out. He’s a adept and if he’s advantageous he can be an asset. Plus, the Rockies will charge abyss because injuries – hopefully accessory ones – are apprenticed to pop up.

Keep in apperception that Bettis opened the 2018 division strong, activity 4-1 with a 3.27 ERA into the third anniversary of May. But afresh came the astringent blisters on his right-middle feel and he concluded up alive as a seldom-used, continued analgesic out of the bullpen, finishing the division activity 5-2 with a 5.01 ERA and a 1.40 WHIP in 27 amateur (20 starts).

Could the Rockies attending to barter Bettis? Sure, it’s possible, but I don’t see it happening. I anticipate he will access at bounce training acquisitive and accessible to accomplish his angle for a atom in the rotation. I wouldn’t calculation Bettis out.

Here are two questions on the aforementioned subject:I would adulation to have DJ LeMahieu back. It seems a abashment that Ian Desmond is on the aggregation afore LeMahieu because of his contract. Is there a adventitious that Rockies would accompany him back? Is there any book that they would barter Desmond and accompany aback LeMahieu and let Ryan McMahon comedy aboriginal base?— Elizabeth, Colorado

Why in God’s name are the Rockies absolution LeMahieu leave?— Jerry, Thousand Oaks, California

Elizabeth and Jerry, as you apparently know, I am an apparent LeMahieu fan. Administrator Bud Black has afresh alleged him a acceptable player, and Black’s bold is 100 percent correct.

Unfortunately, I don’t anticipate he will re-sign with the Rockies. Bridich has not absolutely disqualified out LeMahieu’s return, but I agnosticism that happens. As far as I know, there accept been no conversations.

Why? Because in players such as Brendan Rodgers, Garrett Hampson and Ryan McMahon, the Rockies anticipate they accept advancing aptitude at a abundant cheaper cost.

Plus, you accept to bethink that LeMahieu is allotment of this question, too. As a chargeless agent, he’s attractive for the better jackpot of his career and he owes it to himself to attending elsewhere, no amount how abundant he admired arena in Colorado.

Was LeMahieu aghast the Rockies didn’t try to re-sign him? I anticipate so. Is he angry? I don’t anticipate so, he knows it’s allotment of the business.

As for Desmond, I don’t anticipate the Rockies can barter him, in ample allotment because he’s still owed $38 actor over the final three years of his five-year, $70 actor contract. Plus, he’ll be 34 during the 2019 division and has a forgettable carve band of .251/.314/.404 in his aboriginal two seasons in Colorado. It anticipate it’s bright that signing Desmond was a above mistake, but it’s adamantine to affix to the dots and actuate that signing Desmond prevented the Rockies from locking bottomward LeMahieu to a abiding deal.

Bottom line: I anticipate LeMahieu is continued gone and I’m abiding we all ambition him the best of luck.

With Adam Ottavino best acceptable actuality on addition aggregation abutting year, who do you see locking bottomward the eighth inning in 2019? I would anticipate Jake McGee or Brian Shaw, but they accept been a disappointment, forth with Mike Dunn. Carlos Estevez absolutely has the aptitude but lacks the control.— Steve, Denver

Steve, accident Ottavino is activity to hurt, no doubt. But the pitchers you bootless to acknowledgment are right-handers Scott Oberg and Seunghwan Oh. Oberg, it could be argued, was the Rockies’ best analgesic aftermost division aback he acquaint a 2.45 ERA with a 0.97 WHIP. He’s got abundant being and he abstruse a lot aftermost season. That was illustrated by this statistic: Oberg was denticulate aloft aloof four times in his aftermost 34 games, activity 6-1 with a 1.85 ERA, with bristles walks vs. 40 strikeouts. I’m acutely bullish on Oberg, as are the Rockies.

Estevez, 25, struggled through a difficult, injury-plagued 2018. He suffered an angled abrasion during bounce training and afresh aching an bend bond during his bush adjust at Triple-A Albuquerque. Accept it or not, he was sitting in the dugout and aching his bend while blame off the bank aback he stood up. Essentially, two awe-inspiring injuries batty his season.

Any thoughts on Garrett Hampson affective to centermost field?— Reneem, Powell, Wyoming

Reneem, it’s a slight possibility, maybe as a part-time option. But I anticipate David Dahl is the amateur the Rockies appetite to booty over centermost acreage and run with it, admitting both Black and Bridich said Desmond will get a attending in centermost during bounce training.

I’ve noticed the aftermost brace years it seems like Bridich and Co. move actual bound and fabricated some bad choices i.e. Shaw and Desmond. Do you anticipate they’re gun shy and that’s why they haven’t fabricated any moves yet?— Kaleb, Loveland

Kaleb, I anticipate you’re application some careful anamnesis here. Yes, Desmond’s signing came aboriginal (Dec. 13, 2016), but aftermost season, for instance, the Rockies didn’t assurance afterpiece Wade Davis until Dec. 29.

I don’t anticipate Bridich is “gun shy,” I aloof anticipate he has a adapt and a bold plan that he sticks too, for acceptable and for bad.

I anticipate it’s way too aboriginal in the hot stove division to say the Rockies won’t do anything. A lot of teams haven’t fabricated above moves yet.

Lots of teams convalescent in the National Alliance (St. Louis, Philly., etc). Rockies so far footfall backward, bold they lose LeMahieu, Gerardo Parra. Is the abridgement of convalescent a account issue?— Kent Fonda, Denver

Kent, Bridich has adumbrated that the Rockies will accompany “responsible” amount growth. I anticipate contempo history shows that buyer Dick Monfort has been accommodating accessible up the checkbook and I anticipate the Rockies absolute amount in 2019 will be about the aforementioned as aftermost year.

I accept that admirers adulation to disagree about how the Rockies accept to absorb their money, but the accuracy is that the club has been accommodating to absorb over the aftermost two seasons.

Consider these numbers, via Cot’s Baseball Contracts:

Season…. 25-man roster, aperture day….40-man roster, end of season2018….. $136.9 million………. ……… $151.2 million2017…. $127.9 actor ………………. $156 million2016…. $112.6 actor ……….……… $116.7 million

Is the huge and abundantly non-productive arrangement to Desmond befitting the bare moves this winter from happening?— Steve Parker, Durango

Steve, I accept that abounding admirers don’t like Desmond and his contract, but it’s a little aboriginal to be authoritative that judgement. Of advance his bacon factors into the big picture, but that’s not the above acumen the Rockies accept yet to accomplish a move.

Patrick – Happy Holidays to you and your ancestors aboriginal of all. Now that the “winter meetings” are done and GM’s headed home, do you anticipate that the accepted cold of Bridich and Co. about convalescent the breach for the 2019 division is activity to absence to signing some over-the-hill AL DH who (hopefully) won’t be a absolute Dr. Strange Glove at aboriginal and who can’t acreage the position and strikes out 50 % of time?

(IMHO, Rockies charge “RBI guys” not necessarily home run wanna be types. Additional absolute charge seems to be audience who actually, like Dodgers and Red Sox, accept the bang area and force pitchers to accomplish pitches). Enough about-face appropriate and sit bottomward on the bank at bats! Seems as if Bridich and Monfort are captivation the purse strings for Arenado signing and acquisitive accepted roster, arrangement players will accept about-face about year… Maybe, but don’t calculation your chickens there.

Also, ambition there were some way to accumulate LeMahieu for addition year, but that seems doubtful, with Rogers assertive to accomplish the aggregation in 2019. There are so abounding little things that LeMahieu has done for the Rockies, and he can hit to all fields and has the best bang area eye on the club.

Best for the holidays, achievement we run into you in Scottsdale, Arizona in March.

PS. Instant epitomize afresh and afresh is ruining baseball like it has the NFL! Alone gamblers appetite it and networks who can advertise added bartering time while umpires in New York booty account to amount out a alarm at 1st base. Didn’t charge epitomize for over a hundred years and the bold was still great.— Leighton Stephenson, Highlands Ranch

Leighton … umm … not abiding there is a catechism in there, so I don’t apperceive what to say. So …. I’m aloof activity to run with your bluster and let readers booty it from there. It’s absolutely entertaining. Happy holidays to you, too!

Did the Rockies try to get Paul Goldschmidt? I’ve heard they could use a aboriginal baseman.–Bill, DenverBill, yes the Rockies charge a aboriginal baseman. And yes, they did analyze about Goldschmidt. But the Diamondbacks concluded the chat afore it anytime got started. In added words, Colorado’s alleged afterward was absolute berserk out of proportion.

First of all, acknowledgment for your consistently admirable advantage of the Rockies. I frequently apprehend the Denver Post epitomize of a bold alike if I watched or listened to it (but alone if they win). Second, I had a acquisitive account for the Red Sox breach in the postseason. Alike admitting they had affluence of pop they stood out as one of the few teams in today’s bold that don’t advertise out for power. I was afflicted with their consistently continued at-bats, their focused access with two strikes and runners on base, their alertness to achieve for an opposite-field single.

To me, these attributes were alone defective in the Rockies breach throughout the season. I am not analytic the accomplishment akin of their hitters at all, the aggregation aloof did not assume acceptable at cutting amateur out from an abhorrent standpoint. Besides abacus addition bat, what adjustments does the Rockies calendar charge to accomplish for the 2019 breach to be added like the 2018 Red Sox? Do you see them authoritative these adjustments?— Isaac Bowen, Wellington

Isaac, acknowledgment for reading. You accomplish some acceptable credibility about the Rockies’ shortcomings on offense. The club, including new hitting drillmaster Dave Magadan, are able-bodied acquainted of the issues.

Bridich said during the winter affairs that “run production” is the club’s No. 1 abhorrent goal. I anticipate that comes in abounding forms, and an advancement in aptitude will advice (if they do indeed, upgrade).

I anticipate it’s safe to say that the Rockies accept to abuse their access at the plate. I anticipate the afterward numbers aback up your argument:• The Rockies as a aggregation accomplished with a .256 batting average, their everyman batting boilerplate in authorization history.• Their on-base allotment of .322 was the second-lowest in authorization history, abutting to 2015’s amount of .315.• At home, they batted .287, their fourth-lowest home batting boilerplate in authorization history.• On the road, they batted .225 their everyman alley batting boilerplate in authorization history.

The Rockies’ botheration was a abridgement of consistency. There would be amateur with assorted home runs and a lot of runs, followed by stretches area hits, runs and baserunners were boxy to appear by. Had Colorado’s breach appear abutting to affair expectations, the club would accept won its aboriginal National Alliance West title.

Denver Post sports biographer Patrick Saunders posts his Rockies Mailbag every added anniversary on Tuesdays during the division and already per ages during the offseason.

Pose a Rockies — or MLB — accompanying catechism for the Rockies Mailbag.

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