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The apple of able sports is awful aggressive and usually absolute emotionally driven. And because of the absorption from endless admirers and all the money on the line, bodies operating aural that apple generally acquisition themselves accepting to accomplish in the blaze of an acute media spotlight. 

Most athletes, coaches and owners acquisition themselves in that position at one time or another. Depending on the admeasurement of their stage, some accept alone the casual besom with the spotlight. There are others, however, who access it aboriginal on and never acquisition their way out—sometimes by design. 

The accuracy is, the spotlight tends to acquisition those who are accomplishing appropriate and those who are accomplishing wrong—great successes, ballsy failures and added ambiguous spectacles. And abundant like accessible speaking requirements in aerial school, there are those who never actually get adequate in advanced of an audience, while others ability cease to abide afterwards one. 

You apperceive the type—drama queens. They’re best adequate aback all eyes are on them, and they apperceive how to bear a appearance aback the time comes. There’s no curtailment of ball queens in sports—the bodies who can accomplish account with a side-eyed glance. 

Here are some of the bigger and the best. 

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American aerialist McKayla Maroney may not be a committed ball queen in her accustomed life, but at the London Olympics, she had the best epically amazing ball queen moment of the absolute event. 

Maybe alike the absolute summer…or year…or ever. 

A ability aerialist to the core, Maroney was the absolute admired to win alone gold on vault, her specialty. She charge accept advised herself the admired as well, because she was beneath than charmed with her silver.

Maroney was in a word…well…two words: Not impressed. 

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For a hot little additional there it looked like it may be Florida State and Ohio State adverse off in the BCS National Championship. An ACC vs. Big Ten antagonism meant that for the aboriginal time aback 2005, an SEC aggregation would not be represented. 

To anybody alfresco the SEC and the conference’s all-inclusive bulk of haters, it was absolute acceptable news. To those aural the SEC and the conference’s all-inclusive bulk of badly antagonistic fans, it was appealing abundant the affliction account ever. 

Though it was Auburn’s able-bodied director, Jay Jacobs, who actually upped the ante on drama-queen antics. His altercation that excluding a one-loss SEC aggregation from the championship would be “un-American,” able-bodied that was actually something.

Something crazy and aloof a tad overdramatic. 

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Boxer Floyd Mayweather loves ball and absorption about as abundant as he loves alarming his money on actuality that is alone activity to abate in value. Almost. 

Floyd Money loves accessible feuds, boasts about his crippling bank addiction, hangs with Lindsay Lohan, treats Justin Bieber like a appearance accent and about taunts his rivals. 

Most aggregate Mayweather does seems advised to accomplish him the centermost of a accessible spectacle—and it works. He’s the alone brilliant larboard in a dying sport. 

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Figure skater Ashley Wagner may not accept medaled (or alike accept been decidedly close) at the Sochi Olympics, but she was still one of the bigger American stars at the games—mostly due to her ability for the dramatics. 

In the ladies aggregation competition, Wagner was absolute admiring with her alone performance, although it didn’t get the aftereffect she had expected. Aback the score, which put her in fourth abode at the time, was announced, Wagner didn’t alike bother aggravating to adumbrate her “I’m outraged” face.

Playing on the absorption she accustomed from that moment aboriginal on, Wagner didn’t abort the blow of the way—at atomic off the ice. She showed actually the adroitness for authoritative the best of the moment every time a camera was aimed her direction. 

Wagner connected the ball afterwards the antagonism as well. Although she wasn’t alike actually in the mix afterwards the continued program, she spoke aboveboard about what she accounted arbitrary judging. Wagner said, “I’m speechless,” and again went on to allege at length. 

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Cowboys buyer Jerry Jones is a lot of things. He’s rich, business savvy, self-made, ambitious—sometimes anytime so—and usually his own affliction enemy. That’s area the ball queen affair comes into play. 

Jones is the best overexposed, over-involved, over-his-head buyer in the NFL—even worse than the Washington Redskins’ Daniel Snyder, who has at atomic chock-full bold he knows annihilation about football. 

The affair with Jones is that he’s beneath the mistaken consequence he’s a able GM. That, accumulated with his atrocious charge to be looked at and talked about, makes for a accomplished lot of ball in Big D.

Each year the Cowboys are annihilation abbreviate of, or annihilation beyond, mediocre. Yet Jones insists on authoritative his apprenticeship agents worse anniversary year—probably because it gives him added excuses to accept columnist conferences. 

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Heat superstar LeBron James is consistently aggressive aback adjoin his drama-queen tendencies. On one level, he is a actually nice guy, adoring dad, admiring bedmate and an amateur who seems to actually accede all that he’s been adored with in life. He’s abundant added adequate arena the hero than the villain. 

That actuality said, he’s not too afflictive arena the villain anymore. James is done answer for “The Decision,” both the aloof attributes of the comedy and the absolute accommodation to leave Cleveland. He’s done with the Michael Jordan comparisons, audibly advertence their amateur are altered and that LJ would be appropriate abutting to MJ on the NBA’s Mount Rushmore. 

The Mount Rushmore account alone qualifies one for drama-queen status. Afterwards the creatively adventurous declaration, James had bodies in the media talking about their Mount Rushmore for the abutting week. This is a guy who is consistently actuality talked about, for one acumen or another, and he wouldn’t accept it any added way. 

LeBron’s chaplet is a big deal. LeBron’s shoes are a big deal. LeBron’s mom is a big deal. LeBron’s burst adenoids is a big deal—and the affectation he wears to assure it is an alike bigger deal. LeBron’s free-agent cachet is a big accord now, and it was with years larboard on his contract. Drama…drama…drama…and alike added drama. 

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On one hand, the abstraction of Patriots drillmaster Bill Belichick actuality a ball queen doesn’t actually compute. He’s accustomed for actuality algid and calculating—not decumbent to the blazon of affecting outbursts accustomed on the amusement of…say…the 49ers. 

On the added hand, Belichick is actually a ball queen. He gloats aback he wins. He pouts big time aback he loses. His awe-inspiring altercation with Wes Welker is actually ridiculous. And, although he’s accustomed as a man of few words, the words he does use are generally bitter and dramatic. 

Oh…and how about his Halloween costume? 

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Heisman-winning quarterback Johnny Manziel actually does like the drama, doesn’t he? Actually, he seems to adulation the drama. Honestly, if anything, he doesn’t aloof adulation the drama—he lives for the drama. 

Since beginning into the accessible alertness in 2012, Manziel has activate himself in the centermost of uproar afterwards uproar, all of his own creation. And not already has he anytime actually backed out or offered up explanations or alveolate apologies. 

Last division Manziel was abeyant for the aboriginal bisected of Texas A&M’s aboriginal bold because the NCAA couldn’t prove allegations that he profited from the auction of autographs, but it would’ve acquainted brainless accomplishing nothing. 

Still though, Manziel could’ve played it air-conditioned aback he started the additional half. Instead, he did this. He could accept played it air-conditioned and alone the Twitter taunt of some nobody. Instead, he did this. And he could’ve played it air-conditioned and not appear about about his abstract stock, as is standard. Instead, he did this.

That’s aloof his style, and it’s according genitalia auspicious and annoying—not to acknowledgment 100 percent drama. 

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American amount skater Johnny Weir was one of the best talked about athletes at the Sochi Olympics—impressive for addition who wasn’t alike competing! He appear his retirement aftermost October and was in Sochi as an analyst for NBC.

Although Weir may accept been sitting abutting to a beholder in Tara Lipinski, addition retired skater, he blanket the spotlight from her—and anybody else, for that matter—in grand, drama-queen fashion. And in this case, “fashion” is acclimated in the best accurate faculty of the word. 

Weir accurate his blatant apparel anniversary day of the Olympics on Instagram. Amid his added affecting looks and circadian television exposure, it didn’t booty continued for the media to get formed up into a aberration over it. His appearance adventure in Sochi was anxiously chronicled.

And you apperceive Weir admired every minute of it. His fashionista escapade actually accustomed beneficial, not aloof to himself, but to his accomplice as well. Weir and Lipinski will be alive the red carpeting for Access Hollywood at the Oscars this year. 

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Where to alike activate with 49ers drillmaster Jim Harbaugh? He’s the manliest, macho-ist, angriest, yelly-ist, best anytime passionate, confrontational drama-queen drillmaster in the NFL. Apparently in the history of the NFL, if not the absolute history of sports. 

If asked about his affection for stoking the dramatics, Harbaugh would apparently collapsed out abjure it. Again he’d accord terse, one-word answers throughout the blow of the account and accomplish anybody in the allowance feel uncomfortable. Pete Carroll already asked him, “What’s your deal?” Well, that’s his deal. 

Aggressively backslapping an opposing drillmaster afterwards a alley win is his deal. Accepting all nine of his players who were arrive to the Pro Bowl abatement the allurement afterwards accident the NFC Championship is his deal. Consistently breeding account because he never changes his clothes is his deal. 

You apperceive what abroad is Harbaugh’s deal? Actuality at the centermost of a adventure in which a aggregation that he’s fabricated berserk acknowledged attempts to arrange a barter to a berserk bootless aggregation that is atrocious for his services. Again at the end, he alone pulls the bung and is the alone actuality who walks abroad attractive alike bigger than he did activity into it. 

When it comes to Harbaugh, two words appear to mind: DRA! MA! 

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I don’t assume to allege for everyone, but the one affair I took abroad from the contempo boundless rehashing of the Tonya Harding-Nancy Kerrigan incident, in documentaries on ESPN and NBC, is that Tonya Harding actually needs to let it go. To apprehend her acquaint it, you’d anticipate she was the one clubbed in the knee by a masked aggressor 20 years ago.

In an account with NBC’s Bob Costas during the Sochi Olympics, Kerrigan was impressively air-conditioned and decidedly affectionate and compassionate while attractive aback on what went down. Harding, on the added hand, continues to acrylic herself as the victim—not of Kerrigan, but of appealing abundant anybody abroad on Earth. 

Because she seems to be allergic to the truth, it’s adamantine to apperceive what’s absolute and what’s not with Harding. We apperceive her captivation in the advance is real, alike if she refuses to accede that reality. We apperceive the $20 actor accusation she threatened the USOC 20 years ago was real. We apperceive her bawling breakdown over a skate applique was real. And we apperceive her assorted celeb-reality moments aimed at capitalizing on her ballyhoo were real. 

The alone affair I assurance about Harding is her own amaranthine admiration to be noticed will consistently aphorism aggregate she says and does. She accouterment seamlessly amid vulnerability and combativeness, consistently aggravating to about accommodate who she actually is with who she wants the accessible to see her as. 

Harding may be a ball queen, but at atomic she knows how to accumulate things interesting. 

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Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is, unquestionably, a ball queen. The Super Bowl-winning superstar is a acute man who knows that talking a big bold can pay off in a big way, as continued as you’ve got the abilities to aback it up on the field. And, adulation him or abhorrence him, you apperceive he does. 

One of the aboriginal times Sherman’s antics became a civic adventure was aback in October 2012. It was his additional year in the league, and his Seahawks weren’t captivated in decidedly aerial admire at the time, which is apparently why his antagonizing means bent Patriots quarterback Tom Brady so off guard. 

Sherman was jawing at him afore the game, and Brady basically told him to appear aback and see him afterwards the game, apparently bold he’d win. Well, he didn’t win, and Sherman was appropriate there in his face as requested. Aback Brady didn’t booty the bait, Sherman went fishing on Twitter instead. 

“U Mad Bro?” is the adventure of Sherman’s career to date. He all-powerful himself the best bend in the game, demography bottomward Darrelle Revis in the process. He’s about aired out his grievances with Jim Harbaugh, who accomplished Sherman at Stanford. And don’t alike get this guy started on “mediocre” wideout Michael Crabtree. 

It’s bright that Sherman has ripped a folio out of the Deion Sanders book on authoritative friends, foes and, aloft all, money. Area we see a ball queen, Sherman sees annihilation but dollar signs. 

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There may be no one in able sports who enjoys ball added than Mavericks buyer Mark Cuban. It’s like oxygen to him. Who abroad enjoys actuality booed by 10s of bags of bodies as much, if not more, than actuality animated by them?

His abhorrence to business accoutrements aside, Cuban is as acute and artful as they come—he doesn’t accomplish a move unless he’s about assertive of the outcome. Like aback he accidentally appropriate the Lakers absolution Kobe Bryant to save on affluence tax aftermost year.

Cuban had an account all queued up aback the Lakers about admonished him for the “inappropriate” comments. That’s because he knew how they’d react, he knew how Bryant would react, and he knew how the columnist would react. You aloof can’t buy that affectionate of publicity—and Cuban would apperceive because he can allow appealing abundant everything. 

Cuban loves actuality loved. He additionally loves actuality hated. He loves ruffling feathers, authoritative a scene, throwing his money about and accomplishing annihilation that makes him the centermost of attention. Added than anything, Cuban is at his best aback all eyes are on him, and he’s a adept at alluring our gaze. 

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The appellation “diva” is not one generally acclimated to call beeline males, decidedly able athletes who aren’t NFL advanced receivers. Admitting if you asked anybody in the apple to name a acclaimed amateur who could accurately be declared as a diva and a ball queen, about 80 percent of them would apparently say Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Real Madrid’s superstar advanced may be an aristocratic athlete—one of the best footballers of all time—but there’s no catechism the man is…high maintenance. He’s got a drama-queen hairstyle that consistently looks sticky. He’s got a drama-queen tan that additionally consistently looks sticky. It charge booty a lot of assignment to consistently attending that sticky. 

Ronaldo is a acclaimed diver, although that’s not abundant of a acumen in the action he plays. His dating history is an all-encompassing abstraction in attention-seeking females—present adult adulation Irina Shayk excluded, as she aloof attracts absorption naturally, rather than badly dark afterwards it in added self-nullifying ways. 

Ronaldo doesn’t consistently alpha the drama, but ball consistently seems to be advance about him wherever he goes. Whether he’s accepting pelted with lighters on the angle or bright with with pride as a four-story advance of him in his underwear is credible in city Madrid, you can consistently calculation on this diva to accompany the drama. 

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South Carolina drillmaster Steve Spurrier generates a banderole about every time he opens his mouth. Heck, HBC doesn’t alike accept to accessible his aperture for that. He can aces up a name tag, pin it to his accessory and artlessly smile for a photograph, and it can accomplish civic news. 

Although, abreast from any accomplishments on the football field, Spurrier is best accustomed for his acerbic wit and acutely bitter way with words. He can bear an off-the-cuff exact jab that has the ability to actually abort your faculty of cocky worth—just ask Dabo Swinney. 

HBC is paid able-bodied to drillmaster football, but he makes a additional job out of consistently stokes the coals. A job that he does for free, aloof because he takes so abundant abuse joy in it. All that joy is added than credible in that belled beam of his, which serves to both bedew and deepen the accident done by Spurrier’s aimless dissing. 

And Spurrier knows absolutely what he’s doing. A cold, affected analgesic on his best days, HBC loves annihilation added than auctioning a few exact grenades and again blame aback with a brace of beers while watching the fallout. Spurrier is a accurate ball queen at his core—he aloof loves a acceptable appearance and knows his is one of the best. 

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Lakers abundant Kobe Bryant has a way about him that consistently makes him assume like a championship fisherman and the blow of us are aloof sad little worms baited on his hook. Like the accomplished apple is his stage, and we’re aloof sitting here, shotgunning airheaded and cat-and-mouse for the appearance to start. 

What makes it all the added affecting is that Bryant knows he’s the star, he knows we’re all watching, and his admired affair is watching us squirm. He’s positioned himself as one of the few able athletes who can about consistently be depended on to say something, rather than active his aperture and adage nothing. 

Bryant never holds aback because he’s the ultimate ball queen. He’s abundant bigger at authoritative account than authoritative nice. Former teammates Andrew Bynum and Dwight Howard, Mavericks buyer Mark Cuban and endless opponents over the years accept all been on the accepting end of Bryant’s barbs. 

And how’s this for dramatic? Bryant has been befitting himself entertained while aggressive an abrasion this division by implementing a new “follow system” on Twitter—a arrangement that led to him unfollowing all of his Lakers teammates and generated affluence of new headlines. 

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It seems fair to say that the Brewers’ Ryan Braun and the Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez accept both had a appealing bad year. They absolutely suffered the affliction of all the players called in the Biogenesis scandal—probably because they’re the richest and best acclaimed of that abashed group. 

I anticipate it’s additionally fair to say that, in ambidextrous with the fallout from the scandal, they accustomed themselves in two absolute altered ways. Braun, the cheat bent amiss in a whopper, agilely slinked abroad and accustomed his suspension. Rodriguez, the ball queen bent bare-assed with a man afraid a aggravate in it, dug in his heels and actually fabricated it a aspersion account following. 

A-Rod didn’t go the avenue of an busy account or awning adventure to action the accusations—he beeline up denied it—a tactic he’s accustomed with, accepting active it absolutely in 2007. Rodriguez again cranked it up a cleft by, essentially, declaring his ambition to put MLB on trial. 

His anticipation action was article forth the curve of, “If I’m activity down, I’m demography Bud Selig and all these added fools bottomward with me.” Rodriguez committed to the bit, black the “disgusting and calumniating process” afterwards badly affronted out of his own affliction audition aftermost November. 

For a while, it looked like A-Rod was able to go bottomward with the address he abounding abounding of holes himself, as apparent by his accommodation to sue Bud Selig and the MLBPA—his own union! But then, in accurate drama-queen fashion, Rodriguez alone the clothing and alone all acknowledged affairs adjoin the league. 

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